DOS Hacks, Wake Up

A visual depicting territories that, to some Turkish nationalists, constitute the Turanian homeland


The Department of State (DOS) of the U.S. of A. is a huge establishment, with lots of resources, brains, and other talent. Yet, somehow, the “experts” it has providing advice about Turkey and Azerbaijan leave much to be desired. They seem to be really oblivious to the threat of pan-Turkism, or pan-Turanism. This demented ideology provided the undergirding for the Armenian Genocide, is alive and well today, and, judging by some of the activities and infrastructure-building undertaken by the culprits, will be a destabilizing factor in the Middle East and Central Asia in the not-too-distant future. The experts seem to be all-in for a policy of “support Turkey no matter what.”

Take a look at the accompanying picture (see legend here). It is the opening visual of a YouTube video titled “2013 Turanian Army established!”

The video shows footage and photos, mostly of what appear to be Turkey’s air force and other armed services. It is posted by “Turanian Asker (soldier)”, whose symbol is a grey wolf— presumably the one which mothered all Turks according to that mythology. The Grey Wolves, in Turkey, are/were a bunch of murderous chauvinistic thugs who caused much mayhem in recent decades. I’m writing all this to provide the context that our DOS experts seem to avoid examining.

The maps and flag-colors/motifs you see in the accompanying picture are those of the territories that in some deranged minds constitute the Turanian homeland that must be “united”. Looking at the legend, you’ll notice that much of this territory is in Russia (RF), with China (you might recall in “Turk vs. Turk” I referred to the Uyghurs from China who were receiving training in Turkey, then fighting in Syria, before returning home) and Ukraine also being targets of Turkish/Azerbaijani expansionism— which is really what all this comes down to. The Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (CCTS) (explore it yourself here), founded in 2005, consists of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey. Interestingly, something called the “Turanian Army” or “Turanian National Front” was also formed that year, though something is unclear to me and the “Army” may just be an extremist’s representation of the CCTS.

The CCTS is the formal, international, legal/political face of this movement. Accompanying it is the “International Organization of Turkic Culture” whose membership, according to its website, is comprised of the following: Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic Of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Altai Republic (RF), Republic of Bashkortostan (RF), Gagauzia (Moldova), Republic of Khakassia (RF), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) (RF), Republic of Tatarstan (RF), Tyva Republic (RF).

Notice the overlap between the list above and the list in the legend. Then consider that CCTS lists, as its “related institutions”— Academy of Turkic World, Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking States – Turkpa, International Organization of Turkic Culture – Turksoy, and Business Council of Turkic Speaking States. The “take it slowly” approach is obvious (“Asbarez” has been reporting on their actions as they occur) with Turkey and Azerbaijan developing relations with the other regions, networking, waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

None of this seems to concern the DOS experts, since they must surely be aware of it. Perhaps they should follow the activities of this “Turanian Army” group, which, if it exists, is probably the grass-roots arm of the effort to realize the Turks’ pipe-dreams. They should read Zarevand’s “United & Independent Tourania” for the Armenian perspective, or go straight to the horse’s mouth and read Zia Gokalp’s “Principles of Turkism,” to cure their cluelessness.

Unchecked, the Turks will pursue this ridiculous ideology. Eventually, it will lead to bloodshed when those who disagree with the Turks’ designs resist, or when the Turks decide those people are “in the way” just as the Armenians were…

Why not make it your project? Find the names of the staffers at the Turkey and Azerbaijan desks at the DOS, and send them relevant books as gifts… Christmas is just around the corner!


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  1. Berge Jololian said:

    Why are you surprised? Turanism is in line with the US State Department plans, because the aim of the DOS is dismember the Russian Federation and reduce Russia to a small country from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Who says the DOS sees Turks as a threat – they love them. In due time the Turks will byte EU and the US in the vorr. They already started to byte Israel. Let them keep feeding the wolf… the wolf will soon grow and eat them.

  2. An Armenian said:

    Have they not infiltrated the US through their Gulen Movement educational institutions that are mostly funded by US taxpayers? I believe that they were under investigation by the FBI. Doesn’t the FBI share this information with the State Department? Well, I don’t think it would make any difference even if the FBI shared that information with the State Department. Russia warned Obama about the Boston bombers and nothing was done about it.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    D.O.S (Department of State)….The new name D.O.C (department of corruption)