Israel’s Ex Foreign Minister Calls Erdogan Nazi Propagandist Goebbels’ Successor

Avigdor Lieberman, former Israeli foreign minister. (Reuters photo)

TEL AVIV—Israel’s former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman told the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s hateful and incitement filled words against Israel is reminiscent of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Liberman, who currently the head of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee spurned the restraint demonstrated by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry toward Erdogan’s charge Tuesday that Israel was behind the downfall of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

“Everyone who heard Erdogan’s words full of hate and incitement understand without a doubt that we are talking about the successor to Goebbels” the Dreyfus trial, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he said as reported by JPost.

Liberman, who opposed any type of apology to Turkey over the 2010 Mavi Marmara affair, said that those who “attacked” him and his party for that position should “draw the conclusions and do some soul searching.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apologized to Erdgoan in March – at US President Barack Obama’s behest – for operational errors that may have led to loss of life on the ship that tried to break the naval blockade of Gaza in 2010.

Erdogan, speaking at a meeting of his AK Party in Ankara on Tuesday referred to the developments in Egypt and said, “Who is behind [Morsi’s ouster]? There is Israel. We have [a] document in our hands.”

The document, it emerged, was a video of a discussion held at Tel Aviv
University on the Arab Spring in June 2011 between Tzipi Livni, then the head of the opposition and today the Justice Minister, and French-Jewish intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Lévy, during the symposium, said, “If the Muslim Brotherhood arrives in Egypt, I will not say democracy wants it, so let democracy progress. Of course not. Democracy, again, is not only elections, it is also values.”


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  1. THE TRUTH said:

    For a long time there is a NAZI like anti Armenian propaganda being carried out by the racist regime in Baku supported by a big parts of political elite in Ankara !

    We should not forget and ingnor the simple truth that President of Azerbaijan and hi advisers are another Nazi Propagandist Goebbels’ Successor and Israel’s Ex Foreign Minister never denied the fact that the fascist in Baku are his best friends!

  2. An Armenian said:

    What I find interesting is that Israel and Turkey continue to have close economic and political ties. But at the same time, they keep taking jabs at each other every so often. What a farce especially in lieu of the fact that the Israeli government supports Turkey’s position on the Armenian Genocide.

  3. Sarkis said:

    Holocaust Industry is very lucrative indeed…and very persuasive for that matter!

  4. bigmoustache said:

    “Since its establishment, Israel has opposed the application of the term Holocaust to another war or tragedy. The tragedy of the Jewish people during the World War II is beyond comparison with any other tragedy,” – Avigdor Lieberman
    we were driven to concentration camps by rail before the jews. we were subjected to gas chambers before the jews and unlike jews were subjected to much more brutal methods of annihilation. burned alive, throats slit, drowned in huge numbers, thrown off cliffs, raped in huge numbers, kidnapped women forced into slavery…
    Lieberman, you are a son of a bitch

  5. GeorgeMardig said:

    NO body can take these declaraions serious, Israel and Turkey are brothers, all these rhetorics are for the consuption of the Arabs, with the aim of dividing them, in the end of the day should a real war breaks, Turkey will go with Israel. PERIOD

  6. Tamar said:

    As if lieberman’s opinion means anything at all? The man epitomizes all that is bad in the Israeli society.
    Zero integrity , zero humanity. Are we actually printing this article as if what this criminal says means anything ? My “enemy’s ” enemy is definitely not my friend in this case .

  7. Kevork said:

    For a country which should have been the first and that does not recognize the Armenian Holocaust, such words against Turks have little value. I’d sooner befriend my enemy than such hypocrites.

  8. Alex Postallian said:

    Lieberman,we know erodog is a nut case,liar,coward. So when are the jews going to recognize,ARMENIAN GENOCIDE,and forget the hohum attitude,or forget the holocaust.