#Turkish Lies: Ankara Denies Role in Kassab Attacks

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

Says Turkey ready to ‘admit’ and ‘protect’ Syrian Armenians—Kogh Sirde Togh!

ANKARA—The Turkish foreign ministry on Wednesday issued an announcement denying Ankara’s role in the military incursion into Kessab and added that Turkey was willing to “admit” and “protect” Syrian-Armenians.

On Thursday, however, the Turkish government swiftly blocked access to YouTube when leaked audio recording on the video sharing site revealed a plot by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and others to attack Syria.

On March 21, Al Qaeda militants stormed the Armenian-populated township of Kessab in Syria forcing the evacuation of the population to nearby Kessab. Eyewitnesses on the scene confirmed that the militants entered Syria through the Turkish border.

“The allegations by some circles that Turkey is providing support to the opposition forces by letting them use its territory or through some other ways during the conflict which have intensified recently in the Latakia/Kessab region are totally unfounded and untrue,” said the Turkish foreign ministry announcement.

“We consider the efforts of such circles, moving from these claims, to draw an analogy between the developments in the Kessab region and the painful incidents of the past as a confrontational political propaganda attempt and particularly condemn it,” continued the statement.

“In accordance with its humanitarian and conscientious responsibility, Turkey notified the relevant UN bodies that Syrian Armenians residing in Kessab region could be admitted in Turkey too and protection could be provided to them. Also, the representatives of the Armenian community were informed of the matter through official channels. Contacts on this issue are underway. Necessary steps will be taken to meet the needs of Syrian Armenians as is the case for all other Syrians,” concluded the announcement.

Actions are Louder than Words

While the foreign ministry was denying Ankara’s role in the Kessab incursion and, once again, blaming “propaganda” for this latest Turkish aggression, audio recordings were being leaked on YouTube revealing a plot, headed by Foreign Minister Davutoglu, to attack Syria and ways to justify that breach to the international community.

The foreign ministry’s reaction to this latest embarrassment for the Turkish government was not to immediately deny the accuracy of the audio leaks, but to claim that portions of it—without actually specifying—were allegedly manufactured.

Turkey’s instinct to deny atrocities is second nature. So, when Turkey is officially denying something, it is safe to assume that the opposite is true.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    “Ankara Denies Role in Kassab Attacks”. And bans YouTube, LOL. And this joke is in NATO?

  2. John Ahmaranian said:

    Davidoglu said that Turkey will admit Armenian Syrians from Kessab to come to Turkey? For what? To slaughter them for the third time? Close your border with Syria, Mr. Davidoglu and forbid terrorists’ infiltration. This would be the best thing to do for the protection of the Syrian Armenians.

  3. Ararat said:

    The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Gotverenoglu are such lying scumbags. They not only armed but also gave safe passage to infidel Al-Qaeda and other degenerate Islamist militants into Syrian border towns, into the Armenian-populated town of Kessab in particular, but they also planned and coordinated the attacks. It is also no coincident that among these terrorists were also filthy Azergayjani terrorists.

    What is truly disgusting is the fact these two-faced and lying Turkish leaders, after giving support to these barbaric devil-worshipping infidel terrorists and attaining their preplanned goals to deliberately terrorize the Armenian-populated border town and uproot the defenseless and terrified population, are now acting like innocent angels ready and willing to help the very same Armenians whose homes and houses of worship they helped loot and ransack.

    These two Turkish scumbags should be treated as war criminals and be made to face justice. In the meantime, the Armenians worldwide should unite and give these genocidal Turks a bitter taste of their medicine like they did in the 70s and 80s and to remind them that they can’t get away with their criminal activities and that there will be a price to pay for their crimes against innocent civilians.

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    Turkey the partner of Al Qaeda can stop this crime against Armenians, Washington where are you? where is the condemnation? Turkey is the real terrorist state, US can’t be a partner with a terrorist state like Turkey.

  5. Josef said:

    Is it me or that Turkish flag look like it represents something evil ?

  6. Alex Baljeeian said:


    Here is what an apologist says in the link above:

    “Contrary to what the flashy Asbarez headlines will have you believe, the rebels didn’t come in to slaughter Armenians and destroy their churches,” writes Filor Nigo, an Iraqi-Armenian activist based in the U.S, on Facebook. “Kessab is a strategically important point in this military conflict…Syria is engulfed in war and Armenians in Syria cannot honestly believe that these events would not affect them.”

  7. tony Kouch said:

    Ahmet Davutoglu Why don’t you cut ties from those Zionist Party of Szymon Perski Peres made a comparison between their Holocaust?by calling our Genocide as Allegations and you both denying it for political reasons , and sooner or latter you will admit that your young Turks at the Ottoman Empire time did commit a Genocide against the Armenians people ,as the saying goes every dog has his day

  8. eastofthewest said:

    “Turkey’s instinct to deny atrocities is second nature. So, when Turkey is officially denying something, it is safe to assume that the opposite is true.”


  9. Budrig said:

    Lets just look at the basic facts. Turkey is allowing an invasion of another country from its soil. It seems reasonable to hold Turkey accountable for allowing this. This would be the same as Mexicans invading Mexico from the boarder of USA.

    US backs Turkey. Hence NATO backs Turkey. As long as Armenians live in an Arab country we are at risk. This is a street fight. How do you back a bully down, you take it to a level 10. Which means, Armenia need to defend Armenians in Syria and we as Armenians need to support Armenia. No matter were we live. We as Armenians should have zero trust towards the TURKS no excuse.