Glendale’s Voters Won’t Be Fooled

ANCA Glendale

In the 2013 Glendale City Council elections, the Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale (ANCA – Glendale) endorsed 3 individuals for the 3 open seats on the City Council to improve their chances of winning.

Although all 3 endorsed candidates promised to urge their followers to “vote for 3” and to not engage in negative campaigning, Chahe Keuroghelian broke his promise and tried to mislead Armenian-American voters to vote only for him by claiming that the other two had already secured a victory.

Unfortunately, Chahe Keuroghelian’s distortions continued after the April 2013 elections. His efforts to mislead the voters, make baseless claims, and insult or threaten individuals who disagree with him have resulted in the withdrawal of support from the ANCA – Glendale and many others who supported him in the past.

During these past 10 months, Chahe Keuroghelian’s obsession with getting elected reached new heights. Instead of learning from his own shortcomings, Chahe Keuroghelian continued to blame others for his failure to be elected on 6 prior attempts (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013).

Instead of cooperating with the ANCA – Glendale and others on issues of concern to Glendale’s residents, Chahe Keuroghelian devoted his energy and financial resources to promoting himself and seeking election in 2014.

When critical issues came in front of the City Council in the summer and fall of 2013 as well as earlier this year, Chahe Keuroghelian was on TV flaunting Councilman Dave Weaver’s endorsement. He was parading Councilman Weaver on his paid TV program to advance false claims against another elected Armenian-American city official instead of devoting expensive cable TV time to urging Councilman Weaver and others to vote against electric rate increases or in favor of affordable housing for Glendale residents.
Chahe Keuroghelian has resorted to the lowest level of negative campaigning by claiming that the ANCA and other Armenian organizations do not represent Armenian concerns and interests in Sacramento, Washington, D.C., Europe, and the Middle East.

The ANCA’s leadership and grassroots activism have produced tangible results at the national, state, and municipal levels of government. The ANCA’s call for action regarding Kessab galvanized public opinion against the Turkish support for this aggression on an Armenian region tracing its origin to the days of the Kingdom of Cilicia.

Chahe Keuroghelian’s allegations do nothing to advance the Armenian Cause. On the contrary, his attempts to belittle and dismiss the progress we have made on the diplomatic front only help our opponents in Ankara and Baku.

Chahe Keuroghelian’s assertion that voters have been fooled into voting for the wrong individuals is disrespectful. Perhaps, Chahe Keuroghelian makes these claims because he really believes voters can be fooled into voting against what is in their best interest. If he truly believes what he is saying on television, he is out of touch with the people he wants to represent.

An overwhelming number of Glendale’s Armenian American voters have demonstrated that they are savvy voters who will not be fooled by false prophets. Glendale’s Armenian American voters want a representative who helps build on the progress that has been achieved. We want a representative who will work with Armenian as well as non-Armenian organizations and individuals to make Glendale a safer city with equal opportunities and affordable housing.


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