Lebanese Company to Farm Pecans in Armenia

Ripe pecan nuts on a tree

YEREVAN (Arka)—Lebanese company Gardenia Lebniz Farms is establishing pecan orchards in the Kotayk province of Armenia to grow a variety of the nut, the Armenian Agricultural Ministry reported Monday.

The news came following a meeting of Armenian Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetyan with Lebanese ambassador to Armenia Jean Makaron, head of Gardenia Lebniz Farms Nicola Abu Faisal, and another representative of the company Jamil Abdeim.

The Lebanese company has already chosen 20 hectares of land in Yeghvard and is making preparatory work for planting the first pecan trees brought from the U.S. state of California.

Representatives of the company said that some products of the company, like olives, spices and grains, will be sold in Armenian stores soon. Sergo Karapetyan promised to cooperate fully with the Lebanese company. The Lebanese company sells its products to more than 40 countries.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    And why can’t Armenians themselves plant, package, and export pecans on these hectares? This is planting pecan trees isn’t it, you’re not trying to launch a satellite into Orbit. Also, how will the treatment of the soil be governed? Will this be done so that future agricultural use of the soil is still feasible or will they just use up the top soil for a few years then abandon the site?

    And where are all of you Fresno Armenians from the raisin and walnut fields of California? You run multi million dollar operations in the Central Valley but we need the Lebanese to till and cultivate our plantable soil? Oh I forget, you only are good at writing tax write off checks so Alex Pilibos etc. can get a new set of bleachers for their Gym every few years. ….

    • Gurgen said:

      Fresno Armenians and American Armenians in general are too busy sending their money to American politicians who are using them and the genocide issue as a toy. They are also too busy writing negative comments about their homeland and president, oligarcs, corruption, protocols, lack of democracy…etc. They don’t have time to do anything productive for their homeland.

    • Dino said:

      This is a total scam. Pecans? No commercial nursery in California grows pecans because there is no pecan industry in California. Pecans do well only in hot and humid environments. I don’t know any areas of Armenia that are like the commercial pecan growing areas in America: Georgia, Texas, South Carolina or Florida. The Lebanese couldn’t find 50 acres in Lebanon? It’s all about this company’s footprint in Armenia and reduced tax implications to sell it’s imported products.
      The Armenian ministry of agriculture has for close to 25 years been derelict in its duty in providing agricultural education to farmers. Armenia has a food security problem. If food imports are cut of during a war, Armenia starves in 120 days. The ministry is about wheeling and dealing with Armenian and non Armenian agricultural enterprises that export food.
      The Armenians in Armenia despise cooperating with Armenians in the diaspora. It’s either jealousy or the psychological insecurity of knowing they are inferior in almost everyway that they would lose control of their pathetically inefficient governance of a small landlocked country surrounded by bloodthirsty barbarians. Armenians time and time again get burned in Armenia. No good deed goes unpunished in Armenia. So Norin Radd, you are right about Armenian self sufficiency but as for outside help from fellow Armenians, we all know that history.

      • Hay said:

        Oh please do tell how YOU would govern a “small landlocked country surrounded by bloodthirsty barbarians.” You should run for president with your brilliant political insights and ideas.

        • Dino said:

          Seems like I touched a nerve with you “Hay”. Armenians are their own worst enemy. Instead of finding common ground with what I wrote or have an adult response or rebuttal you present an obnoxious reply. Mightily typical Armenian of you. Is Armenia not a small landlocked country surrounded by bloodthirsty barbarians? Obviously you are a Turkish troll. Armenia’s fate is sealed. What happens in Armenia does not matter anymore. Armenia started losing it’s sovereignty in 387 CE and by 428 CE the kingdom of Armenia was done. Armenians are done as a people they don’t have the will to prosper so as to dominate their environment. Never have, never will.The turks and azeris will prosper and continue to dominate the region and will eventually eliminate Armenia. As for me running for president, I am knowledgeable, educated, charismatic, good looking, well spoken, with excellent and proven leadership skills, why in the world would I want to run for president of Armenia? It should be the presidency of the United States of America but first it’s either governor or senator of a small state on the east coast. I hope to have you as one of my earliest supporters. Hay jan.

  2. Raffi kevorkian said:

    Good but not suitable for our mentality….Arabs are used to such business