Artsakh Prime Minister Vows Open Border with Armenia in EEU

Prime Minister of Artsakh, Ara Harutyunyan

STEPANAKERT—Artsakh’s Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan has said that Armenia’s approaching membership in the Eurasian Economic Union is not a reason for separating the two Armenian republics by a customs checkpoint.

“A customs checkpoint between Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia is ruled out. It isn’t possible to have a checkpoint, as that would imply a border control by defense guards, whereas it isn’t technically feasible to maintain control over the scores of roadways which connect Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia,” Ara Harutyunyan told students at Artsakh State University.

The Prime Minister visited the University on Wednesday together with Minister of Education and Science Slava Asryan to meet with students and faculty members.

The meeting, among other things, addressed social issues, including salary policies and possible government plans of raising transport fares.

Addressing the University’s role in the country’s economy, Harutyunyan expressed his dissatisfaction with the graduates’ professional quality. He noted that students majoring in mining industries, telecommunication, energy and agriculture do not have a sufficient level of interest in their field of specialization.


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  1. Avetis said:

    Bravo to the PM of Artsakh. Armenia is a Eurasian nation, genetically, culturally and geographically. Former Soviet territory is where Armenian products are well recognized. The sooner Armenia is incorporated into the Russian-led Eurasian Union, the better. Artsakh is Armenia, Armenia is Artsakh. Once Armenia enters the Eurasian Union Artsakh will defacto be a part of the pact as well, and it will all happen Moscow’s blessings. God bless Mother Russia. God bless our Hayrenik. And may God help protect the centuries old Russo-Armenian alliance from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    • Armenian said:

      “Former Soviet territory is where Armenian products are well recognized.”

      What a terrible argument for self-isolation. It’s an insightful comment, though, as much of the pro-Russia crowd is chained up by their own fear.

  2. mahmouzian said:

    sir I did notice the lack of passion from the students. they just want a job. period .the rest is not that important

  3. Areg said:

    Mr. Harutyunian may God bless you. You are a true leader and you have the support of all Armenians.
    Artsakh is free and independent and part of our blessed Armenia period. Do not beg anyone’s recognition of this Holy Land. Be strong, tall and proud as our mountains. The hell to our enemies.There is only one border and that is the Armenian border.
    Armenians are united more than ever. The Turkish created and blessed ISIS’s recent destruction of our Holy Genocide Memorial in Der Zor was a wake up call to all Armenians and we very well know who is who and who works for who.
    Shame on those dirty hands who are in support of Pan Turkism. Shame on those powers who want to wipe out Armenia and Artsakh. We will stop this Genocidal Turkish movement right on our borders and there will be no more 1915.
    We will not have our blessed soldiers stationed on the imaginary borders of Armenia and Artsakh. This imaginary border does not exist and will not exist. Instead our soldiers will be in front lines stopping the Genocidal Turkey and her dream of Pan Turkism. Artsakh will save Armenia and we Armenians need leaders like you for this great honor.

  4. Janapar said:

    It is agreed that territorial integrity has been and is the cause of many problems in the world. It is also agreed that a re-drawing of the map of the world based on righting wrongs and ethnicity is a recipe for disaster unless handled with care and in the spirit of peace and vision. While it might seem impossible to see a solution in some places, there are other places where the world map can be easily ‘cleaned up’. For Denmark and Canada to waste one minute on who owns Han Island is just insane in today’s world.

    Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabakh is another perfect case that should be used to show the world how it can be done. This land was historically Armenian and today ethnically still is. The border of Azerbaijan should be recognised for the artificial Stalinist creation that it is and the land returned to Armenian control. This is not an attempt to create a Greater Armenia just like the good old days, just a recognition of what is.

    Now you can scream what they all do around the world; this makes one a smaller (less important) country; what if there is oil under there; now they will build big fences and stare over them at “the others”! We can also look to the other side as well; what is poor little Armenia going to do with this huge new chunk of land when it can hardly run what it has now? Yes these are all good questions and I am not trying to gloss over them but these problems are all soluble when the dividend of peace is realised. There is no reason why a predominantly Christian country and a predominantly Muslim country cannot live in peace and help each other prosper. Some day we will not even need those labels. AZ has oil and money to spend. ARM needs oil and its people need jobs.

    1) President ​Aliyev should recognise the facts and choose peace. Redraw the border, spent his money on the people and not weapons. Help western AZ and eastern ARM. Clean up the Caspian. Break to hold of Russia on the post Soviet republics.
    2) If he does not have the courage or vision then the USA and others must institute a regime change and help the world along the road to peace.