Incident at Karabakh-Armenia Border Causes Anger, Condemnation

Karabakh police are seen beating a member of the Founding Parliament, which was denied access to Artsakh Satuday

ARF of Armenia Condemns “Brutal Use of Force”

YEREVAN—A violent incident on the border of Artsakh and Armenia has caused anger, with condemnations from various social and political circles of Armenia, including the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, dominating the news on Monday.

On Saturday a 30-car convoy of activists from the Founding Parliament (previously Pre-Parliament) movement headed for Artsakh in what the leader of the movement, Jirair Sefilian, had called a trip to inform the people of Karabakh about demanding accountability from the government.

Once the convoy reached the Karabakh border, in the town of Berdzor, the activists were told to turn around and were barred from entering Artsakh. This was followed by a brutal attack by Karabakh border guards and police who beat the activists and damaged their vehicles.

More than a dozen Founding Parliament members, including Sefilian, were injured and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

On Saturday, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Police issued a statement about the incident saying that the planned trip by Sefilian and his group had generated a “negative response from a broad segment of Artsakh’s population,” adding that unknown individuals had decided to prevent the convoy from entering Artsakh.

The statement went on to say that given these circumstances and possible violations of public order, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic police had placed units along several sections of the Goris-Stepanakert highway. The official police statement said that the participants were asked by police officers stationed on the highway to turn back because their initiative could cause “social unrest” in Artsakh. “However, several participants of the car rally, opposing our request, resorted to illegal activities and continued provocations, even after warnings to cease and desist by police,” the statement read. “To prevent possible mass unrest, the Nagorno-Karbakh Republic Police was forced to resort to corresponding measures conferred to them by law. Sadly, there were injuries; however, no one’s life is in danger.”

The Founding Parliament members, however, insist that the attacks were unprovoked and allege that the police began brutally beating people, even those who had stayed in their vehicles and had not attempted to cross the border.

This incident has caused anger in various groups in Armenia, which condemned the attacks and the brutal use of force.

“What happened in Berdzor must be condemned and is unacceptable,” said Aghavan Vartanian the secretary of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Parliamentary Caucus and the chairman of the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia.

“I believe, the use of disproportionate force did not yield any positive outcome. For us this is unacceptable,” added Vartanian.

He also said that the incident was dangerous in that outside forces may use what happened in Berdzor to drive a wedge between Armenia and Artsakh and create internal tensions in Armenia.


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  1. Jove said:

    Well done karabagtzis. Founding members were going on a tour to Karabagh to stir trouble. We don’t need trouble makers and faction mongers masquerading as democrats sowing seeds of dissension. We enough mountains of troubles as it is. These lunatic fringe is crowing they want regime change by April 24. They should be locked up in some mental home .

  2. tuyn said:

    Jirayr Sefilian tox ira texe nsti u cheta Arsaxi joxovrtin xarni irar , hle asek tenank ova zakazchike es gorsi et ova himi el uzum Arsaxe xarni iran , ete Arsaxi joxovurte hangist apruma et inchu e Jirayr hele u etum Arsax xarni u asi te ov vons kara apri , zartnek ara zer nmannernen mer erkire xarnum.

  3. Norserunt said:

    I agree with the wise words of Aghvan Vardanyan. Armenians are making Azeris look very smart. It’s a sad situation because trouble is brewing all around the world and this is the time for unity but it’s being turned into a time of internal hate and division. We are only making Turks and Western powers happy. God help us. Armenia needs political evolution not a western organized revolution!!!

  4. Gurgen said:

    This foreign funded “Founding Parliament” group is actively calling for armed revolution in Armenia, especially on the verge of the 100th anniversary of genocide. Very destructive and polarizing movement which the Armenian government doesn’t have the spine to deal with. Once again our Karabagh heroes showed the rest of the Armenian’s how things are supposed to be done. Bravo to the Karabagh police. Don’t anyone dare to criticize the Karabagh government and society, and if this Founding Parliament group causes more polarization and disdain towards the Karabagh people and society then I personally will not feel bad if they are dealt with in a more serious way than that.

  5. Gurgen said:

    Artsakh is at war. Every day there are soldiers dying on the front lines just a few miles east of where this incident took place. Artsakh is very much a military state under tight military control. A war can break out anytime and they must be ready to defend. It is not the place and time to go spreading their polarizing hatred and causing revolutions in society. The Artsakh authorities know this and are prepared to fight all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  6. Lus said:

    What a shame… what is Mr Sefilian trying to achieve besides destabilizing the already precarious situation…?

  7. Aram said:

    Our homeland is meeting great decisive hardship since the beginning of 2015 the worst of which is perhaps the renewal of a total war because of Artsakh. It is unwise to intensify the conflict between the ruling party and the skattered opposition by organising a car covoy march by the so called pre-parlament or whatever provocative action. It is true our government behaves like a totalitarian rude regime against the common citizen of Armenia but on the other side there is a long way to go to achieve democracy and rule of law in a country where personal interests weigh more than the wellbeing of the nation. Fortunately for us is that all countries surrounding us are not much better. Yet Armenia is the most vulnerable with a stagnating economy and inflation. I am not optimistic and fear the worst. We deseve a better government and a conscious constructive opposition. The question is how?


    There is a word for this 30 people motor race activits, foolishly stupid they just proved themselves that stupidity has endless existence. I don’t know how else to help, please do not repeat. Thank you.

  9. Armenian Christian said:

    Kudos my brothers… All support to the Artsakh army and police!!!

  10. Harutik said:

    Founding Parliament (until recently known as Pre-Parliament) reminds me of the Bolshevik movement’s early beginnings. And similar the Bolshevik movement one hundred years ago, they are also being led by Anglo-American-Jewish interests. Many of them seem to be well meaning but politically illiterate people, while some amongst them are clearly mercenaries working for anti-Armenian interests.

    I ultimately blame Yerevan for allowing this mislead group’s nonsense to get this far.

    PS: Jirary’s time in Armenia has long expired. The Armenian government should thank him for his service in Artsakh twenty years ago.

  11. Lusik said:

    President of Artsakh has launched an investigation of this incident, and gave some explanation. I think, President of Armenia should also request report on the motivations and purpose of this convoy of activists. After all, the incident happened on the Armenia-Artsakh border. Besides that, President of Armenia also has to explain what is the main concern of the group. There are rumors that after Eurasia entry, Armenia is planning to give away Artsakh under Russia’s protectorate. This definitely is a disaster, if it is true!!! Of course, President does not have time to react to each rumor. But after Gumri, the boundaries of Russian presence and its influence in politico-social-territorial issues gained gravity.

    Also, I think, it is grave that Artsakh had to put units in this region. It could use it better in other part of its territory. So, is something really going on behind curtains that this group tries to shout about?

  12. Berge Jololian said:

    Do people in Artsakh have the right to get together and assemble? Just wondering. Are people allowed to express opinions in Artsakh? Again, i am just asking. Is it normal practice for police in Artsakh to beat up civilians waiving Armenian flags? Is it normal for Artsakh police to destroy property? I a just inquiring about the normal rule of behavior? Should unarmed people expect to be brutally beaten up by Artsakh police?

    I suggest my fellow blind patriots who commented to view the video clip on youtube for an accurate picture. Frankly, I think it is a disgrace that some 50 people including wives and children have to be terrorized and beaten up.

    • Avetis said:

      NO ONE has the RIGHT to do as they please in NKR because NKR is a WAR ZONE! These people were warned NOT to go to NKR. They were told they will not be allowed into NKR. They were told this is not the time to push their their Western agenda. They did not listen. They did not care. They have been trying to hijack the 100th centennial of the Armenian Genocide. They have been aggressively pushing a Western agenda. They are cowards for using their wives and kids as human shields. Look into who you are taking about before you talk. Whether they realize it not (whether you realize it or not) Founding Parliament members are serving the geopolitical interests of your favorite Western oil corporations.

  13. Narek Petrosyan said:

    If you think the political and economic situation in Armenia is great and does not need to change, why the hell don’t you pack up your shit and move to your homeland you parasitic brain dead cretins?

    • Avetis said:

      If the people you seem to support ever come to power in Yerevan there wont even be an Armenia. Open your eyes. This is the 21century. Political ignorance is not excusable anymore.

  14. Steve said:

    It sad to read so many comments, which shows, that our society have no adequate information source. All of who commented here condemning movement must hear both parties, watch the video material and then comment. The movement never talked about armed revolution, instead it says we gonna remove our regime by peaceful way, but if regime will try to beat peaceful people, then movement will defend the people. Going to Artsakh was very important step, which said that no one can use Artsakh in political business and that Artsakh is a part of Armenia Republic. This is actual issue, because of Armenia entered into “Euroasian economic union” by the borders without Artsakh. In this regard even Artsakh’s politicians talking now, that Artsakh isn’t Armenia….we are living in historic moments, when Artsakh can became part of Russian Federation, so we need to do everything to stop this developments….

    • Avetis said:

      Go talk to maidan people in Ukraine and see how they are doing before you talk nonsense to Armenians.

  15. Avetis said:

    I’m embarrassed that these founding parliament buffoons call themselves Armenians. Good job Artsakh!

  16. Sassoon Kosian said:

    I am surprised to see so many clueless people cheering about a brutal treatment of one group of Armenians by another group… and it looks like nobody has even seen the video. We have seen pictures like this in early day of Artshakh movement when Armenians were treated exactly the same way by Azerbaijani OMON police… What’s wrong with you people???

    • Lusik said:

      Wrong, no comparison!

      It appears that you have been shown the pictures of the most gentle treatment of Armenians by Azerrbaijani OMON police.

      Reread Avetis sayings. You will find answer to your question.

  17. Gokor Yegnukian said:

    Avetis, regarding women and children being used as shields – you are a disgusting human being for even suggesting that. regardless, if you are indeed Armenian i sincerely hope you and your loved ones are never in that situation.

    To Norserunt, Harutik and several others who keep saying Western this and Western that on this forum and others; show one iota of evidence before disseminating your hatred, alternately you should stay quiet. i’ve made this request and all i hear is silence until the next article pops up and you start spewing lies once again

    all the others who praise the Karabakhtsi Militsek for attacking and beating up fellow Armenians (some of them that actually played major roles in liberating Artsakh) including women and children – you need to check your mental well being. if Founding Parliament is such a threat to security then why not just arrest and try them for treason – there were more than enough police, including special forces with sniper and automatic rifles to get the job done.

    as Narek Petrsoyan said; move to Armenia before you make judgments and condemnations about that which you know nothing about.

  18. Robert Nazaryan said:

    Մի խաբեք ինքներդ ձեզ և մի ապակողմնորոշեք ձեր ընթերցողներին։

    1. Իգոր Մուրադյանը թող Ալիևից մեդալ ստանա, Գաբոն քահանայի դերն է կատարում. Դավիթ Բաբայանը՝ Բերձորի դեպքերի մասին (Փետրվար 5, 2015թ. 00:24)

    2. Ղարաբաղցուն հարցրել էի՞ն, որ 40 ավտոմեքենաներով գնում էին հակառուսական ցույց անելու (Փետրվար 3, 2015թ. 22:03)

    3. Ձեռքներդ հեռու Արցախից ու Ապրիլի 24-ից (Փետրվար 4, 2015թ. 23:08)

    4. Չկա ավելի մեծ չարիք, քան կեղծ հերոսությունը. Ռուզաննա Մուրադյան (Փետրվար 3, 2015թ. 17:55)

    5. Նախախորհրդարանը ֆինանսավորվում է Արևմուտքից (Փետրվար 3, 2015թ. 22:16)

    6. Դա անցած տարի դեկտեմբերին սկիզբ առած սադրանքի շարունակությունն էր. Արցախի փոխվարչապետ (04 Փետրվարի 2015 01:00)

    7. Ինչպե՞ս ուրախացնել Ալիևին` Արևմուտքին գոհացնելով (02.02.2015 21:17)

    8. Հայաստանի հիմնադիր խորհրդարանի ավտոերթը դեպի Արցախ (Feb 2, 2015)

  19. Robert Nazaryan said:

    Երբ ես այդ այսպես կոչված «Ռեյդային ստուգումներ» տեսանյութը դիտեցի և հատկապես երբ տեսա բարձունքում կանգնած մեր Արցախցի հատուկ նշանակության զինվորներին, սիրտս հովացավ և վախս անցավ։ Հասկացա որ Ազատ Արցախ Աշխարհը քնած չէ և իր արթնությունը ոչ ոք չի կարող թմբրեցնել տարբեր տեսակի օտար արտադրության «մարդու իրավունքներ» թմրադեղով։
    Որովհետև նրանք և նաև մենք հստակ տեսնում ենք թե այդ այսպես կոչված «մարդու իրավունքներ» կարգախոսը ինչ արժեք ունի, երբ 142 հազար Արցախցու ինքնորոշման իրավունքներն են ոտնահարվում։
    Այնպես որ բոլոր նրանք ովքեր ամեն քայլափոխի ճամարտակում են «մարդու իրավունքների» մասին, թող լավ սերտեն այս փաստը։
    Հետևաբար Ազատ Արցախը, որը ոչ մի միջազգային պայմանագրերով շղթայված չէ, կարող է ըստ արժանավույն սանձազերձել բոլոր տեսակի պրովակատորներին և դիվերսանտներին։
    Կեցցե՛ն Արցախյան Ծռեր
    Կեցցե՛ Հայաստան