Hye-Kenpo Brings Back Gold from World Tournament

Students at the Hye-Kenpo martial arts school in Pasadena

PASADENA, Calif.—On June 27, 2013, the Hye-Kenpo martial arts school traveled to Las Vegas with a total of 17 testers and competitors to participate in the 2013 Las Vegas Event and World Cup Championships.

Day one of the four-day event began with a kids’ test where spectators included Kenpo family from all over the world as well as nineteen highly esteemed black belt judges. Among those testers were Hye-Kenpo’s very own Arin Boyadjian, who tested for her kids’ advanced black belt and for graduation from the Kenpo kids program; Sevag Tifranian, who tested for 2nd degree brown belt; and Isabella Tifranian, who tested for 1st degree brown belt.

Following the kids’ test, the famous Jeff Speakman adult test took place. Brown and black belts from Jeff Speakman franchise schools all over the world participated and tested in a 3 hour long test judged by some of martial arts’ greatest, including Master Jeff Speakman, Hanshi Lou Angel, Mills Crenshaw, Paul Dye, Tommy Chavies, John Sepulveda, Eric Lee, Jaki McVicar, Todd Nathanson, Dan Laxson, Willy Steele, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Ariel Mosses, Richard Post, Hanshi Sawyer, Andy Dowdell, Barney and Paul Coleman, and Grandmaster Mahon.

This adult test went down in Kenpo 5.0 history as Master Speakman’s top students performed with the Kenpo spirit that only a Jeff Speakman black belt can. The leader of these testers was Hye-Kenpo’s very own Sensei Antranig (Anto) Parseghian, who became the first 6th degree black belt under Master Jeff Speakman.

The rest of the Hye-Kenpo school’s black belt instructors and students were also there and tested for their next rank. Sensei Berj Parseghian, who became a 5th degree black belt, Sensei Artour Martirosyan, 4th degree black belt, Sensei Marine Parseghian, 4th degree black belt, Sensei Nareene Karakashian, 3rd Degree, Sensei Chad Bauer, 3rd degree, Sensei Russell Hall, 3rd degree, Sensei Ani Boyadjian, 2nd degree, and Sensei Haig Barsoumian, receiving his 1st degree black belt.

The night was especially memorable for those who have a close relationship with Master Speakman and have witnessed his battle with and triumph over cancer in the past few months.

The events continued the next two days with tournament competitions in the World Cup Championships where 11 countries were present with their best of the best. The Hye-Kenpo school of competitors did an amazing job in all divisions of these events and, regardless of win or loss, had a great time gaining experience and competing with fellow Kenpoists from other Jeff Speakman schools. The Hye-Kenpo school took home the very first overall Team Demonstration trophy, which all the students are so proud of. Individually, the students did great in each division, placing at least 3rd, 2nd, or 1st in their forms, self-defense and, fighting competitions. The school returned with 8 Forms trophies, 7 Self-Defense trophies, and 7 Fighting trophies.

In addition, Hye-Kenpo brought home some impressive Grand Championship trophies. Out of 250 competitors, Sensei Anto won Grand Champion in Forms and Grand Champion in Self-Defense. Sensei Berj took the world title for Grand Champion in 5.0 fighting. Sensei Ani won her two Junior Grand Championship titles in Forms and in Self-defense.

“We are so proud of each and every student who had the courage just to compete in this amazing and challenging tournament. Congratulations to all of our dedicated students and to our amazing school!” the Hye-Kenpo staff said.


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  1. Kevork Parseghian said:

    Haradev ashkhadanki artunke desaneli a.shnorhavorumem Hye henpo karatei himnatirnerin yev desnumem te vorkayn mer kaghute hbard a aysbisi badvaper hye gazmagerbutiunneru ashkahadanknerov,voronk nor seruntin pokhantsumen inknavsdahutiun yev nvirum gyanki endaniki yev arjanikneri bahbanman surp kordsin,vartskernit gadar sirelineres yev mer azki achke luys.