Kessab Attacked by Gunmen from Turkey

A scene from the damage on the attack on Kessab by gunmen from Turkey

ALEPPO—On Friday morning the Armenian-populated city of Kessab in Syrian was attacked by gunmen who crossed the border from Turkey, reported the Beirut-based Aztag newspaper.

The target of the attack was the Sev Aghbyur village in Kessab.

The attack began at 5am, local time. The residents of Kessab climbed the nearby hills to safety, with some being evacuted to Latakia.

Reportedly, Syrian government troops were protecting the population and trying to push the militia back.

In another incident, the densely Armenian-populated districts in Aleppo were also subjected to intensive shelling during the past four days, wounding an Armenian boy, Khachig Kaprielian, reported the press service of the Armenian Prelacy.

Several Armenian districts have come under fire from Monday to Thursday, with shots reportedly fired at the local Armenian school. Residential buildings and vehicles parked on the street, sustained damages.


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  1. T.K. said:

    And if this continues who can Armenians depend on? Off course Russia, since it has navy and marines stationed nearby. I would like to hear from that russophobe guy calling himself armenian what solution he has if there is mass attacks on Armenians in Syria?

  2. bayrakiniyakan said:

    Time to fight and wait 40 days until the French navy arrive !

  3. GeorgeMardig said:

    President Obama has partnered with Turkey to continue the Armenian Genocide into 21st century.

  4. Armenian said:

    This is obscene. The policymakers in the SD have completely lost their marbles in supporting these vermin…

    This was one instance where Putin was absolutely right to step in and intervene.

    • Lus said:

      How convenient of you! Keep bashing Putin and Russia then turn and beg for his help… I wonder where your beloved European ‘brothers’ are….?

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    I am fully responsible,for this comment……..I suspect it is the sneaky COWARD turks, They only attack WOMEN,CHILDREN,OLD PEOPLE….UNARMED…..If Syria responds,the jerky turks,might be in for a big surprise…….

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    Secondly… The U.S. keep its nose out of it..DONT LISTEN TO THE BRIBED POLITICIANS,DIPLOMATS,only get us in trouble we don’t need..The jerky turks starts it,let them end it..They would never help us…they been playing us like a fiddle..The former uncredited ambassador,byzra,to azerbaturk,married a turk,given a wedding by them; now lives in jerky turkey….EVERBODY BLINKED…

  7. Z said:

    i cannot understand why these western armenians dont take advantage, and go to armenia, at least you now have a country to turn to instead of being refugees all over again.

    • Armenian said:

      Because it’s not in the Armenian government’s interests to take in refugees. They are often turned away, treated coldly, taken advantage of, and there is virtually little to not effort to help integrate them. Long story short: the government of Armenia does not care about Syrian refugees just as it does not care about its own people and their wishes.

      • Sarkis said:

        Now that’s just a lie. Armenia has taken in nearly 4,000 refugees from Syria, and there is not a single credible report of them “turned away, treated coldly, taken advantage of”. You can’t just make up anti-Armenian statements and present them here as if they are facts.

        There are two reasons that a majority of Syrian Armenians don’t go to Armenia: 1) They feel and act more Arab than they do Armenian and they want to live in their Syrian homeland; and 2) Armenia is a newly emerging economy suffering from a 23+ year nato blockade.

        As for your claims that Armenia “does not care about its own people”, please take that garbage to turkish, azeri and israeli forums where you will find like-minded Armenophobes to support your baseless assertions.

        • Hovsep said:

          Armenia has lost about one million of its people since 20 years, mainly young, because they are stolen by their own government. The people cannot survive by itself there: how could it take care of others?
          I think this country cannot afford to do this, financially, also they feel not responsible for Armenians from Anatolia and Arab countries. They have a different history and have a different culture.

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  9. Hratch said:

    It looks like the Armenians were not the deliberate target of the attackers. It just happens that they live in close proximity to the Alawite districts. Of course, publicly siding with the regime did not help either.

    This was bound to happen after the Crimea land grab. In order to restrain Putin, the West is undoubtedly going to get more aggressive in Syria. They’re going to make sure that Putin pays dearly for thumbing his nose to the West. The battle for taking over the Tartus naval base has most likely begun.

    If we can’t help ourselves, don’t expect Mother Russia or Assad to help us now. it’s time to get out of dodge whether we like it or not. This is not about fairness or righteousness, this is about saving lives.

    The fight over Kessab has always been between Syrian and Turkey. Neither side considers it as ancient Armenian land. We may like to believe that, but the reality is that we are just temporary guests there.

  10. Sarkis said:

    So the reports are something like 80 Syrian citizens killed in Kessab and another Armenian community has been destroyed. This necessitates we take appropriate responses. There are many things to be done, but I believe that one of the most important is to LEARN from what happened. Those segments of the Armenian community, in Armenia or in the western diaspora, need to wake up from our dreams and false realities and recognize that Armenia’s geostrategic position remains as vulnerable today as it did in 1915. The western powers, through their control of almost all of the world’s mass media and news organizations, have deluded our people that fairy tales like “democracy”, “gay rights” and “civil society (whatever meaning one can attach to this term)” will magically raise Armenia’s living standards and economic status to the same level that the west has achieved through centuries of colonialism, mercantilism, genocide on continental scales in North America, South America, Australia, and parts of Africa and the Middle East. They have Armenians working against our own interests because we have allowed ourselves to fall for their lies, whether it is the “activist” in Yerevan who is weakening the Armenian government and setting the stage for the collapse of the Republic of Armenia, or the diasporan Armenian blindly supporting causes that are against Armenian interests such as NATO wars of aggression and destruction against governments who have not yet succumbed to the Anglo-American-Zionist-Turkish-Azeri alliance like Serbia, Syria, Iran and Russia (how many gung-ho Americans of Armenian decent were disgracefully agitating in favor of the Ukraine-NATO-Turkey-Zionist-Tatar aggressors in Crimea).

    Turning to Syria directly, the massacre in Armenian Kessab should prove to even the stupidest Armenian that our Turkish enemies HAVE NOT CHANGED. 1071 or 1915 or 2014, a Turk will remain a Turk and his goal will be to DESTROY any and every Armenian community which is not able to protect itself. Unlike the image of Turkey as a vacation resort that some Armenians have fallen for over the years, Turkey today remains a major ally of the United States, the European Union and Israel. There is no way to ignore or get around this ugly truth. The ONLY reason that the massacre was limited to Kessab in Syria and not the whole Republics of Armenia and Artsakh is because of the presence of Russian troops in Armenia and the Russian-armed Armenian military. Imagine what these barbarians would do in Armenia if the Russians left tomorrow? The sad fact of the matter is that without Russia’s presence, the South Caucasus is one bad event away from returning to an Islamist-Turkic cesspool. And brave and noble as they may be, Armenia’s 70,000-man military with its 17 warplanes does not stand a chance at holding out against a sustained Turco-Azeri attack from both east and west for long.

    • Isaac said:

      Very Interesting assessment Sarkis. You seem to have a good understanding of reality. Most of NATO does not have Armenian justice or wellbeing in mind thus far. Although, we must remain hopeful that they will change their stance someday soon. Keep fighting the good fight my brother and thank you for raising some valid points.

      • Edward Demiraiakian said:

        All those good points were made to Assad and the tiny Israeli air-force ate the overwhelming, Arab armies for lunch. Somewhere between being timid, and false bravado lies reality. Armenia lacks some material things, but excels in battlefield strategy, experienced battle hardened senior officer corps, high troop moral, and a civilian population that is solidly behind it. Armenia is modern Sparta.

    • Armenian Christian said:

      There are Russian ICBM’S pointed at the Turks….in Armenian territory

      • Sarkis said:

        I don’t know about ICMB’s being officially confirmed, but there are ultra-precise Russian Iskender-M missiles based in Armenia aimed at Ankara and Istanbul. These Russian missiles are unstoppable by any existing western technology. No doubt Armenia also has access to this missiles to keep the Azeri and Georgian aggressors drooling over Armenian territory.

        Sadly, the US has nuclear weapons based in Turkey aimed at Gyumri and Moscow. In fact, they recently announced that they are UPGRADING their nuclear stockpile in Turkey.

        It’s black and white.

  11. Sarkis said:

    Let’s drop the notion that Europe will protect us, Europe is dying economically and dying socially, culturally, spiritually and demographically. We are a decade away from seeing Sharia law and Muslim and Turkish majorities in Europe. And despite having decades of “democracy” and “freedom” and economic prosperity, Armenia today actually has a HIGHER BIRTH RATE than most EU countries. The only growth in population in Europe comes from immigration of Turks, Muslims, Africans and Asians… Europe refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide and the independence of Artsakh when they could have decades ago, now Europe has merged with the Turks and their interests will be forever the same.

    In all this darkness, true Armenian nationalists should be proud that Armenia’s government has protected Armenia’s population from suffering the same fate as Kessab through the prudent policies of forging a strategic alliance with Russia. The CSTO is Armenia’s military salvation, and the Customs Union is quickly proving to be Armenia’s economic salvation. NATO, the US, the EU, Turkey, American-backed Sunni terrorists in Syria, and last but not least Israel and the Jews will remain committed to destroying Armenia, as well as the whole of traditional-European-Christian civilizations around the world.

    • masis chalabian said:

      if Turkey nothing do without nato how turkey blocked armenia-turkish border they’re already in nato ? I think u dont know nothing you just make us slave europe betrayed us always

    • Isaac said:

      Once again you are making some very valid points my friend. I tend to agree more with the second half then the first. Although I appreciate your honesty and efforts to keep it real, personally i would rather remain optimistic about the future and continue to have faith in human nature. Those who stand for truth and justice may appear to be invisible thus far in europe and the west. The future is unpredictable and the forces of good may very well take hold, especially with just and upright men such as yourself continuing to make your voice heard. We must not give up on our allies who stand for truth and justice and we must continue to believe in them and share our story with other men and women of good character and principle so that we can all stand together relentlessly until the truth is set free and justice is served. God bless.

      • Sarkis said:

        Isaac, thank you for the kind words. I truly hope I am wrong in the pessimistic outlook I posted above, but I tried to base it on what the facts on the ground and precedent. I’d rather be safe than sorry regarding decisions relating to Armenia’s foreign policy. And I’d like to present different viewpoints that the ones presented by mainstream media, including Armenian media.

        As long as there are open-minded Armenians like you who care about Armenia’s future and can think critically past the smoke-and-mirrors and propaganda that clouds most reporting about Armenia, I’m sure Armenia will come out fine. If you are interested, here is the link to a blog you may enjoy about geopolitics, history and Armenia:

  12. Alex Postallian said:

    Remember,Europe has always been sick..The U.S. had to go over there in two WW’s,to bail them out….Strong on tradition,lacking in valor…..