Armenian Officials Criticize Turkey over Kessab Attack

A Turkish fighter of the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, bearing the flag of Al-Qaeda on his jacket (center), holds position with fellow fighters in the the southern outskirts of Aleppo (Photo: AFP)

Turkey denies complicity in attacks on Armenian-populated town

VIENNA—Turkey has angrily rejected Armenia’s claims that it is harboring Al-Qaeda-linked militants that captured an Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria and caused its residents to flee their homes two weeks ago.

Members of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front were reportedly among Islamist rebels that drove Syrian government troops out of Kessab on March 23. The battle displaced about 2,000 local Armenians, virtually the entire population of the town close to the Turkish border. They are now facing an uncertain future.

Arman Kirakosian, the Armenian ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, blamed Turkey for the attack at a March 27 meeting of the OSCE’s governing body in Vienna. Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian echoed this accusation in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent the following day.

“All the available evidence and geographic location of Kessab, beyond reasonable doubt suggest that the late attacks were carried out by Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups across the border from the territory of neighboring Turkey,” wrote Nalbandian.

Official Ankara denied those claims as a “shameful slander.” “Our Permanent Representative [to the OSCE,] replying to demonstrate the unfoundedness of these allegations, emphasized Turkey’s continuing aid to civilians affected by the war in Syria and underlining that Turkey was the country most afflicted by terrorism stemming from Syria,” a Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement released on Sunday.

The official pointed to May 2013 car bomb attacks in a Turkish town close to the Syrian border that left 51 people dead and some 140 others injured. He said the bombings were the work of Syria’s ruling regime. The latter has repeatedly accused the Turkish state of providing military and logistical support to the rebels.


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  1. Ararat said:

    The filthy and lying racist Turkish leaders are behind this for sure. Their voices were recorded planning and facilitating the attack and now to avoid embarrassment and accountability they are lying to save face like they always do. The Turkish leaders, the three stooges Erdogan-Gul-Davutoglu in particular, are despicable characters with racist Turkic and Islamic mentality hidden under their fake western suits and ties, along with their western friends and the United States in particular, have their own secret agenda over the region and I have no doubt they planned these attacks together. That’s why the US never publicly condemns Turkey because to condemn Turkey would also mean pointing fingers at itself. It seems the US still has not learned a lesson from its similar involvement in Afghanistan some thirty plus years ago by arming the infidel Taliban to kick the Soviets out and then having to fight the Taliban itself for the last fifteen years.

    Also, Kessab is primarily inhabited by the Armenians and the Alawites loyal to Assad regime and impossible for the devil-worshiping and infidel Al-Qaeda and its affiliates to infiltrate into Syria from the Turkish border without help from Turkey and without full knowledge of the two-faced and opportunistic Turkish scums. What is truly disgusting is the fact that the Turkish scums planned this attack knowing in advance the attack will primarily affect the Armenians and now, like poisonous snakes, are offering to help the very same Armenians they helped to uproot from their homes. What a disgusting imbeciles some of these Turks are indeed!

    • H. Boghossian said:

      In all fairness, when using the term “infidels”, you must include the Soviets into the equation.

      • Ararat said:

        The Soviets were atheists who deny the existence of a supreme being. Unlike the Soviets, the Muslims do believe in a supreme being but not the one acknowledged by the Christians. Therefore, as we Christians are considered unbelievers to the Muslims, so are they to us and this is the definition of an infidel which is different from an atheist.

        Furthermore, a true religion does not advocate the physical destruction and killings of those who believe in a different religion but, at the core, Islam not only advocates such a mentality against non-Muslims but it also does so against Muslim apostates, those who choose to leave Islam for a different religion or none at all. In fact, this type of fascistic and militaristic ideology can hardly be classified as a religion.

  2. masis chalabian said:

    why armenia dont invade istanbu,astana,baku,ashgabat,bishkekl cities against turkic world stop killing armenians in kassab ?

  3. Budrig said:

    Lets just look at the basic facts. Turkey is allowing an invasion of another country from its soil. It seems reasonable to hold Turkey accountable for allowing this.

    US backs Turkey. Hence NATO backs Turkey. As long as Armenians live in an Arab country we are at risk. This is a street fight. How do you back a bully down, you take it to a level 10. Which means, Armenia need to defend Armenians in Syria and we as Armenians need to support Armenia. No matter were we live. We as Armenians should have zero trust towards the TURKS no excuse.

    The bigger picture is that this is a battle between the US and Russia. Turkey is using this opportunity to strike at Armenians. Armenia does not have the support from the Russians to defend Armenians in Kessab. Trust no one, except your own. There has to come a time were enough is enough.

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