Armenian Official Says Aliyev Should Remember Artsakh Defeat

Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan slammed the Azeri President on Monday for his remarks on the possibility of war with Armenia, Public Radio of Armenia reports.

“It’s no secret to anyone that the denial of the right to self-determination through the distortion of the essence of the Karabakh conflict, the propaganda of hatred towards Armenians and the threats of resumption of war are the main obstacle to the negotiation process,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

The Azeri President declared in a speech that, “According to statistics, Armenia is inferior to Azerbaijan in all aspects, which will play a decisive role in the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh issue.”

Aliyev continued by saying, “They [Armenia] constantly repeat that there is no alternative to negotiations. You know, in today’s world in any field there are enough alternatives. But we want this issue to be resolved peacefully.”

Kocharian rebuked the Azeri leader’s ominous statement by saying that Aliyev would do well to “[keep] in mind the defeat in the war that [Azerbaijan] unleashed, irrespective of any figures. He’s well aware that new adventurism will lead to new defeats,” Kocharyan said.

Azerbaijan has been seeking more military power with a rapid arms buildup in recent years, funded by massive oil and gas revenues.

“If to make comparisons between Armenia and Azerbaijan, our advantage is openly manifested in all areas. Our budget is 10 times the state budget of Armenia. Gross domestic product is more than 8 times and the population, 6 times,” Aliyev stated in his speech.

“All of our capacity is growing, while Armenia is experiencing an extremely difficult period economically and demographically. The correlation of forces has very seriously changed in favor of Azerbaijan,” said the head of state.

Aliyev also demonstrated that he will accept no compromise, calling for the full withdrawal of Artsakh and Armenian troops from Karabakh as the only solution to the conflict.


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  1. Arlen said:

    Aliyev is full of cow feces– a threatened war in Artsakh/Armenia is exactly what will wake up the sleepy diaspora from what will be a full year of ineffectual genocide commemoration into unleashing actual political and economic fury. Russia’s role is effectively counterbalanced by European and American forces– if Russia sides with the Azeris to perhaps placate Islamic dysfunctionalism within its empire (yah, right… there’s that military base in Armenia to deal with), the EU/USA will see an opportunity. This stalemate is just that until the Armenians negotiate the release of some of the disused provinces in exchange for open borders with Turkey. The main impediment is Aliyev’s constant vilification of the Armenians for his own personal power consolidation. The citizenry of Azeribaijan are always at such a bloodlust that a peaceful resolution is not in the cards, nor would it help Alivey domestically– quite the contrary. The reality is that everyone in power benefits, or is least disturbed, by the status quo.

    • GB said:

      Russia is well aware of North and South Caucasus Muslim terrorists, where Russia’s security is threatened by Islamist Jihadists …Russia has no other choice, but to co operate with Armenia, regarding the security of Caucasus and control over Axeris and other tatar turks tribes in the North. Armenian will be a military powerhouse in the next decade, that even Turkey’s foreign policy will be effected with Armenia’s military might!!

  2. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Apparently Mr. Alliyev and his Govenment are good talkers but they are lucky (there is no tax payments for talkink or barking).

  3. Sahag Karakozian said:

    Aliyev must have fallen on his head a few times during his childhood.

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    Arms exporting nations would love to see a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan so they can distroy each others weapons, and replenish their inventories, it is very difficult to reason with.a dik head president like Aliyev

  5. GB said:

    Dera Mr. Kocharyan,

    Axeri Tatar turk leader’s brain, powered with Shah Denize defective power generator!