National Archive Chief Says Enough Documents to Bring Turkey to Court

Director of Armenia's National Archive Amatuni Virabian

YEREVAN (Mediamax)—Director of Armenia’s National Archive Amatuni Virabian said Thursday that there are enough necessary documents on the Armenian Genocide in the archive to initiate an international court trial against Turkey.

Ahead of the Armenian Genocide centennial, the National Archive is going to publish collections on Armenia’s material and cultural losses over the Genocide years, Mediamax reports.

“We are willing to publish in the upcoming years all the documents on the Genocide preserved in the archive. It will be a few years’ work,” said the Director of the Archive.

In 2015, the Archive will also publish a collection of documentary materials on the property owned by the Armenian Church, including Western Armenian churches.

“We have a large number of documents on the ownership of our churches even in the Ottoman Turkish language. Now we aim to translate them into Armenian or English,” said Virabian.

According to him, work on creating an e-vault of names of Armenian Genocide victims is underway. “I don’t think we will be able to collect the names of 1.5 million victims. A long time has passed and we just started the work. But I think we will be able to publish around 300 thousand names. Presently, the Archive preserves files of around 30 thousand Armenian orphans whose murdered parents’ names are known,” said Virabian.

Ahead of 2015, the Archive will also start another project presenting stories of 100 Armenians who survived the Genocide, found refuge abroad and became recognized figures in culture, science or business.

The Armenian National Archive has prepared a Russian book titled “The Participation of Armenians in the First World War,” which was published in Moscow. A three-volume publication titled “The Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey” has also been released. The first volume has already been translated into English and Turkish, Virabian said.


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  1. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    Indeed very highly recommended job well done. Majority of us had orphan parents whose parents were killed or perished and their children ended up either in orphanages i.e. my late mother, my late father looked after his paternal uncle who luckily survived as he had already ended his army service in Ottoman Army, but his 2 young brothers were taken by Young Turks to fight their enemy Russia but the case ws not so, instead their rifels were taken from them and they all were shot one by one to death, From our Sevan Village in Archak Province in VAN city, 100 were among those victoms among them were my father’s two young uncles, one was married with one 4 year child who tragically taken care by our family priest who was killed and the child with our family’s all wealth embarked on the horse with the child was kidnapped to Iraqi Kurdistan, Dhok village until he was luckily escaped by the help of another kidnapped Armenian who was elder then my father’s cousin, looking for his ancestors Garabetian family. Is it possible ft know who his mother was? and the youngest brother who was engaged to be married 18 years old have no idea what happened to his fiancee, surely we all want to get to have information of our loved ones’ fates, Hope this precious informative book can be sold whoever is interested to buy it and have some ideas of names of orphans’ parents’ names. Is it possible to have a reply?

    • Satenik said:

      Dear Silvart,
      I really hope that you can find some answers to your questions. It must be so hard to live with such a profound pain and the horror of not knowing what happened to your loved ones. Armenians have so many sad stories to share and yet the pain does not end because there is no closure,because TuTurkey is in total denial .

  2. sebastaci Murad said:

    Jive turkey you are exposed …where will you hide now.. what lies are you going to invent & weave a web of deception…The whole world is watching…..what are you going to do ?

  3. Petrushka said:

    Nothing but force of arms will make Turkey acknowledge its genocideArmenians.

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