Etchmiadzin, Cilicia Denounce Destruction of Memorial Church by ISIS

A view of the interior of the now-destroyed Armenian Genocide memorial church in Deir ez-Zor

DEIR EZ-ZOR, Syria—The Holy Sees of Etchmiadzin and Cilicia condemned Sunday’s destruction of an Armenian memorial church in Deir ez Zor, Syria, which was built to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide in a part of Syrian where countless Armenians were sent to die in death marches. The church was reportedly destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS), on the day of Armenia’s independence anniversary.

“The destruction of the Church containing the remains of victims of the Armenian Genocide is a disrespectful step towards the Armenian people and the memory of its innocent victims,” a statement from the Mother See of Etchmiadzin said.

“It was an apparent attempt to strike the Armenian people’s just claims of reparation ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“What happened in Deir ez-Zor is an inhumane barbarity, which cannot be justified by any religion or ideology based on religious and humanitarian values,” the Mother See said.

Etchmiadzin urged the international community to condemn the act of vandalism in order to prevent the reoccurrence of similar crimes in the future.

Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia also strongly condemned the Islamic State’s recent terrorist act.

The patriarch said that he was aware that the bombing of the Armenian church was part of a premeditated plot that led also to the destruction of an adjacent museum and complex.

“We view this atrocity, committed in the run-up to the Armenian Genocide centennial and on the 23rd anniversary of Armenia’s independence, as an act of barbarism. Many of those standing behind this plot know that Deir ez-Zor, which symbolizes our martyrs’ memory and our nation’s struggle for justice, will never be destroyed as a sacred place in our nation’s collective memory,” reads his post.

Aram I says he later addressed the violent incident at a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens.

He called upon top government officials and clergymen to strictly condemn the atrocity and attract international attention to the act.


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  1. Michael Sarian said:

    This is a national tragedy for all Armenians worldwide. Deir Ez-Zor is the most horrible name in our history. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Armenians faced their death in this area.The memorial church is the sacred burial place for these victims. Now these so called jihadist destroyed the church and what it stands for. Every Armenian should stand and not only condemn this violent act but ask for justice and demand from the international community to bring them to justice. We should very loudly demand end to this barbaric acts against our people. I am tired hearing and seeing us to be always victims. Enough we are not going to be victims again! Send them to hell.

  2. zarkim said:

    ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    Turkey has recently made a DEAL with the TERRORISTS during their FAKE “”hostage negotiations””. Hours after this DEAL strange things happen: 1)) ISIS threatens Russia, Canada, etc.. and 2)) hundreds of thousands of Kurds run towards Turkish borders. Who else ENTERS or EXITS Turkey is the question????
    The Turkish DEAL with ISIS:
    Turkey has promised ISIS a SAFE entry to turkey and exit to any location they like. AND Turkey has promised ISIS a SAFE HAVEN for their STOLEN assets made from OIL, MONEY and property stolen from looting and ransoms, etc..
    This new development is an act to CONFUSE the rest of the world and an attempt to cover-up ISIS’s movements in Syria, Iraq and Turkey areas.
    AMERICA IS CERTAINLY INVOLVED and this is why they are WAITING before their PRETEND attack on ISIS.
    Mr Obama until now APPEARS to have NO BLOOD in his hands. But now, HE IS VERY MUCH INVOLVED.
    If the DEAL is to forgive ISIS and let them go by living a big gate open for them, then, this is the best plan. Only future will tell.
    TURKEY, using ISIS, has made plenty of money from these lootings (Syria and Iraq). Turkey is able to look after all these displaced Kurds for at least ten years using this STOLEN money. NO ONE SHOULD HELP TURKEY. THEY have stolen and looted their neighbours for years.
    Russia is happy because Turkey SHARES these stolen assets by spending with them.
    Americans are happy because Turkey lets them into their land and waterways.
    This juggling act by Turkey has been going on for a long time. Bubble is going to burst. When??
    Der Zor memorial church has been destroyed by Turkish thugs. ISIS is Turkey.
    Americans try to blame PUTIN for all bad things that happen. This one is certainly America’s DOING.
    Mr Obama has promised that he will get all ISIS terrorists. There is no where they can hide from him. However, Mr Obama only mentions the ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Somehow, he overlooks the ones in TURKEY… ISIS is very active in Turkey.

  3. krikor said:

    First, try to work on moving the remains of the martyrs to Armenia to Tsitsernakaberd and recreate the church there. This sad episode of blowing up the church must also be commemorated to remind armenians and the world the genocide the killing of armenians continue.
    Second, the leaders must write to the pope, AlAzhar (the Sunni Muslim religious institution in Egypt), and to the Sunni Muslim authorities of Saudi Arabia to condemn the incident.
    Third, why no major international media outlet picked up the news? This is shocking! Especially when the 100th anniversary is so close. Is Armenian blood so cheap?

  4. Areg said:

    Blame the Western World for supporting the Genocidal and barbarian Turkey. It was the Western World’s armaments that these savage barbarian Turks used to destroy The Armenian Holy Site in Der Zor.
    Enough of prayers to the Lord. Enough of trusting the Western Word. Trusting the Western Word is our destruction. The Genocidal Turkey has the blessing of the Western World for the elimination of the Armenian Nation.
    Get it in your head. Nail it into your head for the last time. Let it sink into your head for the last time that we must not trust the Western World. Those who rule the Western World from behind the curtains are intent to use these barbarianTurks to conquer the world and Armenia is in their path.
    Enough of applying for green cards. Enough of these lottery fiasco in our beloved country. Enough of this panic of immigration to foreign lands. Enough of falling into the trap of the Western Word and those behind the curtain.
    We will remain strong. We will stop the barbarian and the Genocidal Turk. Wake up Armenians!

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