Boehner Cozies Up to Turks, Says House Won’t Pass Genocide Bill

Speaker Boehner meets with Cicek in Ankara

ANKARA—The Speaker of House John Boehner paid a surprise visit to the Turkish capital Tuesday and assured Turkish leaders that Congress has no intentions of passing a pending resolution urging Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

According to Today’s Zaman, while in Turkey, Boehner met with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek.

“The issue about Armenians comes up from time to time, but don’t worry! Our Congress will not get involved in this issue. We don’t write history, we are not historians,” Boehner told reporters after his meeting with Cemil Cicek, reported Hurriyet Daily News.

Boehner said bilateral ties between the two countries should be enhanced, and that the U.S. was grateful for Turkey’s support on issues in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, adding that further cooperation between the two countries could still be developed in trade

Cicek described the Armenia issue as defamation against Turkey as well as a major burden in US-Turkey relations. He also claimed that Turkey is ready to face its history, yet if legislatures make decisions on historical issues, it may hamper bilateral relations between the countries involved.

On April 10th, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, in a vote of 12-5, adopted a resolution calling on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.


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  1. Janine said:

    Actually these words don’t sound accurate to me. Pretty crude quotation. Is Boehner really that dumb?

  2. Tony said:

    It seems, of course, in my view,
    there must be some kind of Green notes involved with The Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s visit to Ankara. Probably, some kind of Turkish donations to an Entity/a corporation that is related to Mr. Boehner.
    He must be against passing the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the House.
    Talking about human rights? Where he stands?
    Of course, on the side, who pays him most: The Turkish Government.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    I am from Cinti,Ohio….This clown has always been a Zero,should have been a shoe clerk..We should investigate his bank acct..He has a FOR SALE sign on his back,always ..I am truly embarrassed of my home town for letting a bum like this to prevail

  4. jack said:


  5. Sarkis said:

    Does this news surprise any Armenians? It really shouldn’t, we’ve seen a thousand times already that as between Turkey and Armenia, or Azerbaijan and Armenia, or Islamic Terrorists in Syria and Armenians in Kessab, the US will ALWAYS choose the Turks and sacrifice the Armenians. It doesn’t matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of the US, nor does it matter whether the AKP or CHP are in charge in Ankara, nor would it matter whether Serj Sargsyan or Raffi Hovannisian were in charge in Yerevan.

    We Armenians are lucky that Armenia is secure under Russian protection, and the harm caused to Armenians through American treachery is limited to “non-recognition” of the Armenian Genocide. Without Russia in the Caucasus, the Turks would invade Armenia in a heartbeat, and we’d witness a similar disgusting spectacle such as this except the Americans would be promising not to “interfere” in Turkey’s “Armenia operations” rather than merely promising the Turks that America will fight against Genocide recognition.

    Speaking of Russia, Armenian “democracy activists” in Yerevan and in the diaspora are ready to protest against Russia at a moments notice. But here we have a case of the US fighting against the democratic will of its own Armenian citizens to have the Armenian Genocide recognized, and NOT A SINGLE Armenian “NGO” will organize a protest in front of the US embassy. Had a low level Russian official even held a five minute meeting with a Turkish diplomat, the controlled media would have been screaming bloody murder about “Russia betrays Armenia”, “Russia selling Armenia to turks” and “Russia wants Armenia without Armenians”, and we’d have self-styled, western-trained “Armenians” telling us how imperative it is that we limit Russia’s presence within Armenia. When the US openly declares its unconditional support for Turkey against Armenia, those same “Armenians” make empty statements about “gee, we just want deeper economic and social relations between Armenia and the US, there can’t possibly be any harm in that…”

  6. GB said:

    So, Armenian Genocide victims and their survivors, once again become a political soccer ball between these two immoral “master and slave” counties. April 24 is a day, that Turkish demoralized leaders will sign a blank cheque for their owners!

  7. Robert said:

    Well… big surprise here. This is a near perfect example of the blatant hypocrisy on the part of some US politicians to the point of absurdity. To quote Mr. Boehner, “The issue about Armenians comes up from time to time, but don’t worry! Our Congress will not get involved in this issue.” Maybe he should go on to say, “Don’t worry… we are a bunch of ignorant Americans that hardly know are own history, so hey… oh… that pesky Armenian issue… 1.5 million people killed… say what?” I don’t usually come down on politicians this hard, but really… how on earth did this guy get elected. I mean the guy is has supervised one of the worst congresses in the history of the US. Oh… but there I go again with the history… as this guy does not want to be bothered by the historical facts. I will end this rant buy asking the question, how long will some US politicians continue to kiss the feet of the Turks. Oh yes… Effendi… let me kiss your boots. It’s absolutely disgusting!

  8. Dino said:

    Mr. Boner, A surprise visit ha? I guess it was an opportune time to go to Ankara and pick up a check for the 2014 elections since the senate foreign relations committee voted on an Armenian Genocide bill. Of course you really didn’t pick up a check, the check will go to a super pac, anonymously, in the millions. Thank god for the citizens united supreme court ruling. Mr. Boner, I must remind you that it is illegal to solicit campaign funds from other countries especially for super pacs. It’s a big no no. You don’t care because who’s to know? This is the problem with present campaign finance law. I suppose this check covers stopping Armenian Genocide recognition in 2015 on the 100th anniversary. You must have been a student of Denny Hastert.

  9. Josef said:

    Maybe he is trying to get back some of our tax money we give to Turkey these people will sell there mothers for money I’m not surprised!

  10. Svetlana Swanson said:

    Turks will remain Turks.
    Corrupt politicians will remain corrupt politicians!

  11. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    Another blackmail @work.Boehner caves in to turkish threat “that the #Armenian Genocide bill will adversely affect bilateral relations” a clear threat to Washington.Washington abandons the championships and ethical leadership of the world.A very sad day for USA !

  12. Danoog said:

    And don’t worry, effendi, the truth of the matter is not important!! We US politicians are nothing but cheap whores, so no worries.!!

  13. H. Boghossian said:

    Republican Party, Democrat Party , Libertarian Party , Constitution Party, Green Party, Green Party, America First Party, American Conservative Party, American Freedom Party, American Populist Party, America’s Party, Christian Liberty Party, Citizens Party of the United States, Communist Party US
    Freedom Socialist Party, Independent American Party, Justice Party, Modern Whig Party, Objectivist
    Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peace and Freedom Party, Pirate Party, Prohibition Party, Reform Party of the United States of America, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Workers Party, United States Marijuana Party, United States Pacifist Party, Unity Party of America, Workers World Party, Independent OR the Mickey Mouse Party, nothing is ever going to make a difference to the AMERICAN & WORLD INTEREST PARTY!

    We must wake up from our cultural coma and realize that NO one is going to help us. Forget it. Go help yourself if it is that important. No one in this world has the time, patience or interest in helping us. We must either move on or help ourselves. Forget asking for help or sympathy from the US. UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, Syria, China, Somalia, Nigeria or even God him/her/it self. Nothing has changed in the last 100 years and nothing will ever change. If we want change, we must take a look at Jewish history. The Jews helped themselves to gain recognition and create the state of Israel. They received help only after securing respect in their host countries. If we can not learn and follow their example, then we’re doomed to extinction though the slow process of the so-called White Genocide.

  14. Aram said:

    Boehner is a politician as most other politicians including Obama, they flow with the wind with no direction.

  15. Shant Melkonian said:

    Boehner is a Hedouyk-kissing coward! The USA is run by weasels… They are replaces with a new set of coward weasels every 4 or 8 years!

  16. Artin said:

    Nothing new on Bohners statements. Every year is the same merry go around about this resolution or that resolution to be passed, and in the end nothing happens. The day may come when things turn around, one must not lose hope, neither be overwhelmed with high expectations.

    • Vahe said:

      The key to the recognition of Armenian Genocide is not only in hands of America. Armenia with support of diaspora should make it open legal claim in the Hague Tribunal.

  17. GeorgeMardig said:

    ……Boehner said ……. U.S. was grateful for Turkey’s support on issues in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, ….. The price to betray American cor values, Armenia and Armenians, WHAT A SHAME, we shouldn’t condemn Judas of galilee for selling Jesus for 30 silver coins, if today the US acts like Judas.

  18. john said:

    Mr Boehner, why do you support a dictator who is ultra corrupt, anti democratic, lies, and spreads hatred?

  19. Garo Yeghichian said:

    You can not imagin for a person like Mr. John Boehner to act and say that because US was gratful for Turky`s support in Siria.Irak and Afghanistan.OUR CONGRESS WILL NOT INVOLVED IN THIS ISSUE

    • Vahe said:

      For over 90 years America is denying the fact and how naïve you are to think otherwise , or you are one of those “Americans” who are willing to forget the Genocide for just being a “Good citizen”?

  20. Mabuballah said:

    Interesting. Graphic, even! Next time I get a call from the RNC, the RNCC, RNSC, or the College Republicans I will mention this: not a dime for any of the above until Boehner is out … way out! Boghossian is right and ANCA (above all!) should listen: all of the political parties are there for a party (at our expense) and amount to nothing more than the “Mickey Mouse Party”. Boehner is right about one thing, though: “‘We don’t write history, we are not historians'”. To this he might have added, “We make it up as we go along”, just like with the selection of laws that we choose to enforce. I nominate the Speaker as Model Citizen of the State (See Rifat Bali.).

  21. Mardiros said:

    This is another example that we the Armenians, almost a century after the Genocide, rely on politicians to
    achieve a recognition of our just cause. The objective of the Genocide committed by Ottoman Turks was to exterminate the Armenian nation.The only means for survival of Armenians in the Diaspora is by educating our next generations with Armenian education provided by Armenian schools.

  22. Vahe said:

    We as Armenian American should protest administration’s / congress’ policy by rallying on front of all u.s. embassies , condemning u.s. government’s denial policies which in deed is a partnership with turks in Armenian Genocide.
    Boehner , traditional political parties, Obama are guilty of crimes orchestrated in Syria through turks which have ended again with Armenians blood shed , tens of thousands Armenian again being driven out from their homes in Kesab, Aleppo, Damascus and a whole generation of Syrian Armenian youths future , education , livelihood being destroyed .
    Boehner/Obama’s maneuver from Armenian Genocide makes them partner in crime and must be punished by the same standard of America.