Azeri Family Given Asylum in Armenia

The Armenian-Georgian border crossing at Bagratashen, where the Azeri family entered Armenia (photo: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—The Armenian authorities have granted political asylum to an Azerbaijani family that crossed into Armenia via Georgia earlier this year.

Javid Orujev, his wife Roya Mirzoyeva and three children entered the country through the main Georgian-Armenian border crossing in late January, several months after being reportedly deported back to Azerbaijan from Norway.

According to Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS), Orujev claimed to have been harassed by and forced to spy for Azerbaijani intelligence because of Mirzoyeva’s ethnic Armenian origin. The 38-year-old told the NSS that he had unsuccessfully sought political asylum in a European state for that reason.

The family lodged a similar application with immigration authorities in Yerevan. quoted the head of Armenia’s State Migration Service (SMS), Gagik Yeganian, as saying on Sunday that the request has been granted.

The five Azerbaijanis have been kept at an undisclosed location in Yerevan. Orujev and Mirzoyeva have avoided any contact with the Armenian media so far.

Azerbaijani news services quoted Orujev’s mother as saying in February that the family was never harassed by the Azerbaijani authorities. She said her son is simply keen to again emigrate to Europe through Armenia.


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    • Dino said:

      ummm, hate to break it to you, but Armenia is already full of Azeri spies. The turks maintain a variety of ways of gleaning intelligence about Armenia. Some Azeri Iranians working in Armenia with their Armenian wives, the azeris even recruit tourists, Russian and Iranian to collect info in Armenia and more specifically Artsakh. After the first gulf war, Pakistanis in America were filming every possible target and shipping the videos back to Pakistan to Saudi funded maddreses for evaluation. Turkish sociology departments conducted “surveys” of Armenians in Armenia about their feelings about turks but that was a ruse so as to recruit Armenians who would be traitors to their nation. Turks recruit bolsahyes to join Armenian organizations and schools in the diaspora to spy for them. The turks have used every means possible to know as much as they can. They have to be on top of their Armenian problem, after all, the murder of a nation is a crime that has no statute of limitations.

  1. GT said:

    Turn an ethnic Armenian away because they came from Azerbaijan? If there is fear of spying, then surveil them heavily, don’t let them work in sensitive jobs, but just letting them live a normal life is not a problem. The idea that Armenia is safe from spies if only Azeri-origin people are kept out is a joke. Have real security measures that are effective, and then you don’t need to be scared of ordinary people.

  2. said:

    “Orujev and Mirzoyeva have avoided any contact with the Armenian media so far.”

    I’ll translate this sentence for you from the State Department’s speak:

    “So far the State Department controlled media assets in Armenia were unable to twist this story to hurt Armenia.”

    Interviews with the Orujevs are published in Armenian media just fine:

  3. Z said:

    go to war with them, sacrifice lives for the armenian nation, then start letting them back in , so the wars can restart again, same story for 800 years !

  4. Ara said:

    He is azer-turk, his wife is armenian and they have three kids- three more azeri turks! Now they have been given asylum in Armenia. Why don’t you send them back to Azerbaijan? That traitor who has married an turk is NOT armenian anymore!
    You will soon there will be ten families – as it was Before. One moslim family becomes ten within 10 years and 40 families within 20 years and so on

  5. aram said:

    What is an Armenian? What percent of our DNA? or is it just DNA?
    We sure have many PURE Armenians among us……..

  6. Sarkis said:

    While I personally dislike Azeris and race-mixing, I am not without sympathy here. Ethnic Armenians are targeted for murder in Azeribaijan, and the killers are presented as Azeri National Heroes. The EU countries allow non-stop Muslim immigration into their lands, but they could not make an exception for this family that faces serious danger in Azerbaijan because of their ethnic identity? I bet in the time that Norway deported this family, several thousand Turkish, Azeri and Muslim immigrants were welcome in Norway. Bloody hypocrites. Once again Armenia proves that Armenian policies regarding human rights and human dignity, and respect for refugees is light-years ahead of the big-talking, empty words that come out of the west… Yet these are the same worthless governments that are always preaching to nations like Armenia and Russia about “democracy” and other nonsense.

    I am certain that the Armenian National Security Services will be watching these people every second of every day, in every activity they engage in, so there is nothing to fear from this family. Luckily this type of situation is rare and the number of similar families are low, and does not present too much of a headache for Armenia.

    To the people here worried about spies in Armenia, there are several thousand NGOs and western-funded provocateurs running around Armenia and working towards riots and regime change. Where is your patriotic outrage and concern about those traitors? Shant Harutunyan, Jirair Sefilyan, Alik Arzumanian, Paruyr Hayrikyan and dozens of others pose a greater danger to Armenia than a single half-Azeri family.

  7. zarkim said:

    They are welcome to stay or go anywhere they like. All peaceful Azerbaijanis are welcome to come to Armenia.

  8. Josef said:

    Azerbaijan is a fake country built by communist Stalin the international world need to understand the truth read any history book from the four corners of the world and you will never see or read of any country called Azerbaijan before 1918. Azerbaijan is not even a Turilic word it is Persian which means “land of fire” in Farsi!
    It was a state of old Persia .So how can they call it a nations? Can California be a nation? Reading is a good think teaches you what true history is.

  9. Vrezh said:

    I got brothers on the borders defending our country, so if this is a start of a peaceful ending to this conflict then let it be