Putin Meets with Aliyev, Sarkisian

Presidents Serzh Sarkisian and Vladimir Putin hold talks in Sochi Saturday (Official Photo)
A three way meeting of presidents is scheduled for Sunday

SOCHI–Russian President Vladimir Putin held separate meeting on Saturday with is Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts at Bosharov Ruchey, the presidential residence in this port city. Among the topics discussed according to reports from all sides was the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, over which a tripartite presidential meeting is expected Sunday.

“We do not exclude that the three-party meeting will be held tomorrow [Sunday] afternoon,” Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.
Peskov told journalists.

The spokesman added that the three country leaders were expected to attend a sambo competition in Sochi.

Commenting on the current situation in Nagorno-Karabakh region, Peskov noted that all parties were deeply concerned about it.

“All parties express concerns regarding the increasing tensions, in connection with the incidents that have taken place over the past days and have led to numerous casualties. The situation is indeed turbulent and unstable. the efforts are being taken now in order to reverse it, to prevent this situation from turning into what we discussed,” Peskov said.

The tensions mounting in the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border were discussed by the President Serzh Sarkisian and Putin. The two also held discussions about Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union and other bi-lateral concerns, according to the presidential press service.

“Vladimir Putin met with Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian in Sochi. The leaders of the two countries discussed Armenian-Russian relations in various areas as well as ways to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” said a statement by the Kremklin Saturday.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev meets with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Saturday (official photo)

“Our relations are developing, and they are on the rise,” said Putin during his meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who also praised Baku-Moscow relations as positive and committed to “decisively grow the collaboration potential.”

Armenian Presidential spokesperson Narek Nikoghosyan announced about the Sunday meeting of the presidents on his Facbook page.

“Azerbaijan’s Aliyev will have to explain the logic behind his country’s military adventures and racist rhetoric,” Nikoghosyan added..

Aliyev’s deputy chief of staff Novruz Mammadov confirmed the Sunday meeting on his Twitter page.

Neither president elaborated on the specifics of the discussion about Karabakh and the growing instability there.

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  1. missak said:

    Look carefully at Aliyev’s hands…I can see the blood of an innocent civilian, Karen Petrosyan.

  2. ed said:

    Today the racist regime in Baku is in a dead lock and ready to any provocation and criminal actions . The regime in Baku even could commit act of sabotage against there own country and balm Armenians for this and that!

    Armenia and Karabakh should be very careful while answeing the provocative statements of fascist Azerbaijan and Turkish officials, since Baku and Ankara have a couple high paid corrupt so called journalists ” and so called “hidden politician sources” ready to abuse the statement of Armenian officials !

    I would suggest that Armenian officials and Karabakh to not issue any specific threats regarding possible targets, but that Armenia and Karabakh are ready to fight fight and destroy the aggressor !

  3. Zareh said:

    I don’t like our president’s body language compared to Sheikh Aliev. Aliev feels more comfortable and Sarkissian more somber and discontent.
    Tomorrow will know what this stupid meeting is all about.
    Let us see who is going to blink…

  4. AraK said:

    Not one single coward western country will have the guts to condemn the Azeri barbarism. They all repeat the same word “concern” about the Artsakh-Azerbaidjan situation, and having “friends” like Russia who needs enemies? I hope Armenia will not join Eurasian union. That will be our end.
    “Petromoney” talks.

  5. Mt. Ararat said:

    The foreign policy of US is only for today and tomorrow – that is !

    irresponsible and provocative statements of Ambassador James Warlick as well statement of US Ambassador to Armenian regarding return of territories m and lately the last announcement of Russian foreign minster in Baku , reading Azerbaijan being “startegic ally” of Russia, all these made it for officials in Baku simply very easy to start new provocation and issue new war threats !

    Both US and Russia are ignoring the very simple fact that Ankara and Baku are pursuing a long term pan Turkic plan, and Karabakh is simple for them (for the fascists in Baku and Ankara) nothing but a tool to implement the old pan Turkish plans of 1915 ! Both Ankara and Baku are indeed very thankful for every short term help, which they could get from Russia and US in pursing and implementation of the Pan Turkih

  6. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    With the rise of Islamic terror, Armenia must have closer ties with Russia to protect Armenia.

  7. Hratch said:

    “Our relations are developing, and they are on the rise,” said Putin during his meeting with Azerbaijani President……….

    In other words, Mother Russia is hell bent on having Azerbaijan join the EEU. And in order to fulfil this hegemonic plan, Karabakh must be handed over to them on the Kremlin’s finest silver platter.

    • AR said:

      Nice try. As long as Azerbaijan remains a western stooge they are not going to play ball with Russia.

      • Armenian said:

        Unless Karabagh is brought back into the picture to lure them in, which it will be, then they will happily play ball.

        • GB said:

          Axerbaijan in the eyes of Western world and Russia is registered as an oil rich corrupted Sheikhdom! Russian oligarchs have more influence with corrupted Axerbaijani officials specially with Aliyev Dynasty, than Armenia!