Erdogan Under Fire for ‘Anti-Armenian Slur’

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a campaign rally

“…they said even uglier things: They called me an Armenian!” Erdogan says of his opposition.

ISTANBUL (Agence France Presse)—Turkish Prime Minister — and presidential hopeful — Recep Tayyip Erdogan sparked an outcry Wednesday after using what critics said was a racist slur against Armenians in a television interview.

During a live interview on the private NTV channel late Tuesday, Erdogan complained that the opposition was carrying out a smear campaign against him by claiming that he was from another ethnic origin.

“They called me a Georgian. Pardon me for saying this, but they said even uglier things: They called me an Armenian!” Erdogan said.

“As far as I have learned from my father and grandfather, I am a Turk,” he added.

His comment that it was ugly to be called an Armenian drew anger on social media, further inflaming tensions days ahead of Sunday’s presidential election where Erdogan is hot favorite to become head of state.

“Excuse me, but please go and become the president of another country,” wrote prominent Turkish-Armenian columnist Hayko Bagdat in an angry response to Erdogan.

Melda Onur, a lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), asked: “Is there any ethnic group who could escape Erdogan’s hate speech?”

Critics accused Erdogan of playing the sectarian and the ethnic card in the run-up to the presidential elections.

“Is it ugly to be an Armenian or is it a shame? Please explain now!” demanded Nevsin Mengu, an anchorwoman at the private CNN-Turk television.

Turkey’s Armenian minority — the remnants of a much greater community that lived during the Ottoman Empire — numbers around 70,000 people, most of them living in Istanbul.

They often complain of being considered second-class citizens in a country where “Armenian” is often considered a curse.


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  1. Jazmin said:

    Erdogan can only wish to be an Armenian, but instead he is a filthy mut remnant of Gengis Khan.

  2. purearmenian said:

    This guy is a evil, pure evil. I hope he doesn’t get elected as a president. if he is elected the Armenians should leave turkey for another country.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Armenian should stay in Turkey to make Erdogan’s life miserable.

  3. Harutuyn said:

    You wish you were Armenian look at you now you dirty piss of side walk.
    funny this guy doesnt wanne admit that he can not prove that he is a turk because from what people are saying 9 months before he was born his mom was on vacation elsewere so you do the math.

  4. krikor said:

    Where is the Government of Armenia? Why aren’t they protesting? This is a proof to how the Genocidal mentality of Turkish political, religious, and military elites is still live and kicking. This is exactly why the Genocide should be recognized. Otherwise, with the mentality and motives still there, it could happen again. Armenians must raise hell!

  5. hidi said:

    **** Why any Armenian lives in an enemy and hostile country like Turkey to begin with…, are they crazy..? it is so puzzling to me., they should liquidate there assets and get out of that nasty country. never forget that Turks are responsible for the first genocide of the 20th century and stealing huge chunk of Armenian land.
    Just a bout 99% of Turks are Muslim fundamentalist in closet.,and Erdogan is the head of the Turkish donkey barn.!!!

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      Armenian’s should live on their land, remember 1/4th of Turkey belongs to Armenians

  6. Stepan said:

    He is a turk 100%, there is not an ounce of ancient Armenian blood in the veins of this racist genetically mixed up turk. In nations like Iran, and European nations Armenians are considered the most cultured and civiliazed, only in Turkey and Azerbaijan do they use the term Ermeni as a curse, and that is because their history of mass killings of Armenians to exterminate us from our lands and destroy all evidence of our culture we are always labelled as the “ungratefull ones” or the “disloyal ones” and in case of azeris they openly write in their books that Armenians are Gypsy’s. Ignorance does not have any days of in Turkey, it is a sea and Erdogan rides it like a pro surfer.. He represents his nation well

  7. setrak kassabian said:

    Dear Mr.Erdogan

    It could be worst mate! somebody my call you a half cast between a Jew and an Armenian the ultimate of insults!!!!!!!!!

  8. vartan said:


  9. light said:

    hey erdogan the DONKY of nato and uncvilised and backward savage bunch of thieves barbaric
    people watch your filty language
    the biggest DONKY and the leader of DONKIES in the cosmic creation

  10. GeorgeMardig said:

    Erdogan’s problem is that Armenians are his bell of concious, he can’t live with the truth, his ego surpasses his ability to control himself, nor can accept the truth an confront it.

  11. Hagop Varoujian said:

    Erdogan, Armenian? God forbid! As for his comment about being called an Armenian, any decent human being would have taken it as a compliment. Of course this creature has no such credentials! Regretfully the overwhelming majority of his people are in total agreement with him and vile comments lunged at ethnic minorities will unfortunately gain him more votes.

    • Adnan said:

      Well a majority of my relatives will pick Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, so you are wrong actually.

  12. Ani said:

    It’s been a while since he’s look at himself in the mirror. He gives a new meaning to the word monkey’s ASS.

  13. Armenian said:

    As disgusting as he is, this man might be a blessing in disguise. Turkey’s relations have soured with millions of people, and the more he offends others, the better it is for us.

  14. Hratch said:

    People, why don’t anyone of you comment on the other Turks who spoke out against Erdogan? Hate with hate will not achieve anything. We have to be more savvy and simply ignore Erdogan’s words. We’re always giving too much credit to anyone willing to say anything against the Armenians. Our focus will be better served by reaching out to the moderates in Turkey.

  15. eastofwest said:

    Last week this guy was crying about Israeli racism before a crowd in Van, and now this. What a hypocrite. The worst thing is that in Turkey he is not considered extreme, but quite liberal. Says alot about Turkish society.

  16. GB said:

    Turkic herds deserved to have an “Ishak” like Rajab Oghloo, as their herd leader!