ARF Central Committee Issues Announcement on Kessab Crisis

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

GLENDALE—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee on Monday issued an announcement pledging its solidarity with the people of Kessab, which has been under siege since Friday when gunmen crossed the border with Turkey and began attacking the population. The ARF Central Committee strongly condemned the attack on Syria and is urging the international community to intervene and pressure Turkey to not directly—or indirectly—assist the rebel fighters.

Below is the complete text of the announcement.

The brutal attacks on the peaceful population of Kessab, the uprooting of its centuries-old residents and the current uncertainty facing the population has been at the center of our attention from the first moments of the attacks.

We strongly condemn this act of terrorism, which was aided by Turkey and we will do our utmost to mobilize US and international political circles to pressure the militants who invaded Kessab and are looting homes and institutions to leave the area and return the town to its rightful residents.

Both on the state and federal levels, the Armenian National Committee of America chapters, beginning on Friday, have met with several influential political officials to inform them about the developments in Syria and to ask that they join a campaign in Washington urging the White House to leverage its influence to halt Turkey’s direct or indirect role in the attacks. These efforts will continue more broadly in coming days.

The ANCA chapters will also inform human rights organizations and United Nations non-governmental organizations about the fate of Kessab and will seek their assistance in efforts to confront this human tragedy.

The Central Committee is also in immediate contact with Syrian Armenian Relief Fund and has pledged its support to assist the committee in a fund-raising drive for emergency assistance to the displaced Kessab residents.

We will continue our efforts and are confident that we will have complete support of the entire community.

ARF Western US Central Committee


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    It’s a shame that the country that harbors the terrorists is a NATO member. This doesn’t make sense to me. They are helping to kill innocent people, yet they are a member of a respected military block?

    • Hayk Anzo said:

      It makes perfect sense. NATO itself is a terrorist organization. NATO’s war against Iraq and Afghanistan are two of many of the war crimes of this military offensive alliance.

  2. Hratch said:

    We were just sitting ducks there. It should have been obvious that being at a border town in an Alawite province, it was only a matter of time before catastrophe hit. We have absolutely no defense structure or security guarantee from any source.

    Additionally, we have garnered further animosity by the locals by first siding with Assad and later by publicly supporting Russia on the Crimean issue. We should have taken a less conspicuous position on both affairs.

    After foolishly burning all our bridges, we are now asking for help from the West? Miscalculations and shortsightedness have always been our down fall. We have never learned the art of politics. Most of our tragic past can be directly contributed to the failure of our leaders during crucial moments in diplomacy.

  3. bayrakiniyakan said:

    😀 Հայեր ջան Վերջին հարիւր տարուան մէջ միյայն դատապարտում ենք 😀

  4. Kevork said:

    sireli Hyer tser zavagneru mi paghtsenek zinvoragan dsarayutiunneren vor garenan bashdbanel yev der ganknen irents babenagan hoghin.verche ush a gatil me kidagtsutiun bedk a Hye martun.

  5. MZB said:

    Միասնությունը ուժ է այս պահին պահանջում է միության բոլոր հայերի, չեմ ուզում նոր ապրիլի 24.
    Շնորհավորում ենք Հայ հեղափոխական դաշնակցությունը, բայց ուր են մյուս կուսակցությունները?
    Հայաստանի կառավարությունը պետք է գործել ոչ թե միայն խոսել.
    Աստված մեզ հետ որովհետեւ միություն բառը գոյություն չունի մեր բառարանում դեռ.

  6. vartan said:

    Bullshit. We need fighters not politicians. America is the first supporter of turkish and israeli actions in Syria, nobody care about armenians. Don’t lose the time talking.

  7. Apraham said:

    Condemning and issuing action alerts aren’t enough or acceptable anymore. ACTION is needed! A plan is being evolved in Artsakh to send armed troops to make a difference on the battleground in Kessab. Armenian parties should organize similar tactical plans and teams instead of condemning and voicing concern! All nations are dealing with their issues with taking their rights and not asking others for it! Some are sending looters, thieves and criminals! We should send reinforcements to protect our brothers and lands! That’s the only way Armenian organizations, parties, religious leaders can do to regain Armenian people’s trust and support!

  8. Hannibal said:

    Sireli hayrenakitsner .Duk amerikatsiner ek yev voch te hayer kani abrum ek amerikayum.Yete mer azge ir yerkrum aprer ayspes cher lini.menk yete mer yerkrin ter che darnank shutov korats enk.gitek inch?menk vakhkotner enk!