Aliyev Wants All of Armenia as Karabakh Settlement

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev

“Present-Day Armenia is, in fact, Historic Azerbaijan,” Says Aliyev. “In the future we will return to our historical lands”

BAKU, YEREVAN—Azeri President Ilham Aliyev once again reiterated the absurd claim that all of present-day Armenia is Azerbaijan’s historic territory vowing that the future will see a return of those lands. His remarks come days before a scheduled meeting between the Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers over the Karabakh conflict and days after a Karabakh soldier was killed while repelling a two-pronged attack by Azeri forces on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again now: in the future Azerbaijanis will return all the historic land. Our historical lands are not limited to Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions. If we look at the statistics are not so distant history—the 19th century—we can see that the area was populated by the Azerbaijanis is very extensive. Present-day Armenia is, in fact, historic territory of Azerbaijan. Therefore, in the future we will return to our historic land. Let young people and children know it. We must live, we live, and we will live with this idea,” proclaimed Aliyev during an address he made to so-called Azeri refugees.

Aliyev restated his claims that Armenians have occupied Azeri territory for 20 years.

“But 20 years is not such a long time. We should look ahead—what will happen in 20, 30, 50 years—as Azerbaijan will develop. I am sure that we will return to our historical lands in near future. Then historical justice will be restored completely. At the first stage should be released the occupied lands. Azerbaijanis will live in Nagorno-Karabakh, and then in other places. We should all try to bring that day closer,” said Aliyev.

Ahead of talks between Eduard Nalbandian and Elmar Mammadyarov scheduled for Friday in Paris, Yerevan and Stepanakert said Azerbaijan is posing obstacles to the peace process through attacks and statements.

At a news conference Wednesday, Nalbandian said Baku was creating “additional obstacles” in the peace process. “But we must continue the negotiation process because there is no alternative to that,” He did not comment on Aliyev’s claims about “historic lands.”


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  1. GB said:

    This Tatar-Turk’s brain and mouth has no connection.The night before Axeri human losses at Artsakhi border, drove his coward invading soldiers back, where they came from. In 50 years time Axerbaijan will be divided into 3 newly independent countries…Talishestan, Avarestan, and Baku Khanat, just like they were 100 years ago, and Armenian border will be reached up to Kura river!!

  2. Danoog said:

    I’m guessing Alyiev’s next move will be to invite Dennis Rodman in for a visit. This man is a serious whack-job and now it is out there for the whole world to see. When the oil in the Caspian dries up, Azerbaijan will revert back to the good old days when it was nothing more than a pimple on Turkey’s ass.

  3. Tony said:

    I’m sorry to say that Aliyev is a stupid and a crooked rich president. When he mentions about other places has used to be a historic Azerbaijani land; does he mean current geography of Russia, Iran, Georgia and the other Caucasus republics.
    So, after he gets he’s territory from Armenians, he’s going to continue to claim more territory from the other former Soviet Republics and Iran. Ahhaa…
    So, the Aliyev statement is an introductory statement to claim other territories.
    Aliyev should take his own people back to Mongolia; he’s original ancestral land.

  4. bigmoustache said:

    they are laughing at us and the peace process. show some teeth Armenians! we are the victors!

  5. Jazmin said:

    a “country” of sheep that did not exist before 1918.

    azerbaijan only exists because the turks conducted the armenian genocide.

  6. Vindicated Man said:

    This man is a joke. How do his colleagues, other PRESIDENTS, as well as other serious people, manage to communicate with him?

  7. ARA said:

    this jerk forgets he is a mongrel-of tribal nonsense and incest-he does not realize he is occupying our ancestral home- and with no joke- he will melt away while we move back into our homes

  8. Hay said:

    Just goes to show that this isn’t just about “returning occupied territories.” Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. All the while the so called partial international community is urging us to be give up rightful lands to these genocidal maniacs to reach peace. There will never be peace for them as long as Armenia still exists. Forget what the international community wants to hell with all of those liars and two-faces snakes!

  9. Hay said:

    Our cultured and civilized ways are out ultimate weakness. We’re like the intelligent man trying to reason again and again with somebody who keeps punching you. Once we punch back they’ll cower.

  10. dvo said:

    this is madness what a lunatic its time to urge the world to recognize Artsakh’s independence what a agressor This Aliyev keeps amazing me this man doesn’t give a shit on peace talks or any rulles or agreements.

    after all the threats of shooting down planes promoting coward killers that kill Armenians threating Amenians around the world as number one enemy’s, killing our soldiers, al those warmongerings against Armenia those massacres they did against the Armenians in Azerbaijan, refusing to remove the snipers at the border. everyday they keep threating to attack, continuing their illegal blockades

    I thought that every people on this planet had the right of self determination.
    especially when people like Aliyev do not only want to get Artsakh but also Armenia thise savage Azerbaijani state wants to finish what the Turks could not they want to kill us.

    Dont people have any right of self-determination when they are forced to be killed?
    you all see that Aliyev does not only wants Artsakh but Armenia what talks are their left.

    I am slowly understanding why everyone hates the west and the USA democracy and their justice

    the history of Armenia is slowly repeating its self after all the massacres and genocides lies and propaganda against the Armenians, Armenia should have been harnessed by now.

    We should have changed our attitude a long time ago its very importend to teach our children the Armenian history and to be patriotic in order to survive as a nation.

    We have lost great people in the past great patriotic figures and as always have become soft.

    The USA & the west doesnt give a shit about people’s live you all saw what happend in libya iraq and what is happening in syria and those USA drones that kill innocent people.

    for them all people from the middle east or africa asia are all the same they dont care about lives of people from there.

    but when something happens in europe or in the USA they immediately if their soldiers get killed its becomes world news.

    i am not saying we need to hate them, Armenia has to stop relying on all countries to bring us so called justice.

    These Aliyev makes every threat public he announced a multiple times that they do not only want Artsakh but also Armenia who is going to stop them.

    They will do everything to go to war with Armenia and make every excuse and lies for it becouse they want to be seen as a country that is justifying and not as an agressor.

    our enemys want to get more from us they already recieve the wealth from our lands and our history.

    Armenians should always be prepared for the worse! and there is no peace without Artsakh’s independence.

  11. Svetlana Swanson said:

    Azeri President Ilham Aliyev gives the Armenian Defense Forces the green light to liberate the artificially and illegally created country of Azerbaijan and annex it to Armenia.

  12. Zareh said:

    As long as Sultan Aliev claims Armenia proper as Azeri territory Nalbandian should abstain form any diplomatic contacts with any Azeri official.

  13. Vasken said:

    This guy is serious as Idi Amin, we should teach him a lesson when next oportunity comes.

  14. Sergik said:

    Blablablaba. I don’t understand why Armenia is attending these meetings. Why don’t we put a precodition to these meeting, as long as they don’t shut up we don’t participate, we should only participate when they stop violating cease fire and stop anti-Armenian B.S.

  15. Ohannes Boghossian said:

    Mr.Dog Alive i guaranty you coming 20 years you will be out of office like Saddam Hussein like
    Mummer Qaddafi or Mubarak when the time came day finish worse then Dog the good news is
    in your case History will repaid you will go like Dog too the problem you are 100% on drugs you
    are 100% in dream world keep dreaming and dreaming one day you never know from witch hole
    you will come out too Mr.Dog

  16. Armine Zohrabian said:

    I wonder how much education this person has, what history books is he reading? Is he serious? Does he think others are stupid? It’s baffling how the leader of a country could be so out of touch with reality (to put it mildly).

    • Boyajian said:

      Education has nothing to do with it. His delusions don’t have anything to do with rationale thought! You can’t use facts with a person who believes his own lies and who refuses to face reality. There can be no polite, intellectual conversation with this ignorant person.

      We were the victors in the war and have recorded history on our side. We should use the power of our position to force this warmonger to back off. By his reasoning, Armenia should claim Baku! No negotiations with delusional parties.

  17. Tsoghig said:

    I don’t understand what the point of these talks are. These eshes can never be trusted so why waste anyone’s time having these meetings.

    • Armenian said:

      He and Serjik have the same objective: ridding Armenia of Armenians. One is doing it for racial purposes, while the other is doing it to hold onto power.

  18. Shamil said:

    This is ridiculous, how can a president be so uneducated. I understand what he wanted to say, but he had to use the Ottoman Empire territories not Azerbaijan, how can he speak such nonsense…Makes him look like a clown in front of the educated people of the world..
    This president will not lead Azerbaijan into something good…

  19. Armenian soldier said:

    Mr Aliyev you will most likely not see this, but If you do I want you to know that if you think you have the power to back this bullshit that you freely announce to public, worsening the hate your zombies feel for us, then you better be ready to use it when I will be the first to leave my family, my studies in the UK, to come and fight on the front lines of OUR lands. And if not me, my brothers will be the ones cutting your throat with your evil tongue to prove this world what we, Armenians do For our country, For our honour, For our families and For our history. I am ONE but we are MANY.

  20. Ararat said:

    I look forward to the day when we hang this draft-dodging criminal coward pseudo-Turkish Azergayjani donkey-in-chief in Stepanakert, the capital city of the Armenian Republic of Artsakh.

  21. vartan said:

    This is ridiculous, there is no such thing as historic Azerbaijan it is a Pan Turkic invention of the 20th century

  22. Anahit said:

    I can’t believe that until now nobody understands that Azeri can meet as many times as they want
    and agree to cooperate, but as usual they will not keep the promise and will as it has been
    always through out the history of muslims and then
    hit from behind as scoundrels

  23. Razmik said:

    It’s nonsense to negotiate with such a person. Sultan Aliev proved one more time that he’s following the Turkish policy of occupation, genocide, destruction and barbarism. Armenia should stop meeting these people and recognize the independence of Artsakh. It’s really surprising what’s going on in his insane mind!?

  24. setrak kassabian said:

    Did you hear?? Russia and Iran are in discussion of taking back the whole of Aszerbaidjian as it used to belong to them back in the past before the idea of of people’s right to self determination created said Azerbaidjian.

    Frankly I would have thought that Azerbaidjiani’s ( I don’t know whether that is the correct word for people living in the country?0 would have been the first ones to accept the right of self determination of the Garabagh people as it would give legitimacy to their existence

  25. Armenian said:

    Nothing will change until both Aliyev and Sarkisyan are out of office.

    That is of course, if Sarkisyan does anything to make sure Armenians stay in Armenia, and not sell out the country’s future to the highest bidders. If he keeps it up, Aliyev won’t have to start a war, they can just walk in with their luggage and caravans, just like they did 200 years before their nomadic ancestors were granted a country.

  26. Garo Yeghichian said:

    Who is going to listen to a drugged person like Aliyev. no body has the time for an uneducated idiot like him.

  27. M. Stepanian said:

    I think there are many stupid commentaries of imbeciles everyday,all the time…..but few people give importance and fortunately print or reproduce them….These types of articles are a waste of time and an insult to the intellect. They shouldn’t be printed in the first place.

  28. Hovsep said:

    In the future Mr. Aliev you will return to Mongolia with the rest of your cocktail race!
    But really you belong in a metal hospital you donkey!

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