Armenians Wounded in Fresh Rocket Attacks on Aleppo

Destruction in Aleppo's Armenian district of Nor Kyugh, after heavy rocket attacks

ALEPPO, Syria—Fresh rocket attacks were launched in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated neighborhood Wednesday, targeting local civilians, reports

Tert’s sources from Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, report that the raids, released by missiles and makeshift rockets, have been very frequent in the Armenian-populated district of Nor Kyugh over the past days.

Local Armenian newspaper, Gandzasar, reported that one makeshift rocket targeted an Armenian community school.

The attack is said to have claimed the life of one Arab resident. Two Armenians, Shahe Shahinian and Avetis Solakian, were wounded.

Their condition is reported to be very serious.


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  1. Norin said:

    Sometimes it takes a grad rocket to the skull to knock some sense into Armenians in the Diaspora and make them realize that a Muslim city named Aleppo is not your homeland. It’s time you lived in Armenia and started putting your roots down in your homeland instead of flocking from foreign nation to foreign nation like a vagabond.

    • Hratch said:

      As the old saying , “Armenians tend to be more Catholic than the Pope himself”. This is an Armenian trait. Low self esteem coupled with utter ignorance makes one worship anything that glitters.

    • Armenian said:

      How can they do that when Armenia’s authorities are encouraging them to leave?

  2. Areg said:

    Again another Turkish supported ISIS attack on Armenians. Who is supporting ISIS? Who has been behind ISIS? Who created ISIS? Where do ISIS weapons come from? Where are these terror group weapons made at?
    Who is supporting the Genocidal Turkish State? When you get the right answers in your head, then you will know who is who. Stop playing dump that you do not know who is who?
    The answers are right there, easy and simple.

  3. zarkim said:

    Thanks to Mr Obama and his US administration and allies these flesh-eating animals are armed with deadly missiles and weapons. These terrorists are all anti American and Israeli groups of people who are now being paid by America and allies including Israel to kill each other and Christians.
    All the atrocities committed by these terrorists are ignored and overlooked by the leaders of US and their allies who now are in cahoots with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations hurting innocent people.

    Obama administration that hated terrorists only few years ago is now silent. These big heroes who would look for any excuse (Even if they had to fabricate one!) to “punish terrorists”, have changed their conviction.

    The recent joint American and allies’ effort in Syria is good news. If Mr Obama patiently continues these
    operations, we will see the end of evil. THEN, Syria will return to what it was BEFORE. What did they (Terrorists) achieve?
    Syria has been a SHELTER to millions of ETHNIC minorities for centuries. Why does anyone want to destroy it? Learn from Syria about MULTICULTURALISM. Syria should be congratulated. Even ISRAELIS used Syria as a safe-heaven. And look at the way THEY show their appreciation!

  4. Shant Davidian said:


    That is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. Sounds like a very socialist idea. Turkey forced out/killed Armenians in Turkey during the genocide, should they have left Turkey to Armenia? Like the Turks wanted? Or should jews should have left Germany? There is little opportunity in Armenia to flock to… People leave for opportunity… Good thing we spread out as it insured survival to the race..