Azeris Fighting With Syrian Rebels

Azeri fighters are members of a sabotage unit called Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar

BAKU—The number of Azeris known to be fighting in the armed opposition against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was revealed on August 1.

Azeri news sources, citing Syrian opposition Web sites, report that there are 60 Azerbaijanis among the ranks of the many different armed rebel groups battling the Syrian government army.

The sources also reported that some 30 Azeris have been killed during clashes.

Furthermore, fighters have come not only from Azerbaijan, but also from Afghanistan (from among the fighting ranks of the Taliban), Russia (from the Northern Caucasus), and other countries.

According to the same source, the great majority of the Azerbaijani fighters are members of a sabotage unit called Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, whose leader is probably an Azerbaijani, Abu Yahan.

All the same, conflict analyst Arif Yunus revealed back on July 11 that there are more than 300 Azerbaijani fighters in Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, from which 100 are in Syria. News sources in Azerbaijan with an oppositionist slant wrote in the middle of July, “There are 400 Azerbaijanis fighting among the terrorist groups in Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, of which 3 are women.”


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  1. Martin said:

    Do not be mistaken, if another war breaks out between us, it’ll be extremist butcher Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Chechens we’ll be fighting in addition to the Azeris. Armenia is alone, Muslims stick together. Europe is no longer united by any common faith, which is why they will be completely overrun within this century. And you can thank the Marxists with their anti-Christian program of cultural destruction in the West.

    • Davit said:

      Even before Marxists Armenia and Armenians were alone. We fought our wars without the help of European countries.

    • john said:

      Just like the last time? LOL

      remember aghdam? Next time it will be baku.

      Not only Armenia and Russia, but Iran will crush you to death.

    • Ardag Tarpinian said:

      All these bunch of mercenaries fough already up to 1994 with the Azeries and were all butchered and defeated by our Armenian lions, next time we will follow them up to Baku.

    • wehaaho said:

      You make it sound as if we have ever gotten any help from Europe? Armenia is mountainous. How will Azeri panzers drive up the hills? Also you’re forgetting the Russian factor. You think they’re stupid enough to sacrifice their last outpost in Transcaucasia? You think Russia will want Turkey to unite with Azerbaijan and thus impose hegemony not only over Azerbaijan and Armenia but, by extension, also Georgia? You think they will want to see NATO in their backyard?

      If so, maybe you’re right.

  2. Gary_S said:

    The more the better. Let the Assad forces help them with “martyrdom.”
    It just shows you that Azeris are going there to fight for $ because their rich are making all the $ off oil and not giving their people any $, so they have to go to Syria to get money. I guarantee you if the rich Gulf states weren’t paying the rebels in Syria, many of the rebels would disappear.

    • GB said:

      Gary, some of these rebels are Saudi, Arabs, or Turkic tribes criminals as well. They have been given a green light only if they become “jihadists” and ready for a holy war in Syria….this remind me of Ottoman’s CUP leaders, when they released Turkish criminals, dressed them in gendarn suit, and send them to Western Armenia to slaughter unprotected Armenian population.

  3. travllr said:

    are these now considered a state led terrorism?? NOT freedom fighters right??

    Happy 105 Birthday Asbarez..

  4. bigmoustache said:

    I hope Hezbollah and Syrian army send them all home in body bags. jihadi terrorist scum.

  5. edward demian said:

    ARF needs to field a detachment in support of the Syrian government. Only an Alawite president can hold in check Syria and all its diverse ethnic groups. If the present government falls, there will be nothing but chaos in Syria.

    • Hratch said:

      So that the Alawites can come back and rape Lebanon all over again. Don’t forget the countless displaced Armenians because of Alawite Syria’s endless effort to divide and conquer the Lebanese people!

    • bigmoustache said:

      yes but not in an explicit support of the government, rather as a self defence group. we should try to remain neutral, like we did in Lebanon. don’t get me wrong I support assad and a secular Syria.
      we should make an alliance with the kurds.

  6. Kevork said:

    Not only Azeris, but I heard that many Turkish terrorists are also in on the terror, and many of them have also been killed, and the Syrian government has documented every one of them. Probably in the future they will make many revelations about the true nature of this senseless “war”.

  7. GB said:

    I have a feeling those Axeri terrorists will target Syrian Armenian bystanders, just to satisfy Sultan Aliev`s dream!!

  8. Hratch said:

    I blame all this on Assad himself. If he had negotiated early on with the Syrians themselves, it would not have come down to this! After all, Syria is no saint they destroyed Lebanon for three decades, this is just karma coming back to bite.

  9. Sarkiss Rshdouni said:

    In the past month 8 Syrian-Armenian been kidnapped in Syria, near the turkish border. And if I am not mistaken, the name of that brigade is ” Anssar al Islam ” and the leader’s name is ” Abu Hayyan ” not ” Yahan “. So probably the reason behind this dramatic act are the azeries and the anti-Armenian movement in the Transcaucasia.

  10. Hrant K. said:

    A couple of years ago 49 members of the turkish intelligence special unit were arrested in Syria, who were training and arming the Syrian opposition against the authorites! Negotiations were taking place to swap them with 6 Iranians, who had been kidnapped by the rebels earlier!!! Such heinous exercises by the turkish authorities will definitely boomerang and backfire on Ankara very soon…!!!

  11. Davit said:

    The war between Armenians and azeris is not about religion and it never was.

    • Martin said:

      That is true Davit, but don’t think for a second that those who share their religion won’t come to their aid and those of our faith will do nothing.

  12. Garo said:

    If there are 100 Azeris fighting in Syria, that means 100 body bags ! It is time our Armenian government has to wake up and start making some fundamental changes so that Armenians do not leave Armenia, and those who left to come back, because I’m afraid with this rate we are going if a war breaks out our every single soldier will have 20 azeris for a match and not like before which was 1:3

    • Armanen said:

      Thousands of Azerbaijanis are leaving Azerbaijan for Russia, Turkey, and the EU. Emigration is just as much of an issue in Georgia and Azerbaijan, they just don’t have the same level of Western sponsored media outlets as Armenia, and specifically the fact that Armenia is close with Russia is why only negative issues are promoted. It is a classic example of psychological warfare.

  13. Alex Postallian said:

    I for one believe,the two headed snake,and Coward turkey,is behind these clandestined affairs in the Middle East.They must be in the back ground,lacking the guts,to confront,their problems.Lying about the Armenian genocide,paying off their stooges,is proof positive…Well,what can you expect,from their mongol back ground.

  14. Alex Postallian said:

    Let me do the math——jerky turkey,and their paid stooges=25%——–60% are indifferent or uninformed——15% really is concerned,and morally affected,by past history. Finally–Why does jerky turkey have such stupid politicos viz erodog,davitugly…60% of the populous is ILLITERATE, and their mongol heritage……

  15. Ardag Tarpinian said:

    How many Armenians know hat the grand father of actual Syrian President Mr. Bashar El Assad, was one of the first syrians who openned Lataquia area to host the Armenian survivors of the Genocide and helped them? His Grand father was a Righteous man we should all not forget that.

  16. Ara said:

    US and UK are sponsoring these “scam of the earth” in favor of Turks to keep their military bases there. Once Turks regain their “Osman Power” over middle East US and UK will have to collect and take their shit back home including nuclear warheads sitting on this territory of Murder Turk Land. Once arabs go out of control Turk will dominate there and maybe Kurds will help them to do so as they did in 1900-1915. One chance for US to keep its military bases in Turkey to become a a suni muslim state.
    Can anybody answer me to my questions: How would US ever recognize Armenian Genocide if they use Armenian issue to keep their military bases in Turkey?
    Is this not the time for Armenian People to change this useless road to self-destruction?
    Is this not time to stop wasting efforts , money, time on politics and put a priority on preserving lives of our kids dying on front lines and save population from exodus?
    Why do we need recognition of Genocide?
    Why just not go straight and demand compensations from Turkey not for Genocide but for forcefull mass displacement of indigenous population loss of property, cultural distruction and loss of lifes.
    Why focus on Genocide so much?