Yerevan Fashion Week Kicks Off

Fashion models backstage at a fashion show during Yerevan Fashion Week

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The Yerevan Fashion Week, held at the newly opened Meridian Expo Center, is set to become a regular event, presenting world fashion trends to the public in spring and autumn of every year. In the framework of the Yerevan Show jewelry exhibition, for the first time in Armenia, the Armenian Jewelers’ Association (AJA) is hosting “Yerevan Fashion Week: Golden Lace.” The President of the AJA Gagik Gevorgyan told Armenpress us about the details of the exhibition in an interview.

ARMENPRESS: Mr. Gevorgyan, the fashion week is held in the framework of the Yerevan Show for the first time. What can you say, summing up the results of the first day?

When the idea to organize such an event appeared, I did not even imagine that people would accept it with such excitement. People need something beautiful, fashion, new ideas and inspiration. I think that today’s over 2,500 guests have evaluated the work, carried out by the designers. Certainly, our most important aim is to present the public the right combination of fashion, clothes and jewelry. We want that the image of a woman be fuller, as a woman cannot present her entire beauty without jewelry. Thus, all our efforts and wishes of the first day have been fulfilled even better that we could imagine.

A.P.: How have you chosen the designers? Who were involved in the exhibition?

G.G.: The best designers are presented here, who participate in the best world exhibitions and fashion weeks. Many of them are in Armenia for the first time and they are fascinated about our country. It seems that they fell in love with Armenia and will come regularly to show our society their art, gladden women and present them beautiful clothes.

A.P.: Can we expect that during the coming years the Yerevan fashion week will be attended by the biggest fashion houses and, why not, from the fashion capitals?

G.G.: Yes, certainly. Next year we plan to invite designers from New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. We aim to bring especially the Armenian designers to Armenia, as we do in case of jewelry. Concerning the foreign designers, they will come with great pleasure. This year we did not have much time to implement all this. The next exhibition will be held in spring. Then we will see a new spirit, new mood and certainly new collections.

A.P.: Today the opening of the Yerevan Show will take place. What should we expect from this year’s show?

G.G.: The Yerevan Show is held for the fourth time. I think all will be amazed of the size and beauty, which you will see this time. Many participants have arrived from about 25 countries. There are participants, who were not present last year, though now they have come.

In the framework of the Yerevan Show jewelry exhibition, for the first time in Armenia, the Armenian Jewelers’ Association (AJA) is hosting “Yerevan Fashion Week: Golden Lace” on Oct. 25, which will last for 3 days. During the fashion exhibition designers from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, France and the United States of America will exhibit their collections. On Oct. 24-28, the Armenian Art Fair exhibition for modern Armenian painters will be held as well.


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  2. Norin said:

    This a typical display of Armenians getting too far ahead of themselves again. These types stupid superficial exhibitions are not what our nation needs right now. These women in the photos could certainly do sometime more productive for their nation to progress other than wearing stilettos and strutting on meaningless runway. These evens at best will only help make our people more stupid and prone to consumerism of expensive designer western brands that cost pennies to make in one of China’s child labor factories.

    Instead of a useless annual fashion week, how about an annual “being a mother” week in which the much vaunted Armenian family nucleus is celebrated and reinforced instead of this fashion nonsense.

    • Armenian said:

      Really? Of all of the things Armenia doesn’t need right now– a fashion show? I can think about 10 other things Armenia could do without, and silly fashion shows are not on the list.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      ….about an annual “being a mother” week… I believe Armenia needs URGENTLY annual ”being a Father week” getting out of macho mentality.

  3. Areg said:

    From freedom fighters to fashion show exhibits. This is good somehow, but back to where we were before.

    Long live the Armenian Women. The destiny of our people is in the hands of our women and their husbands.

    The destiny of our beloved Armenia and Artsakh is in the hands of our youngs dedicated in making Armenia and Artsakh strong nations.

    We are the chosen people and we can be best in what we do, even in the fashion design industry.

    Long live the memory of Armenian Women freedom fighters and the coming Armenian Women freedom