Karabakh Parliament Welcomes Crimea Vote

Stepanakert residents gather at Rebirth Square for concert dedicated to Crimea's expression of self-determination

STEPANAKERT—The political factions represented in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s National Assembly on Tuesday issued an announcement welcoming Crimea’s vote on secession from Ukraine as an expression of national self-determination.

A joint statement signed by the Motherland, Democracy and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation faction and the “Artsakhatun” deputy group said that Sunday’s referendum in Crimea “has become another precedent of realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, once again proving that territorial integrity of states does not prevail over people’s free expression of will in international law.”

The announcement welcomed the Crimea’s vote and emphasixed on December 10, 1991 the people of Nagorno-Karabakh “realized its right to self-determination and through a referendum said their decisive word for the independent Nagorno Karabakh Republic, which was re-affirmed by the results of the Constitutional Referendum of December 10, 2006.”

The Karabakh parliament also urged that post-referendum matters be resolved peacefully and based on mutual respect.

Meanwhile, in Stepanakert’s Rebirth Square, the city’s first spring concert was dedicated to the Crimean vote.

“The venue was not randomly chosen, since 22 years ago the people of Nagorno-Karabakh began their struggle for self-determination from this very square,” the executive editor of the Artsakh State TV told RFE/RL’s Lusine Musayelian.

High level Karabakh leaders, among them President Bako Sahakian and Parliament Speaker Ashot Ghulian attended the concert.

“The concert is called Artsakh’s supports nations’ self-determination,” Presidential spokesperson David Babayan told RFE/RL.


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  1. Hratch said:

    All you supporters of this land grab are naive. It’s not about Ukraine or Ukraine not recognizing Artsakh. It’s about going against International law and siding with the devil. We have enough enemies in this world, we don’t need to add anymore. Now more than ever, our enemies (new and old) will have a reason to work argue against us and our claims.

    What Putin (the former KGB apparatchik) did was illegal in every sense of the word. His actions had all the hallmarks of a classic despot dictator…using force, having a referendum without debate and a quick 93% victory.
    Armenia depending on “Mother Russia” is just absurd. Their not your mother or father and we are not their bastard child. They’re out for their interests. It is being mentioned that the Ukraine has not been a friend of Armenia because it has sold arms to Azerbaijan. “Mother Russia” has done this numerous times in the past. Unlike Ukraine, Russia’s intent was to blackmail Armenia into submission.

    Armenians have always been their own worst enemy. They sided with genocidal Assad and now with comrade Putin. Two very outstanding world citizens with impeccable pasts and prosperous futures. Both by the way have not even recognized Artsakh. The world can see through our selfish/childish resolves. Simple approaches to complex issues. The know-it-all attitude that has destroyed our nation in the past and continues to destroy what’s left.

    • dvo said:

      i am tired of Armenians like you yes Russia has done bad things which our not in our intrests but you even think what the consequenties could if Armenia loses Russia, it would be catastrophic for Armenia.

      Turks will invade Armenia in a blink of an eye.

      Dont believe in the western/USA propganda they try to fool you with their media propaganda for centuries powerful countries tried to conquer Russia and failed, Russia is put on bad light everyday by US and western Media.

      USA invaded and destroyed so many countries nobody said anything to the US when they destroyed and are destroying so many countries.

      US invaded all those countries and caused for revolution becouse those countries planed to change the international transaction system from dollar in to gold.

      The US is getting Rich in hes sleep from the world money becouse everything works with dollars.

      The US and western countries dont wanna to see Ukraine on Russian side becouse they fair Russia may become strong, Russia cant accept that western powers come to close to Russian soil, which is a big threat for russia they want to deploy their ant missle system against Russia and they will propably do it there.

      Without Crimea Russia will collapse from Crimea Russia can controll the whole black see middle east.

      Dont be fooled by western propaganda, renember what germans did to jews everyday they told jews are bad in the end people were starting to believe this (brainwashed).

      Now Russia and Ukraine Crimea problem is not Armenian problem we should not intervere on any matters and let them both solve this.

    • Gurgen said:

      You’re right, we should instead support the criminals John McCain and Victoria Nuland and make them honorary Armenians. While we’re at it, since you don’t like Assad, then perhaps we as a community can throw our support behind the Saudi Wahabi liver eaters and the Turks that support them.
      Thank God that people like you are a tiny minority in our community. Are you really Armenian?

      • Armenian said:

        To question someone’s Armenian heritage for not agreeing with you shows how primitive the Russia-loving camp is. Nobody is saying Russia is bad and the US is good and vice versa, but Armenia’s doormat policy towards Russia is destructive.

  2. Sokimag said:

    That’s really ridiculous. I am ashamed at those weak-minded politicians. They don’t know anything, they don’t respect anything. They are just there for the power. They are also implying that recognizing Crimea paves the way for Artsakh recognition which it does not. Kosovo is recognized by the West, but Artsakh is not. That proves that each self-determination issue must be dealt case by case.

      • Armenian said:

        Everyone is a hypocrite. Including Russia. There are no exemptions for anyone in realpolitik.Please get that through your head. Maybe if Armenians familiarized themselves with that notion and understood that no two nations are truly “friends” or “brothers”, then maybe we’d stop lying on the ground bare naked because we’ve been convinced that giving everything away (including the clothes on our backs) is the best way to keep “alive”. We’re “alive” technically, but what is that life worth if we’re constantly realizing the best wishes for other parties and not ourselves?

        Russia is not different from the West. It’s just as bad.

  3. dvo said:

    durakner mezi esi mez petq chi, petqa chi mer azgin xortakenq vor Russi ashkin lav erevanq.
    Eter pakas mnatsel for ukraine het problemner unenanq, Ukraine Russeri het ke barishen kani vor hzor yerkira yev ukraine arants russastanov chi kara, hayastan@ Ukraine hamar voch mi bana.

    Es inch harivneren rekavarum mer problem chi ishkan karanq che xarnevenq.

    (Ayo Russastane mer ungerna yev arants russastani menq chenk kara, ayo petq russeri het axperakan linenq, yev che xapnevenq American/Europakan propaganda metj.)

    Bayts petq chi mer tshnaminer@ avelatsnenq menq mez isolatia enq anum hayastan karavor yerkir chi urishneri hamar dra hamar yet@ astevac chani problemner unena urish yerkir@ het etqan shut hayer@ het chen bareshi, Hayastan@ vor karavor banner unenar voncor navt yev pox, Turkere samenr@ vaxuts ke batser hayastani het.

    Sirun chi esi Ukraine yev Russere mer ungernernen iank tox iants problemnere lutsen

  4. Armenian said:

    I’m in tears because of my people’s inability to make rational decisions. How can so many people making these decisions be this brain dead? How many times does an entity have to prove that it’s out for its own interests before we get the idea? When are Armenians going to start acting in THEIR OWN interests as opposed to others?

    Crimea is not Karabagh. Are we that stupid, honestly? Do people promoting Karabagh’s cause in Europe and the West not realize that by associating it with Crimea, you’re automatically putting people off? Armenians should capitalize on the barbaric actions of some Azeris, push that as an excuse for keeping Karabagh and ethnic Armenians out of Azerbaijan.

    Naive masses, Russia will never recognize Karabagh. By doing so, it could risk potentially empowering Armenians, and preventing that is the number one goal for Russia. Russia benefits from conflict. Russia needs conflict for political and economic situations. Russia needs mass emigration from Armenia, and it especially needs an unresolved Karabagh conflict. Russia needs Armenia to be as isolated and hopeless as possible so that it can continue to reap maximum benefits from us by giving us as little in return as possible.

    I think the Russians are sitting in their backrooms, looking at us and laughing at us because Armenians are taking up their cause so seriously, acting as if it were their own, thinking that they’re going to reciprocate when the writing on the wall is very clear that they’re not and never will.

    The image saddens me. Armenians are so broken and have given up on their own that we voluntarily take up the interests of others, hoping that they’ll be nice and help us even if it’s against their best interests. Please wake from your naive slumber. Take your destiny in your own hands and start doing things for yourselves. Nobody, especially not Russia, will ever protect us. In giving up mentally before anything happens, the Armenian nation is in extreme peril. Russian dominance over Armenia is as detrimental to its well-being as the slave trade was for Africans– sure they got food, a place to stay, a family to grow, but at what expense?

  5. Armenian said:

    I just saw the videos of the celebration. Armenian stupidity must be a neatly wrapped wrapped gift for anyone advancing Baku’s sinister policies against us around the world, especially in places like Ukraine. Armenians have to be the most naive nation on the Earth, honestly. I am baffled by the depth of our infantile nature.

    It makes me wonder what the utility of having our own country is if we think in the best interests of others. Some Armenians are the best Russians a Russian can ask for. What are they even celebrating? That the men who died to realize an Artsakh united with Armenia is instead going to Russia now? Even if that does happen, now that the Karabaghtsis have shown their true allegiance, you can bet your bottom dollar that the West will have a nice juicy gift for Azerbaijan once Russia implodes and we are left to fend for ourselves.

  6. Hye4Life said:

    hratch you sound like a western sell out, go listen to your corp. sponsored media. Yes armenia stands strong with Mother Russia, and not hypocritical WEST/US! get over it.

    • Armenian said:

      And you sound like a Kremlin stooge. What’s the use if we label each other stupid names and resort to attacking each others’ allegiances? My wish is to Armenia developing and acting like every other nation would: in its best interests. Russian partnership is important and beneficial, but the level of servitude and dominance (to the point where some Armenians are taking up Russia’s battles is just embarrassing) brought about by Sargsyan is extremely dangerous and strictly self-serving for him.