Skulls and Bones Exposed in Mass Grave Near Van

Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian genocide, protrude from the soil.

VAN, Turkey (Armenian Weekly)—Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian Genocide, protrude from the soil near a school in the district of Westan in Van, according to a newspaper report.

The pro-Kurdish Ozgur Gundem reported that in the village of Ili in the district of Westan (current name Gevaş), a mass grave believed to be from the Armenian genocide has been unearthed during the construction of the Dağyöre Elementary School last year.

The mass grave is near the elementary school of the village.

The bones remain there, protruding from the soil, to this day. Villagers say the mass grave is likely that of the Armenians who lived in the village a century ago.

The village, Ili (current name Dağyöre), southwest of Gevaş (Armenian name Vosdan), had 21 Armenian households prior to the Armenian Genocide.


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  1. Hratch said:

    This should be commonplace. With 1.5 million victims, one would think mass graves can be found relatively easy in Eastern Turkey.

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  3. Arman said:

    I love these bones and skeletons that are still to be found all over Western Armenia and the Syrian desert Der Zor. This is the real proof that Turkey wishes didn’t exist of its genocidal history.

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    I cant believe,at 88yrs old,that the world is soo STUPID,BLINKING,COWARDLY(like their turk relatives,briber) That the COWARDLY turks denial of the Armenian Genocide.You can see from their behavior,that,THEY WERE REMENANTS OF THE MONGOLS<WHEN THEY WENT BACK HOME…THEY LEFT BEHIND THEIR COWARDS,DESERTERS,CRIMINALS…..THE NUCLEUS OF MODERN jerky turkey..THE BIGGEST NARCOTIC PUSHER,AND USER…..

  5. Araxi said:

    Պարույր Սևվակի «Անլռելի Զանգակատունը» comes to mind. Why is ANCA not involved in these kinds of sad and heart wrenching events. Ու՞ր են մէր Հայ այրերը՝ կաթողիկոսները:
    These bones should be collected and laid to rest in a proper cemetery. May God take care of all Armenians, the living spirits and the dead. My heart is filled with grief once again and again and again.

  6. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Iam sure i wrote, but it was removed, and i don’t remember what I wrote
    as it comes instantly…
    Thanks for editors who remove my phrases …
    I feel I am wasting my time…s

  7. Ari said:

    An Armenian mass grave and the Turkish flag on top of it. We do have a grave, it is the Turkish republic.

    Even the areas already known to be old Armenian cemeteries are regularly destroyed and the bones are scattered all over the place. Here is an article regarding such an incident during a road building project (in Turkish):

    Such things happen all the time during road, bridge and sewer building projects. Generally, if they are known to be ordinary cemeteries, the bones are moved somewhere after numerous requests by the locals. If they are mass graves, especially in the areas where Turks cannot manipulate the situation and claim to be “Turkish mass graves killed by the Armenians” (way far away from the Russian border) the gendarme is ordered to seal the area and what happens next is unknown.