220,000 Armenians Face Expulsion from Russia

The Moscow Kremlin

YEREVAN (Arka)—Some 220,000 Armenian citizens will have to return home because of a new Russian immigration law that came into force on Jan. 1, Armenian demographic expert Ruben Yeganyan told a news conference today.

Under the new law, migrants in Russia, including from Armenia, can remain in the territory of the Russian Federation for only 90 days within every 180-day period.

Yeganyan said to the best of his knowledge, some 500,000 Armenian citizens have been banned already from entering Russia in the next 3-5 years. In addition, another 170,000 citizens of Armenia who have violated Russian immigration laws also face a ban on entry into Russia.

Yeganyan said the vast majority of these people are labor migrants who will join the local army of jobless people once they return home to Armenia.

He said while these migrants worked in Russia, members of their families continued to live in Armenia. When back home they will have no other choice but to leave with their families for other countries for permanent residence that would further exacerbate the demographic situation in Armenia.

According to him, a favorable solution to this problem is to grant Armenian labor migrants in Russia some privileges.


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  1. chemasum said:

    “According to him, a favorable solution to this problem is to grant Armenian labor migrants in Russia some privileges.”

    It is not only in Armenia’s interest that Armenia stays populated, but should also be important to Russia. That is, if they don’t want Armenia to become a bridge uniting Turkey with Asserbaijan, with the result of Turkey becoming master of the region (Caucasia).

  2. Arman said:

    This is proof that Armenia is getting worse and worse every year. People vote with their feet….if Armenia were getting better, the daily outflow from the country would stop. 220,000 is an astronomical figure of migrants for a tiny country like Armenia. Let Serzh Sargsyan realize how desperate his citizens are, and give back the money he has stolen to the country, instead of spending several hundred thousand dollars (which was equivalent to his whole annual Presidential salary) on rejuvenation treatments on himself in South Korea. The reason he got that treatment is because he wants to live a long life so he can enjoy all the millions he has. I hope the thieves in Armenia’s government don’t have illusions that they will enjoy the money they’ve stolen from the people.

    • Armenian said:

      “According to him, a favorable solution to this problem is to grant Armenian labor migrants in Russia some privileges.” — Good to know that fixing the problems in Armenia is completely and totally out of the question. So now hundreds of thousands of people are going to suffer because Russia needs us to be isolated and hopeless, and guide us down a path of slow and steady demise via bogus gas deals, exchanges of sovereignty for short-term debt, and rabid corruption that hinders Armenia’s development and independence. God bless Russia and the Russo-Armenian partnership, and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      500,000 banned already– that’s almost a fifth of our country’s entire population. Don’t worry, guys, I think we should keep going on the current path we’re on. We’re doing really well for ourselves and Armenia’s security and prosperity is being guaranteed by Russia. Let us continue to hope Russia will be nice and let our people into her country to provide jobs because our habergats politicians don’t want to take the effort to get out of their seats and do something for the people and not their pockets.

      And somehow certain people would be blaming the people of Armenia, who have been left hopeless and have been completely cut out of the equation, and will be forced to resort to armed conflict in order to take what belongs to them if things don’t change, and not the idiots who make their lives worse on a daily basis by kissing up to Russia and doing everything in their power to keep themselves in their offices. Right. It won’t be the fault of the politicians and oligarchs who are ignoring the will and well-being of the people and stuffing their pockets, for potentially causing “instability”, it’ll be the fault of the people who literally cannot take anymore, and whose woes actually doing exist but are a result of “Western propaganda”…

  3. Peter said:

    It would be nice if Armenia had more job opportunities for their citizens and if the Armenian people didn’t rely so heavily on Russian labor. If these 220,000 Armenians return to their homeland (increasing population) and if somehow Armenia or Arstakh created more jobs for these people, that would be great. Until then, I believe if the Armenian population wants to see their homeland prosper, we all have to take part and contribute to our country of Armenia and people one way or another (that includes the diaspora).