CSTO Leaders Call for End to Kessab Crisis

Foreign Ministers of CSTO countries meet in Moscow, April 3, 2014.

MOSCOW—The Foreign Ministers of the constituent countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) met in Moscow on Thursday, where they adopted a statement voicing concern for the situation in the Armenian-populated town of Kessab, Syria, and its surrounding region.

The leaders expressed their “deep concern” over the occupation of Kessab by al-Qaeda-linked armed groups, which resulted in the displacement of 2000 Armenians from the historically Armenian town.

“We severely criticize terrorist actions and the application of force against the peaceful population,” the statement said. “We support the speediest halt to violence and secure return of refugees. We are convinced that the normalization of the situation is possible only with the exclusion of external interference and violence, through a broad-based political dialogue, considering the interests of all Syrians regardless of their ethnicity and religious affiliation,” the statement read.

The CSTO Foreign Ministers urged all interested parties to work in full compliance with international law and to end the bloodshed in Syria and reach a peaceful solution on the basis of the Geneva Convention of June 30, 2012.”


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  1. Sarkis said:

    This should be very eye-opening for the Armenian diaspora in the west about the importance of the Russian-Armenian alliance and the dangers of the NATO-US-EU alliance. It can’t be any clearer: The west supports Turks and Sunni Muslim terrorists and uses them to destroy peaceful and stable Syria which results in a massacre of Armenians in Kessab 99 years after the Armenian Genocide began, and once again Russia is the only voice on the international stage calling for an end to the slaughter of Armenians, sending humanitarian assistance, and relocating Russian warships to Lakatia in order to protect the Armenian survivors.

    On the other hand, the State Department and the EU, which don’t even have the courage and integrity to recognize the Armenian Genocide and deny it to this day, are not doing a single thing to help Armenians and will continue providing money and weapons to the turks and terrorists.

    One wonders where are all of those protestors that gather in LA whenever President Sargsyan visits or in Yerevan whenever President Putin visits; why are they not protesting now against NATO, Turkey, the US and the EU? These people only attend protests when their masters in Washington that control and pay for the NGOs give the signal because the protests suit western interests; otherwise they are nowhere to be seen.

    God bless the CSTO and God bless the Armenia-Russia alliance!

  2. Gurgen said:

    Has NATO made any statements?… Oh, I forgot, they are busy trying to destroy Syria via their favorite Al-Qaeda terrorists.

  3. Anthony said:

    Well I actually think turkey is trying to help the people of kessab to have a safe place to be during this crisis but we can’t be sure of they will really help us but over 600 families moved to Armenia let’s say if there are 3 members in each family a total of 1,800 people were sent to Armenia.