Heffern Expects Change in US Position on Genocide

Ambassador John Heffern browses the exhibit at the Armenian Genocide Muesum and Institute on Monday

YEREVAN—The US Ambassador to Armenia on Monday said he expected a change in the United States’ position on the Armenian Genocide, reported Tert.am.

Speaking at a conference on the subject organized by the Armenian Genocide Museum and Institute, Heffern said that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are expected to make “strong” statements.

“The president will make a statement on April 24 this year. Secretary Kerry as well. And that will be very strong,” the diplomat said, adding that the US officials are very well aware of the events and will decide for themselves what kind of statement to make.

Heffern said that the statement will recognize that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred, adding, however, that he cannot say what word the President will use in the statement.

The event, entitled “The Caucasian Frontline of the First World War: Genocide, Refugees and Humanitarian Assistance” was hosted at the National Academy of Sciences upon the initiative of the Armenian Genocide Museum and Institute.

The ambassador also explained the reason for his presence at the conference. “What [the museum’s director] Hayk Demoyan and the museum do is to support and educate the people on the events. That’s why I am here,” he told reporters.


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  1. AraK said:

    I doubt they will use the forbidden word “Genocide”. I wonder what they try to make us swallow this time…
    As long as they have an air base in Incirlik nothing will change. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Of course he “predicts” a change in the State department’s tune, Armenia and Armenians after 20 years of NATO/EU/US BS are tired of constant complacency, ambiguous stances, and political bait and switch tactics against legitimate regional concerns. Let’s recap: Nagorno Karabagh war, Azeri’s backed by Turkey a pawn of NATO, Armenian soldiers beheading at a NATO officer program largely dealt with indifference and later blatant complacency in allowing the murderer to be set free with impunity, American/Israeli aid in denial of Genocide claims, British/EU complacency in constant line of contact violation so that BP can siphon fossil fuels out of Azeribaijan. Javakh issue completely ignored in the face of gross violation by the Sakashvilli junta.

    So yeah, good job Armenia for making the smart move, strategic alliance with Russia, CU, and Eurasian Union will provide more localized gains, while giving Armenia more regional opportunities. The State department sees the writing on the wall and is again playing that age old duduk tune of “come back Armenia, we will do more on the AG”, hopefully the choban imbeciles in the Diaspora have learned their lessons and won’t be mesmerized by the US piper playing the “Recognize Genocide” tune.

    • Arax said:

      Armenin government try the best to be part of Eu after sept 3, But europe did not accept Armenia any more. Regarding CU , is a turkish Ismaic union that Armenia does not fit on that

  3. Berge Jololian said:

    Do not hold your breath! The US State Department along with the British foreign policy (an extension of British Petroleum) will maintain a hostile posture towards Armenia.

    It is irrelevant what Obama says about the Armenian Genocide (he will notch it up a little, but will never call it what it is: “Genocide”.

    Genocide Acknowledgment without Accountability is hollow and meaningless. Turkey must stand accountable for the crime of genocide. Accountability is land, reparation and restitution.

    Acknowledgment must have the element of accountability. Otherwise, it is worse than denial, hollow and meaningless.

  4. David Davis said:

    Maybe, after 99 years the American leadership will finally state…
    That the American ideal of human rights for all who live on this planet, is more important than catering to a country that continues to defend and deny the wrongdoing of dead officials of the past.

  5. Sarkis said:

    The US government must really have a very low opinion on Armenians to keep pulling this stunt. Every time they calculate that they can take advantage in Yerevan to win a more favorable position where they can push an anti-Russian agenda, or every time they calculate that they can effectively pressure their NATO brothers in Ankara, the US government begins teasing about “recognizing” or “changing its position” on the Armenian Genocide. Of course it is hard to blame the US given the way Armenian-Americans care more for “official recognition” than they do about US support of Turkey through NATO (ie like the fact that the US just embarked on a three year project to upgrade American nukes based in Turkey); or end western and Israeli weapons sales and training to Azerbaijan (unlike Moscow the west’s arms sales to the region do not factor in maintaining the military balance in Armenia’s favor); or even about western trained, funded, armed and supported terrorists committing massacres in Kessab and the rest of Syria.

    I hope that over the last 23+ years Armenian-Americans have learned that the United States government refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide because it cares more about its NATO-alliance with Turkey and its oil and gas interests in Azerbaijan than it does about lofty ideals like democracy, human rights, international law, or justice for the Armenian Genocide or other war crimes.

    Take a close look at America’s closest international allies (Britain, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Arab puppet dictators in the Middle East, Islamic terrorists in Syria, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Central Asia, the North and South Caucasus, etc., and Neo-Nazi losers in Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe) and it becomes apparent that not only is America completely unconcerned about Armenia and Armenian issues, but that “recognition” from these war criminals is completely worthless but also oxymoronic.

    • Hratch said:

      The same can also be said about Russia and its support of Armenia. Today’s Russian interests dictate support for Armenia, but a day will come when Russia moves on. Their short term goal of regional domination will eventually expand further, and in which case will also change their interests. Therefore, the only viable solution is to have a strong and independent Armenia, and if that is not possible, well then we’ll just have to chalk it up as evolution….the survival of the fittest race.

      • Sarkis said:

        Russia’s interests will coincide with Armenia’s for a very long time. Until the Turks, Azeris and North Caucasian Muslims are removed, Russia and Armenia will have no choice but to remain allies. “Forever” may be an exaggeration, but the common threats which unite Russia and Armenia will be around for a century or two, at the very least.

        And while we’re at it, from the Crimean War to the Cold War, the west’s interests in using Turkey against its Russian rival has remained unchanged for several centuries. Armenia has no choice in the matter, it must pick and exploit a side.

        • Norin Radd said:

          Hello Arax,

          U.S.-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-Egypt-Qatar-UAE-Syria weapons trade has been in the tens of billions spanning 60 decades amidst no only tensions between the Muslim world and Israel, but amidst many active war between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

          So yeah, welcome to “Real Poliitik” in the 20/21st century and the global arms trade that spans a market worth Trillions of dollars. Not Russia, nor the USA, both big arms dealers will stop doing “business” for the sake of any allies. Such are the rules of today, please stop whining and accept it.

          What you fail to understand is the difference between “doing business” vs “strategic relationship”.


    Don’t hold your breath – this will be a big lie from OBAMA and a lot of BS.

  7. herayer said:

    i wonder how much time the state department spent on trying to use the proper words to keep turkey happy and try to deceive the Armenian people what a sick statement UNIQUE ANNOUNCEMENT DO THEY REMEMBER WHAT THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR TO TURKEY HENRY MORGANTHEAU CALLED IT RACE EXTERMINATION!!! WHICH MEANS GENOCIDE. WE ARE SICK OF YOUR HIPOCRACY YOU ARE AFRAID TO SAY THE GENOCIDE