Moscow Calls on UN Security Council to Discuss Kessab Attack

The Russian Foreign Ministry building in Moscow

MOSCOW (ITAR-TASS)—Russia considers any attempts to justify terrorist crimes absolutely unacceptable, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

“The UN Security Council has to discuss the attack on the Armenian-inhabited village of Kessab in Syria and give its assessment,” the ministry says.

“We condemn extremists’ actions in Syria. We believe that the Syrian government and the opposition should join efforts to eradicate terrorism on the Syrian land,” the ministry says.

“The world community and human rights organizations have voiced concern over the situation in the Armenian-populated town of Kessab, in Syria’s north-west. The town was attacked by al-Qaeda-linked extremist groups of Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham,” the ministry says.

“The only reason for attacking seven hundred families and forcing them to leave their homes is that they were loyal to the Syrian government,” it says.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    ” Moscow Calls on UN Security Council to Discuss Kessab Attack”
    Only Moscow? Why?

    • Sousanna said:

      Why? You don’t know the answer? It’s very simple, others doesn’t care. They just want to use Armenians for their benefits against Russia. Do you think USA or EU worry about Ukrainian their “brothers?” Absolutely not, they just against Russia. Let’s at least Armenians learned that the only help they can get from Russia and appreciate them.

    • James said:

      That’s a good questions to ask the minority of Russia haters that frequent this site (aka Turkophiles).

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Rusophobes and EUrotics, chime in, where are you? The best the US state department could muster up after Armenian American’s pleaded their concerns was “we are concerned about developments”. Which is code for “we could not care less since we are the ones that instigated the whole revolt and are supporting Turkey indirectly, come April 24, your leaders will lick our boots again for ‘Genocide Recognition’ “.

    Had the Russian foreign ministry been the one to react with merely “we are concerned”, the Rusophobes and EUrotic idiots (you know who you are) on this site would be having a verbal orgy of vicious attacks and anti-Russian propaganda.

    So again, I ask you chobans, where are you? Grace us with your comments . . .

  3. Sarkis said:

    Thank you Russia. A true ally, once again Moscow stands by not only the Armenians in the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, but also all Christians in the Middle East from the clutches of the demonic Anglo-American-Zionist-Turkish cabal and their terrorist tools in Syria. Armenia’s and Russia’s enemies are the same: turks, chechen terrorists, azeris and their jewish, american and european masters.Russia today stands as the last hope for traditional European culture, national sovereignty and the traditional nation state, and Orthodox Christianity in the face of a declining, genocidal, and immoral imperialists of the west.

      • Sarkis said:

        1) I am thanking them for standing up for Armenian survivors of the Kessab Massacre that was perpetrated by American and European trained and funded terrorists in Syria.

        2) You are confusing “Soviet” with “Russian”. Armenia would not have won in 1994 if Russia did not stop Turkey from invading Armenia in 1993 by threatening NATO-member Turkey with nuclear annihilation; not to mention the billions and billions of dollars of weapons Russia gave Armenia to fight the Azeris, Turks, Chechens, Circassians and Ukrainian and Afghan mercenaries. The second Russia stops supporting Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan will repeat 1915 and Kessab 2014 in Armenia and Artsakh.

        • Sousanna said:

          It was different time when Russia helped Azeris, but don’t forget the final result they left, which means they changed their minds and stopped to help them.

  4. Raymond H. said:

    Please don’t be fooled by Russian self-serving words. They are making this comment only for their own good, as well as for the benefit of their puppet Assad. Armenia should just continue to play its “man on a wire” act and hope she does not fall off the wire.

    • Sarkis said:

      You are wrong. The only self-serving words regarding Armenians comes out of the war criminals in the west when the talk about “regretting that our terrorists massacred you Armenians” or “our democratic, model muslim allies in Turkey committed tragic events in 1915.”

      • Sousanna said:

        Unfortunately, all big countries acting for their benefits and using small countries.

  5. Sousanna said:

    Now all Armenians who were against Russia and prayed for European Union or USA will understand that who cares about them. Now USA opened its mask and the Armenians who trust them, I hope will realize the real face of USA and EN. As always, European Union and USA tried to expand their slavery in small countries, make them to depend on them economically, and grab anything valuable. Obama was upset when Armenian Government protect Russian citizens’ rights in Crimea. In that case Obama needs Armenian to be their side. But when coming questions to protect Armenians against terrorists, or recognize the Armenian Genocide, they are quiet or always only promising. Anyway, what is doing UN, why they’ve been so quiet until now. Why Russia needs to remind them about their mission. Shame all of them.

  6. Aram said:

    Armenians from the west should start doing something practical for a change. Organize militias to be sent to kissable to protect armenians. The Armenian government should pull out the peace keepers from Afganistan and send them to kissable to keep the place at peace.

  7. Lus said:

    I wonder whether those idiots demonstrating at Putin’s visit, have organized something in front of the US embassy….

    • Sousanna said:

      No, unfortunately those stupids are blind and demagog. They can’t understand the situation.