Putin Wants Armenia in Eurasian Economic Union

Russian and Armenian presidents Vladimir Putin and Serzh Sarkisian

MOSCOW (ArmRadio)—Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it is time to start drawing up an agreement on Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, which should be formed in 2015, the Voice of Russia reports.

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are ready to launch preparations for a treaty on Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union.

“The Armenian side has adopted and is successfully implementing the measures needed to adapt its economy to the norms and standards of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. Therefore, we consider it possible to launch preparations for a treaty on Armenia’s accession to the future Eurasian Economic Union,” Putin said, opening a top-level meeting of the Higher Eurasian Economic Council on Wednesday.

The Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Viktor Khristenko, who was also present at the meeting, noted that the roadmap was approved two months ago. “The representatives of the parties visited the country to see what is being done today in Armenia. The assessment is positive. The work on a number of points is even ahead of schedule. In this regard, all are staying very positive. Everybody agrees that we can proceed with the drafting of the accession agreement,” he said.


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  1. petermegerdum said:

    Putin is a far greater friend of Armenia than the European Union or Nato will be. Don’t forget what NATO and Europe did to Greece and Cyprus. Now half of Cyprus is under Turkish control but everyone is making a big deal that Putin took over Crimea which always was Russian.

  2. Armenian said:

    Now that Russia is becoming more and more isolated in the international community, and is increasingly making more enemies than it had before, I wonder what most Armenians think of rushing head-first into this Customs Union nonsense is going to do to us in the future. I am certain that the hardline Russia fans here do not reflect the majority of our people’s thoughts. However, it’s clear that the world is now trying to isolate Russia, and that when need be, all parties, including the EU and China, could step in to make sure Russia doesn’t get too out of control in her ventures, even sabotage her to ensure its failure.

    So now that we’ve become an oblast in practically everything but name, imagine the negative consequences investing all that we have in Russia is going to have in us. We’re going to face tremendous repercussions for our incredibly short-sighted decision making.

    • Sarkis said:

      -Russia isolated? I guess BRICS count for nothing in your delusional eyes. The major change in recent years is Russia’s rise, not isolation. Oh, and the fact that America is now feared and despised nearly universally across the globe. And Europe is falling apart.

      -The Customs Union is our future. The EU, with its multicutural theme park, debt-slavery and austerity, and massive third-world immigration is the only thing that qualifies an “nonsense”. The state of the Euro, and the rape of Greece are also good examples of what “nonsense” it is to wish Armenia had chosen to become a satrapy of the EU.

      -Even western funded polls in Armenia show a good majority of Armenian citizens understand that our future is with Russia. Armenia’s government, and even most of its opposition including the Dashnaks and even traitor Levon Ter-Petrossian understand that the Customs Union is the right choice. Only the fringe freaks in Armenia are anti-Russian, and one suspects that those people are the remnants of the once large Azeri minority in Armenia.

      -The EU is dependent on Russia for its survival, if Russia even hints at raising tarrifs on energy exports then Europe’s economy will crash. Bankrupt beggars which rely on America to protect them from the Russian bear are in no position to isolate anyone. And I don’t know where you are getting this nonsense about China from, China’s position has been closely aligned with Russia’s on all major recent events, including Iran, the Russian victory in Syria against NATO’s terrorists, and now Ukraine. BRICS.

      -Actually, since the day Armenia announced EU membership, we have received incredible benefits from discounted gas to free weapons to more comprehensive Russian investments in Armenia and even the honor of a personal visit from President Putin himself (complete with a very respectful visit to Tsitsernakabed). Armenia’s future is looking much brighter than Europe’s or America’s. Russia will be in the diver’s seat in the twenty-first century, Armenia will be there in the passengers seat. Too bad for turks, azeris, europeans, americans, jews and pakistanis.

      • Armenian said:

        May everything you say come to pass, I’d have no complaints.

        However, history and reasoning proves that most countries eventually are outsmarted by the West and the losers will often pay for it dearly.

  3. Armenian said:

    It’s very obvious that Putin’s military ventures are putting us in greater danger in addition to his own country as well.

    • Sarkis said:

      What’s obvious is that your understanding of the world is less than infantile. Your “logic” claims that President Putin is standing up to the America-Europe-Turkey-NATO axis of evil and forcing them into retreat and submission, and this is somehow putting Armenia in danger because now the bloodthirsty warmongers are going to resort to miltiary action because they were defeated diplomatically. You will fail in your attempt at blaming Armenia and Russia for the barbaric actions of the west and their reckless pursuit of empire-expansion and regime change in Ukraine and all around the world.

      President Putin and the Russian Federation are the only thing keeping NATO-backed turkeys genocidal armed forces out of Armenia, through the presence of Russian soldiers inside Armenia and through the providing of Armenia with free weapons that we could otherwise never acquire.

    • Armanen said:

      Care to explain how Russia is putting Armenia in danger?

      In reality a Russian failure in Ukraine would embolden Armenia’s Turkic enemies to the west and east. A recent report emerged that the neo-nazis in Ukraine have been working with the Crimean tatars, who in turn are broadly supported by turkish people and officials in ankara.

    • Gurgen said:

      How misinformed and naive some of us are on this site. Just know that Russia is maneuvering to be stronger than ever. It is NATO, US and their castrated European “allies” that are showing permanent signs of weakness and a serious case of impotence. And by the international community if you mean this same group of fools, then yes, thank God that Russia and by default Armenia is being isolated from them. The real future of the world community is with Russia, China, the rest of Asia and Brics countries and not the decaying west.

  4. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    Putin has always protected Armenia. So Armenia must join the Eurasian Economic Union. As for Crimea, I support Putin’s efforts since Crimea is Russian territory.

  5. Lus said:

    President Sarkissian made the best decision based on the long-term Armenian National Interests. And Putin is simply God-sent, nothing more nothing less!

  6. Avetis said:

    I have something to say to the most honorable president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin: Please Mr. President, please forget about the Eurasian Union thing and just come to Armenia and make sure to bring your troops with you (with or without insignias) and help us put an end our misery.

    • Armenian said:

      You’re pretty much begging to be taken over… How pathetic and sad that a nation could be this mentally and emotionally broken… Nobody can save Armenia but Armenians.

  7. karakeuz said:

    Long Live Putin and the Russian federation. Thanks to Russia ,Armenia as a strategic partner is well prepared militarily to defend herself. The western gangsters resemble rapacious expansionists and their apetite for aggrandisement toward the East and eatswards is a mortal threat to Armenia. Without Russian presence, Armenia would not exist. Turkey-Azeris will take good care of that with the connivance of the duplicitous USA and the perfidious EU. Israel has shipped an undisclosed amount of weaponry and surveillance technology to the Azeries since January 2014. These shipments of heavy a ordinances are for “peaceful purposes”. Turkey is the spearhead of the criminal Nato in the Caucasus. If Russia falters, Armenia’s vulnerablity will be exposed. It is god send that the Crimean Russians have determined their future to secede from the rest of the Ukraine . The Eastern regions of Ukraine will follow suit, and this scenario of autonomous states together with Crimea would be a good opportunity , the same way as Abkhazia and Ossettia, for mutual recognition with Artsakh. The EU in particular may howl and yell under the baton of the USA-Nato orchestra, but it will not risk a conflict with Russia . The UK , a bankrupt state, is too dependent on the multibillion trade volume with Russia, Germany can not afford to enrage the Russians, the Germans have very heavy investments in the Federation and are reliant on the gas and energy from the east, France will always consult her interests first. Russia is not Serbia, nor Greece ( 1974) nor Libya, nor Iraq, nor Afganistan, nor Grenada, nor Venezuela, nor Panama. Regime change politics has spent its last cartridge in Kiev. Kiev was battling economically, now in the hands of the ” regime changers” or the Putchists , it will become a basket case like Greece ,an impoverished wasteland indebted and enslaved to western bondage. The Eastern Ukraine was always Russian oriented, culturally, historically, linguistically, religiously and ethnically . We have a situation where the self determination of peoples is in collision with the concept of territorial integrity.

  8. Darwin Jamgochian said:

    Does the Eurasian Union prevent economic participation with the west? I’d like to see a copy of the Eurasian Economic Union charter. Let me guess who the Union’s president is?