Erdogan Wants to Be ‘Ready and Equipped’ for 2015

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

ANKARA—Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday said Turkey should be “ready and well-equipped” to counter Armenians’ efforts “to turn the events of 1915 into a political campaign by [distorting] the historical reality,” ahead of the Armenian Genocide centennial, reported the Hurriyet Daily News.

Speaking to a conference of Turkish envoys, Erdogan mentioned that 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the “1915 event.”

“We should all be ready and well-equipped so that the 1915 events can be dealt in an objective, scientific and realistic way. The Armenian diaspora is making its preparations to turn the events of 1915 into a political campaign by [distorting] the historical reality. In contrast to this political campaign, we will firmly stand against them by highlighting historical and scientific data,” Erdogan told the Turkish envoys.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    “Historic and Scientific Data”, much like the science the Azeris use to claim they were once not only Christian but the world’s first Christian nation. And that Yerevan, Armenia’s capital for the past 1700 years has been an Azeri city for the past 1000 years. Despite Armenians being mentioned as the natives of the Armenian Highlands in stone tablets dating back to the great kings of Persia more than 6000 years ago, “Azeri and Turkic science” has concluded Azeris are “an ancient Christian people with Yerevan as their capital”.

    This is the same science Recep Erdogan is talking about. Remember Turks and Azeris are “Two people, but one goat molesting boy loving nation”.

  2. GB said:

    This is a perfect opportunity for AKP and Rajab corrupted policy, to cover up his son’s and ministers corruption scandal over the truth of Armenian Genocide reality. Most uneducated Turkic herds have no other choice but to accept the Allah’s man philosophy, where Axerbaijani corrupted Sultan, helping Rajab and his son with the power of petrodollar!

  3. Levon said:

    He needs to be ready and well equipped for the sequel to the “Midnight Express”, cause in 2015 he’s likely to be in jail for corruption.

  4. Zareh said:

    And after one hundred years what is the “1915 event” SOB Erdogan.
    Let me tell you and your denialist buddies on the turkish government payroll. The “event” is Genocide. Capish?

  5. zohrab said:

    this is new tactic to make turks focus on armenians rather than his corrupt goverment ignore him the world allready knows the truth and only turks deny it

  6. vartan said:


  7. Armen said:

    Here is a thought to the Armenian community despite our different political beliefs. It is very obvious that the turkish government will continue in every way to hide the truth, erase the past and continue to lie forever.
    What we can do is populate Armenia with the Diaspora by creating new jobs, fixing the infrastructure and investing in the Armenian military. Perhaps one day, if not in the 21st century, we will have hope in fighting for our justice and possibly preventing another genocide and securing our current lands and possibly some Western Armenian lands.

  8. Gezi-Ist said:

    Instead of constant disagreements on both ends, how about this agreement for both sides: 1) Ratification of the Kars Treaty. 2) Acknowledgement of casualties on both sides. (This is no excuse to cede some land to Armenia or pay compensation for Armenian victims, like the big majority of people in Turkey). 3) Then, this will help our actual political reform movements in both Yerevan and Ankara. 4) Oh, Erdogan should stfu, stop supressing civil society movements in Turkey and go run for Georgian Prime Minister instead.

  9. Masis said:

    Perhaps starting off by denying that corruption occurred in his government would give give some experience and “readiness.”

  10. GeorgeMardig said:

    Erdogan has too much on his plate, Elections in Turkey he should make sure he stays in power, current fractured situation inside the coutry and corruption, the Armenian Genocide, the thaw relations with US, a government that is already one step away to become a Dictator state, and more to come, Armenians should take this opportuntiy to knock down his Delusions of Grandeur

    • We Are All Gezi said:

      Don’t worry, the people of Turkey will fix their own problems. Erdogan is not an issue of Armenia or Greece. There is already a “Turkish Spring” in process as we speak. Worry about improving your own country and will fix ours. Btw, I have no revisionist views on the Armenian issue.

  11. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    His people named him “Erdugan the Thieve”
    Demonstrated on Banners as a Cartoon…in their Capital city Ankara…
    [ he is carrying bags of money in his left hand
    and kilos of gold on his right…!!!]
    (I like someone to put that Cartoon
    on this side and not his ugly face and eyes!)

    I hope he will not last till that day.
    He enters and spoils every land
    From Syria till Arabian Sea…and further afar
    Everyone discovered him who is he…!
    Even a school student in his town, so-called Turkey!

    If his people call him the thieve…
    Can anyone else call him honest leader?
    Saving his grandfather’s confiscated Anatolia (Greek and
    Armenian Highlands) since almost a millennium!
    Is not enough what they did? …
    Killing millions since they arrived
    Destroying 2600 churches, cathedrals, schools, monasteries…
    Enjoying Armenian gold liras left in the banks…
    Enjoying their homes, green gardens full of fruits
    Using their blankets, beds, tapestries carpets, antiques…
    Having the beautiful clever girls Armenian Girls…
    Turkifying them and making their slaves to serve them…
    And to bring clever children calling them Turks…
    Only by nationality but never with their honest DNA…s—
    Like the lawyer Fatia Cetin and many others…
    Those who can’t open their lips to chant…
    “…We are the real Armenians from Armenian Lands
    living as a slave, tortured in our ancient homelands.”

    Enough is enough… A famous Turkish thieve Erdugan…
    If there is a real and only “One God” controlling this planet…
    Should awake genocided Armenian skulls in your grounds
    and those dedicated unlucky race must arrive to confess what your criminal forefathers did and still their genes planning to do…
    As you planed gunning honest journalist
    “Hrant Dink (1954-2007)…who wanted some peace with you…
    And like my grandfather Mihran Dabaghian and his relatives…who was killed by your people…leaving my mother Viva (Victoria) and his two brothers: Haig and Khosrof orphans…and another girl Eujane died in Syria having diarrhea…after they escaped from their homeland, Diyarbakir (Dikrangared) bribing Turkish gendarme…
    to reach safe Arab land… to start a new life in Diaspora…

    (In this Era of Internet and Human’s right in the 21th century…
    Syria is lost, devastated … can we still believe there is humanity and clean politics…it is another genocide …which induced by Turkish government (as the famous Journalist Robert Fisk wrote) to end once again genes of Armenians…as they tried in 1915 and before and still they are continuing their ugly crimes to do more…
    they are still unsatisfied… for what they did by killing 1.5 million…!

    … and this is story not only mine, but story of every Armenia from the East till further…reaching even Indonesia, India…till the West, the Colombian land, The America and further South and North the safe land Canada…you can find them everywhere…they call them selves “Armenian orphans from genocided land so-called Turkey… which was called ‘Armenian Highlands’ before BC…”

    All genocided genes must arrive to tell you what Barbar-Ottomans did… By killing million’ Armenian, Kurds, Greek, Assyrians…and prisoning your honest Turkish historians, judges, journalist, and countryman… who want to bring the facts about dishonest cheating
    genes of Mr. Erdugan…Who can bribe even the Mighty God…!!!

    Written instantly
    January 16, 2014

    Please don’t remove…
    I am responsible to what I write…
    Any minute I can die…
    But my stanzas are facts,
    Will continue to sear my heart and brain cells
    (Cardiocytes, Astrocytes, Dendrites)
    day and nights till I sigh…!!!

    I don’t have a scimitar to kill, … even if I have … I can’t slay…
    I don’t posses that killing genes in my Armenian Honest blood…
    But I have my strong, soulful, small pen to wrote to show
    The so-called civilized world where some congressman and M.Ps are bribed…to show honest peolpe
    who are they those turks……Those savages…butchers…godless people…
    became Muslims to invade Arabs and steal their lands and money…
    leave them behind for 500 years till today…teaching them bribes…
    Till the Arab poet Assad Rustom…chanted from The Washington, USA in May 6,1916… when Jamal pasha (al-saffah the butcher in Arabic language) hanged his literate friends…to write…
    “The sons of Turks you are never Muslims…”

    Since few years Turks forcefully want to enter Europe with their
    Y-chromosome full of butchery…Y…s…!!! … To call themselves
    “A European Race’…and Why…! to invade Europe and Turkify Europeans
    by marrying their girls and leaving their children Turkish lost orphans…
    once again confiscating their lands calling it Turkey
    changing the churches to minarets…and calling from their
    “their…Turkish “Allah Akbar” …
    Arrive to kill Christians in their European Land …
    as they did in Massacres of Adana in 1909
    before the savage-genocide of 1915…
    “Shouting from minarets “Allah Akbar” kill the Armenians…!

    I will write more… I can never stay scilent …to what they did…!!!

    • Hrant said:

      Bravo, and well written.
      Perhaps the courageous Turks that are longing for a democratic government, as well as those pushing to come clean, can be brave enough to state the truth, and release the journalists in prison, due to human rights persecution committed to them by the government that has the world’s worst human rights record, even worse than China, and Korea!!!
      Bravo to the honest historians, honest Turks, and those willing to stand up for what is right!!!

  12. Danilo said:

    Liar! This time all the world will know about it, and the more you’ll try to deny it, the more the people will loose respect for Turkey.
    Germany dealt respectfully with Holocaust, and now it’s a well respected country, while Turkey is shamelessy trying to deny the evidence of history: 1,5 milions of Armenians where slaughtered deliberately by the racist government of Young Turks: call is as you like, but don’t hide the elephant behind a finger.

  13. Jazmin said:

    What a shameless monkey. Really, just go back to Mongolia and do everyone this grand favor.

  14. anjan said:

    Հայաստանի Հանրապետության սահմանների ձեւավորումը

    1920 թ. օգոստոսի 10 – ին կնքված Սեւրի հաշտության պայմանագրով Թուրքիան ճանաչել է Հայաստանը որպես ազատ եւ անկախ պետություն `հրաժարվելով նրան անցած տարածքի նկատմաբ բոլոր իրավունքներից: Սակայն Մուստաֆա Քեմալ փաշայի գլխավորած Անկարայի Ազգային մեծ ժողովի կառավարությունը չճանաչեց Սեւրի պայմանագիրը, Խորհրդային Ռուսաստանի կառավարության նյութական եւ բարոյական աջակցությամբ պայքար ծավալեց դրա դեմ `ծպտված համաշխարհային հեղափոխոխության առաջամարտիկի դիմակով:

    1945 թ. նոյեմբերի 27 – ին Ամենայն Հայոց կաթողիկող Գեւոգ Զ – ն դիմեց Ի. Ստալինին, Հ. Տրումենին եւ Կ. Էտիլին `խնդրելով օգնել վերացնելու պատմական անարդարությունը եւ Արեւմտյան Հայաստանը միացնելու Խորհրդային Հայաստանին, հնարավորություն ընձեռնել աշխարհասփյուռ հայերին` վերադառնալ մայր հայրենիք: Այդ հարցը բարձրացվել է նաեւ 1947 թ. ապրիլին Նյու – Յորքում գումարված Հայկական համազգային կոնգրեսում, բայց `ապարդյուն:

    Արեւմտյան Հայաստանը մնաց թուրքական տիրապետության տակ, սակայն հայ ժողովուրդը երբեք չհաշտվեց իր հայրենիքի մեծագույն մասի կորստի հետ 1989 թ. ՀԽՍՀ Գերագույն Խորհուրդը դատապարտեց հայերի ցեղասպանությունը Թուրքիայում եւ Արեւմտյան Հայաստանում: 1987 թ. համապատասխան որոշում ընդունեց Եվրոխորհրդարանը: XX դարում մարդկության դեմ կատարված առաջին ոճրագործությունը պետք է ճանաչեն բոլոր պետությունները եւ միջազագային ատյանները: Արեւմտյան Հայաստանը պետք է վերադարձվի օրինական տիրոջը `հայ ժողովրդին:

  15. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    This is written on Turkish Banners
    I can understand and read Turkish…may be some one can translate…!!!



  16. a friend said:

    I just don’t want to be friends or allies with a genocide denying hypocritical maniac like Erdogan.