Tankians Fund Soup Kitchen Program in Vanadzor

Serj and Angela Tankian

VANADZOR, Armenia—On February 17, 2014, the charity organization Orran will launch a soup kitchen program in Vanadzor, Armenia, for 30 of the city’s needy elderly people. The program is being financed by the generous donation of world renowned artist and musician Serj Tankian and his wife Angela.

Patrons will come to Orran at noon to receive a hot meal and to spend some time socializing with one another. The program is based on Orran’s program in Yerevan, where, since the year 2000, over 55 elderly people have been benefiting from Orran’s daily meal program.

Currently, 65 economically deprived children attend Orran Vanadzor and receive a hot meal, medical care, social, psychological and tutoring services. The children also obtain vocational training and participate in a rich cultural program. Orran Vanadzor has been operating since 2009.

“Because of limited funds, we could not take in the elderly as we do in Orran Yerevan,” explains Armine K. Hovannisian, founder of Orran. “When Serj Tankian and his wife Angela asked how they could help Orran Vanandzor, I gave them a few options. They instantly took an interest in the plight of the elderly and within days made a personal contribution to make sure that in this harsh winter the really needy elderly could at least have one hot meal a day and a warm place to feel cared for.”


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    • Knar Mouhibian said:

      That’s great! What are the benefits, if you don’t mind sharing? Thank you.

  1. Vindicated Man said:

    Good job, Serj and Angela! I’m sure the elderly people will love this! :-)

  2. Sarkis said:

    That’s nice. I think Serj Tankian’s heart is probably in the right place. However, I have to note that I do not approve of the many ultraliberal positions he has taken in Armenia on social issues like homosexuality. Nor do I approve of the disrespectful tone of his letter to President Sargsyan a year ago. Nor do I approve of his jumping on every domestic issue in Armenia that western-funded activists turn into calls for riots and regime change, such as local environmental protests against economically-beneficial but ecologically-harmful mining projects; I found it conspicuous that Tankian jumped on the Teghut bandwagon, but remained absolutely silent when the Armenian-government farsightedly banned dangerous American GMO seeds from Armenia a few years ago – a clear indication that Tankian follows whatever issues the western-controlled “opposition” media in Yerevan and English-language press in the US decide to highlight for the public; so when non-western companies open a mine the “activists” are roused in full force, but when western companies lose a chance to sell dangerous GMOs and the people of Armenia benefit then the “activist” crowd remains silent.

    I suggest Armenian celebrities like Serj Tankian who wish to help Armenia focus on these types of initiatives to help Armenia’s poor and elderly. That benefits everybody, and is a credit to their patriotism and their good intentions. Just please stay out of socio-cultural issues in Armenia, no one want poisonous ideas imported from the west in Armenia; whether its militant feminism, unlimited abortion rights, gay rights, rights for dangerous foreign cults and foreign sects, protests against the Russian-Armenian strategic alliance, etc. Remember that celebrity status does not equate political insight, best exemplified by Britney Spears’s 2003 statement that “Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens” regarding President Bush and the invasion of Iraq.

    On a final note, I hold Serj Tankian in much higher esteem than I do the likes of Charles Aznavour who shamelessly trivializes the Armenian Genocide and uses a goodwill diplomatic appointment by the Armenian government to attack the Republic of Armenia and play into turkish hands; or Ruben Hakhverdyan who like the rest of the ARF in Armenia threw his support behind Raffi “Saakashvili” Hovannisian.

    Note: Serj Tankian can also use his celebrity status to call for larger donations to Armenia Fund and United Armenian Fund. I know he has engaged in such efforts in the past.

  3. ABOVYAN said:

    Apres Serj people like you are what our country needs people like you are the ones motivating others to follows your lead may God bless you and your family in all of your hard work.
    Viva Armenia.

  4. osik said:

    Bravo to our young Serj , and shame on our old Serj President I wonder with $200,000 how many hungry people can be fed.

  5. Knar Mouhibian said:

    Serj Tankian has followed his philosophy in seeking justice. I disagree with Sarkis above. Sargsyan is not recognized as the legitimate president of Armenia by everyone that knows how he STOLE the election. Weren’t you watching closely Sarkis? The only people that support him are ones that benefit materially from doing so. Raffi is the truly elected president of Armenia. So don’t be mixing the fraudulent election with the good deeds for one of the few HONEST charities in Armenia that is filling a sorely needed deed for the poorest children and elderly.

  6. Sis said:

    Thank you Serj, you are a real activist and human rights advocate, too. How about the other boys from your group? We never heard anything from them so far.Please, encourage them to participate to this humanitarian act and be more active by giving to the poor. Just a wish.

  7. arthur melkonian said:

    Dear Serj and Angela,

    If you send me a message on e-mail I will try to help you to coordinate your efforts with local resources to support you good will. I got some experience in activity you just starting , so I just want you be more effective.