Armenian Catholic Church in Aleppo Bombed

The Holy Trinity (Zvartnots) Armenian Catholic Church in Aleppo

ALEPPO—Beginning at 4:30 p.m. local time on Monday, rockets rained on the Nor Kyugh region of Aleppo damaging the Holy Trinity, also known as Zvartnots, Armenian Catholic Church, destroying its dome.

The attacks also caused damage to residential buildings and homes around the church.

A young man and woman, a mother and a child were injured. No fatalities have been confirmed.

One of the rockets fell on a house owned by an Armenian family, causing a massive fire. Armenian volunteer units rushed to scene and tried containing the fire, before fire fighters arrived.

This latest round of attacks has caused considerable damage, not to mention the toll it has taken on the residents’ psychological condition.

This attack came days after armed gunmen with links to Al-Qaeda stormed the Armenian-populated town of Kessab from the Turkish border, forcing the evacuation of more than 600 families to nearby Latakia.


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  1. Hratch said:

    It’s not clear whether the church as specifically targeted? It would be a great Assad propaganda if it’s portrayed as an attack on the Armenians because of their Christian beliefs, but is this true?

    I would hate to have the Armenians being used as tools to advance the agenda of one side or the other. If we were attacked solely on our religious beliefs, it’s one thing, but if we were in the way of the fighting and were not the intended target, then we should be careful who we choose to side with and start relocation plans towards the motherland.

  2. Zareh said:

    1915 all over again. If they can bomb and burn our churches why can’t we burn their mosques in Europe.
    How much damage we have to endure before our diaspora freedom fighters retaliate. If the West can not protect us from these animals then we have every right to declare war on them all over the world.
    Just because Western Armenians don’t have a homeland does not mean we can jot wage war against them.

    • Lus said:

      Western Armenians don’t have a homeland? I wonder whose homeland is Armenia….?

      I don’t know what you meant exactly but I’ve heard many many times from Arevmtahays who do not call present day Armenia homeland… quite mind-boggling for me…

  3. Zareh said:

    This being a Catholic Church did the Pope condemn the attack. The West and their institutions are wimps. They want Assad to fall. Don’t they see the collateral damage to the Christian minorities in the Middle East.
    Today Kessab and Aleppo tomorrow Rome, Vienna, Berlin Paris and London. Don’t they see they are feeding AlQaeda. Muslim Obama wants to be the leader of AlQaeda that’s why he killed BinLaden.

    • Vindicated Man said:

      I am wondering if the Pope has been made aware of this at all.

  4. Sokimag said:

    Those terrorists are destroying every armenian thing or person. They will pay dearly for that. I used to go to that church when I was a child. My home was just in front of that church.

    Let’s hope peace will come soon.

  5. Arto said:

    Syrian-Armenians. There is no future in Syria. Go to Armenia. Your homeland awaits you

    • Hratch said:

      Well said Arto. They’re so much in love with Syria and Assad that some are trying to get other Armenians to come and join the fight…..GO FIGHT FOR YOUR MOTHERLAND IF YOU CAN!

  6. Armand said:

    Send in Armenian Special Ops…. We have to start retaliating – We, the Armenian community, cannot stand around and do nothing as the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE repeats itself. I personally think we should be more aggressive, and put some turks on the dinner table. I’m all for aggressive retaliation. Armenians, at this point, should be as well!!!!