$150,000 Raised at Ferrahian School Annual Fundraising Banquet

Dr. Vatche Cabayan speaks to the evening's audience at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s Stardust Lounge

LOS ANGELES—The school’s Annual Fundraising event took place on Saturday, December 7, 2013, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s Stardust Lounge. In attendance were more than 130 guests including parents, alumni, community leaders and school supporters.

The evening began with the blessings of Rev. Razmig Khatchadourian, followed by the opening remarks of the Emcee, Zorig Mooradian, Esq. In turn, the School Board’s Vice Chairperson, Dr. Raffi Guedikian thanked the audience for their presence and support and recognized the absentee donors for their generosity.

Principal John Kossakian welcomed the attendees and acknowledged the donors. Many had doubled their initial $1000 per couple donation and still others had increased their donations in many folds. The total contribution exceeded $150,000. The list of the donors is published separately in Asbarez Newspaper. In attendance at the event were Dr. Vatche and Mrs. Shoghig Cabayan from Northern California, the main benefactors of the Holy Martyrs Mary Cabayan Elementary School. Doctor Cabayan in turn expressed his heartfelt remarks to the audience. The atmosphere of the night was very pleasant; everybody having a good time.

Donations Made to Ferrahian School
Donations totaling $150,000 were made to Ferrahian at the school’s annual fundraising event at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel on December 7, 2013. The School Board and the Administration extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the donors.

Mr. & Mrs. Avo Benlian $15000
Dr. & Mrs. Vatche and Shoghig Cabayan $15000
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Awwad $5000
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Talin Chakarian $5000
Holy Martyrs Church Board $5000
Mr. & Mrs. Ohanes and Madlen Kassabian $5000
Mr. & Mrs. Ara and Tamar Sayabalian $5000
Mr. Koko Topalian $5000
In Memory of Parsegh Ananian $4500
Armenian Council on Aging $4000
Mr. & Mrs. Armen and Stephanie Norendzayan $4000
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe and Peggy Ishkhanian $3000
Mr. & Mrs. Armen & Maralle Avakian $2500
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe and Arda Benlian $2500
George Ignatius Foundation $2500
Dr. & Mrs. Raffi and Dina Guedikian $2500
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe and Veronica Karapetian $2500
Keosian Law Group $2500
Mr. & Mrs. Ared and Karin Menzilcian $2500
Mr. & Mrs. Viken and Seta Aghjayan $2000
Mr. & Mrs. Krikor and Jenny Kahvedjian $2000
Mr. & Mrs. Levon and Jeanette Kokonian $2000
Rafi Ourfalian, Esq. $2000
A.R.F. Arshavir Shiragian Gomideh $1000
A.R.F. Rosdom Gomideh $1000
A.R.S. Anahid Chapter $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Adwan Adwan $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe and Dorine Aharonian $1000
Anonymous $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Hovsep and Hasmig Avakian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Krist and Karine Azizian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Raffi and Ovsanna Cahvejian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin and Arline Davidian $1000
Doctors Barouir and Sandra Deirmenjian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Garo and Arous Dekirmenjian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Sako and Pamela Demirjian $1000
Mr. Saro Der Ohanessian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Meher and Satik Der Ohannessian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Vatche and Lena Fermanian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Viken and Shaghig Festekjian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Vicken and Roubina Gulesserian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Garo and Arsineh Hovannisian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Seta Hovsepian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny and Sarine Iskenderian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Kanan and Roya Kadjar $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Dikran and Andrea Kassabian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Toros and Lousin Kejejian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Sebouh Kemanjian $1000
Dr. & Mrs. Razmig and Nicole Krumian $1000
Ms. Carmen Libaridian $1000
Atty. & Mrs. Sahag and Suzan Majarian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Viken and Salpy Mankerian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Apik and Rima Minassian $1000
Atty. & Mrs. Zorik and Talin Mooradian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Vatche and Jamie Nakkashian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Dikran and Houri Sassounian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Hagop and Mina Shirvanian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Clara Sipilian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Zareh and Ani Surfazian $1000
Mr. George and Mr. Khachig Titizian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph and Savey Tufenkian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe Vartanian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Rafi and Maria Vartanian $1000
Mr. Pierre Yenokian $1000
Mr. & Mrs. Khachig and Mariam Yeretzian $1000
Axiom Labels $500
Dr. & Mrs. Rafi and Hasmik Barsam $500
Mr. & Mrs. Serop and Arsho Beylerian $500
Class of 1993 $500
Mr. & Mrs. Sarkis and Siroun Derderian $500
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Ghailian $500
Dr. & Mrs. Leo and Paola Kassabian $500
Dr. & Mrs. Garo and Carolyn Kassabian $500
Gerard Kassabian, Esq. $500
Mr. & Mrs. Raffi and Annette Kopalian $500
Mr. & Mrs. Rafi Kradjian $500
Mr. & Mrs. David and Margaret Mgrublian $500
Mr. & Mrs. Avedis and Cheri Ovayan $500
Mr. & Mrs. Harry and Taline Samarghachian $500
Mr. & Mrs. Arpiar and Tamar Sarkissian $500
Mr. & Mrs. Chahbaz and Sevan Shakarentz $500
Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Caroline Tokatlian $300
Dr. & Mrs. Hagop and Varsenig Der Megerdichian $200


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