Syria’s Armenians Brace for US Attack

Destoyed neighborhood in Aleppo

ALEPPO—The Armenian community is Syria is bracing itself for a possible strike by the US, which is posturing to attack after claiming that the Syrian regime is responsible for an alleged chemical attack near Damascus last week.

Life in Aleppo continues to worsen as roads leading into he city remain closed due to clashes between government and rebel forces vying for control. This has resulted in further scarcity in food and fuel, explained Zarmig Bighikian, a writer at the Aleppo-based Gandzasar Magazine.

“Only three central bread making bakeries are operating in the city, with long lines. The price of fruits and vegetables are skyrocketing with limited quantity and variety. Same can be said about dairy and meat products,” explained Boghikian, who added that an effort by the authorities to provide fuel to residents has been halted due to the escalation of clashes.

Despite these obstacles, Boghikian reported that Armenians in Aleppo are continuing to find a semblance of life. School in Aleppo, including all Armenian schools, have announced dates for re-opening.

“Enrollment of students has already begun and efforts are under way to organize the reopening of Armenian schools, including enrollment procedures and procuring of textbooks for the students,” said Boghikian.

The Gandzasar contributor told RFE/RL on Wednesday that the community is worried about a possible US strike on Syria.

“We are neutral but concerned because those strikes will target the whole country. Leaders of the Armenian community are telling people to be cautious and don’t leave their homes too often for the next few days,” Boghikian told RFE/RL.

“Many people are thinking about fleeing but that’s impossible to do in Aleppo now because the roads are closed,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman Tigran Balayan announced that Armenia’s diplomatic missions—the Embassy in Damascus and Consulate in Aleppo—are continuing to operate. He, however, did not indicate any government plans regarding the possibility of US attacks.


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  1. Tsoghig said:

    I think the funds we raise to help the Syrian Armenians should be used to get all the Armenians OUT of Syria and help them resettle in Armenia or whereever they want to go!

    • bigmoustache said:

      I don’t agree with you, we have an old presence in Syria we shouldn’t abandon it. If fighting broke out in Jerusalem would you suggest we leave there too?

      • Tsoghig said:

        Yes I think life is more valuable than property, especially property in volatile countries like Syria. Just because Syria has historically been a place Armenians can live in peace, it is not our country.

  2. GB said:

    I was screaming a year ago, that Armenians should get out of Syria, period…Russia and US haven’t finished their differences in Middle East yet, and in the meanwhile entire Armenian population of Middle East must go, either to Armenia, or West, for their own safety!!

  3. Kristina said:

    Karabakh is giving away homes, lands to anyone who wants to migrate there. I hope that the Syrian Armenians would use this opportunity and relocate to our homeland at last. It’s just going to get worst there, and that’s not limited to Syria only. Once Syria starts crumbling, Lebanon will follow, then it will spread to Iran over time. I am not sure how more obvious this is for Armenians living in the region? If I was there, I would not even hesitate for a second about moving to Armenia or to the surrounding lands around Karabakh! Life is worth much more than their soon to be destroyed homes in the Middle East. I wish Armenians were not so short-sided. We’re not learning much from the history….If they were smart enough, they would have sold everything 2 years ago when talks about Syria started to spread around, because how many times can the same scenario happen for them to realize that they need to get the hell out of there when such rumors of war begin to circulate. The only issue are the lack of jobs in Armenia….no other issue, as it’s much prettier and nicer in every way than Syria. I understand the hesitance against moving due to that factor, but no other factor should stop them. I urge the Lebanese Armenians to get out NOW! Learn from the mistakes, please.

  4. Hripsime said:

    I do agree with Tsoghig! But when the roads are closed in Aleppo there is no chance! I think Armenian diplomats should manage and emergency evacuation!