Davutoglu Spells Out Precondition for Opening Border with Armenia

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

YEREVAN (Arka)—Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said his government would open the sealed border with Armenia on condition that Armenia returns at least one of several regions surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, Novosti-Armenia reported citing RIA Novosti.

“If Armenians withdrew from at least one district, the border could be opened,” Davutoglu said at a meeting with the leaders of non-Muslim and non-governmental organizations in Ankara, according to Haber Turk TV.

The statement is a first, considering that Turkey’s preconditions for normalizing relations with Armenia have, up to this point, demanded that Armenia relinquish all seven regions surrounding Artsakh.

He added that Armenians living in Turkey are part of the country and should not suffer because of the strained relations between Ankara and Yerevan. “The Armenian Diaspora is not an enemy to us, it is our Diaspora,” he said.

Turkey and Armenia have no diplomatic relations. Turkey closed its border with Armenia in 1993 in a show of support for its co-ethnic ally, Azerbaijan, when war broke out over Nagorno-Karabakh.

There are several issues complicating the establishment of normal relations between the two countries, particularly, Ankara’s blatant support for Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution process and Turkey’s refusal to acknowledge the mass slaughter of Armenians in the last years of the Ottoman Empire as genocide.


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  1. tuyn said:

    “If Armenians withdrew from at least one district, the border could be opened,” Davutoglu said at a meeting with the leaders of non-Muslim and non-governmental organizations in Ankara, according to Haber Turk TV.

    could be open you must be smoking something – don’t forget western Armenia thats our homeland also.

    He added that Armenians living in Turkey are part of the country and should not suffer because of the strained relations between Ankara and Yerevan. “The Armenian Diaspora is not an enemy to us, it is our Diaspora,” he said = Sounds like a new threat against the Armenians living in Turkey

  2. Hratch said:

    Must be carefully analysed before expressing a knee-jerk reaction. One way or the other, dialog will have to be initiated to resolve the issues. Without meaningful dialog, the logjam will continue indefinitely.

  3. steve said:

    Armenia will not expose the Artsakh’s population to a even greater security risk by abandoning any secuirty buffer zone region. That said shouldnt Davatoglu consider relinquishing Kars Ardahan Surmalu and Igdir to Armenia as a show of good faith now.

  4. Ararat said:

    These two-faced Turkish leaders are either a bunch of fools themselves or have taken us for fools. It is as if they have stuck their heads in sand and are completely oblivious to reality around them.

    Off the top of my head, I thought about a whole list of issues these Turkish stooges should think about and address before even attempting and even daring to make such empty demands of the Armenians on behalf of another country in return for opening the border with Armenia closed illegally in the first place and not for what they claim but for seizing the opportunity presented to them by this conflict to inflict harm on the Armenians for their tenacious pursuit of the Armenian Genocide acknowledgement and recognition around the world.

    1. How can the leader of an illegal and fascist country make such a statement when his government closed borders with Armenia without any Armenian provocations against Turkey and without Turkey being a direct party to this conflict? The conflict between the Armenians and the artificial state of Azerbaijan over the liberated ancient Armenian province of Artsakh is none of Turkey’s business.

    2. How can the leader of this autocratic country, bent on reestablishing the now-defunct and genocidal Ottoman Empire, have the morality to ask Armenians of such a transfer when his government has been occupying territory of another country in Northern Cyprus for the last 41 years?

    3. How can the leader of a genocidal country make such an offer and be trusted when his government just recently insulted the memory of the 1,500,000 murdered Armenians by announcing the commemoration, on the same day as the Armenian Genocide commemoration day, of the so-called battle of Gallipoli which took place in the same year in 1915 when the entire defenseless indigenous Armenian population was driven out of its ancestral homeland and murdered in cold-blood?

    4. How can the phony leader of this racist country make such a suggestion on someone else’s behalf from Armenians when his government was directly involved in funding, arming and giving safe passage to ISIS terrorists into war-torn Syria to not only terrorize and massacre innocent people but also to make the entire population of an Armenian-populated town run for their lives and have ISIS Muslim terrorists blow up the Armenian Church and Genocide Museum in Syria in return for Turkey turning a blind-eye on ISIS terrorism? Not to mention the release of all 49 Turkish hostages by ISIS and unharmed while thousands of others faced brutal deaths at their hands, including the savage beheadings of western journalists.

    5. Whenever an opportunistic and double-taking Turkish leader, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, presumably concedes to Armenians on behalf of a belligerent, criminal and war-mongering fabricated state, rest-assured he is up to no good. There has never been and there will never be a Turkish leader who will make suggestions for the welfare of the Armenian nation. Remember the preconditions placed on Armenia by Turkey, pressured by and on behalf of Azerbaijan in return for cheap oil, for opening borders long after the protocols were signed and without any preconditions at the time of signing. A bold and preplanned deception.

    6. AND many more…

    To test the sincerity of this two-faced and shrewd Turkish fox and prime minister, Armenia should demand from Turkey the return of one of the six ancient Armenian provinces in occupied Western Armenia, as well as all confiscated Armenian assets in billions.

  5. GB said:

    Foxy Davudoghlu, first and the most Turkish government must recognize Armenian Genocide,. then you will face international tribunal committees regards to Western Armenian land, where dead Empire boss Lenin, gifted to another dead Empire, named Ossmani Caliphate, without Armenian Government concession!

  6. tuyn said:

    es marthe xangarvasa shat ujex , chem imanum vonsa exel kamel inchisa xangarvel bays , erevuma vor inke gjvasa arten el chi imanum gluxe vor patin ta , hena nayek demkin arten kimanak te vova es marthe.
    inknel iranis glox chi hanum , nayum a erginkin u asuma vay astvas jan vons prkvim es dajan kyankis , ay urod du gna mi kuch sovori vochte patmutyun ayl irakanutyun ay xaxpi txuk.

    1915 Never Again.

  7. Shahe said:

    Precondition to open borders and normalize relations negates the principle which the term normalization implies. This is an oximoron. No normalization can happen with preconditions. Preconditions block normalization. Davutoglu and his team could make and effort to normalize normalization. His excellency the President and Davutoglu can make this happen. Normalization is possible without preconditions. This effort should be moderated by a Third Party acceptable to both sides.

    • Ararat said:

      Referring to the imbecile Turkish terrorist-in-chief Er-dog-an as his excellency is extremely generous and this mongol donkey does not deserve that.

  8. ara said:

    geez- the turk needs to give us back one third of our occupied lands-the bastahd is sik-we will someday take it- give it back so that we do not do to u what u deserve and did to us- u saw yugoslavia- dirt bag

  9. Armond said:

    Armenia should condition as follows:
    If Turkey did not open the border with Armenia ,Armenia will accupy a new Teritories and that will be Turkeys pre condition balances . Armenia should further accupy new territories from Azerbaijan and extend further buffer zone in Azerbaijan . “They push one side of the ball the other side expends ” that is reality of fairness

  10. Vindicated Man said:

    By closing the border, Turkey did a big favor to Armenia. Now, that border (agreed upon by Turks and communists, btw) must never be reopened. The legitimate border outlined by Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award must be used instead.

  11. Vahe said:

    He’s a liar.

    Remember when Turkey signed the Protocols with Armenia, and then backed out?

  12. GeorgeMardig said:

    NO Thanks, Armenia is better off with a closed border than a half deal open border, NO recognition of Armenian Genocide NO open borders, that simple. The more this situation goes on the more Turkey’s name WORLWIDE is dipping in the sht, once Turkey joins the civilized world, Turkey’s population will have to face the shame outside of their borders. Armenians survived thousends of years and can wait little more, it is Turkey that can’t wait, Armenians all they need is to be patient,

  13. Areg said:

    Not a centimeter of Artsakh land will be given to Azerbaijan. So this is your first answer Mr. Davoutoglu.

    For Armenia to use the possible open border is for Turkey first of all recognoze the Armenian Genocide and pay restitution and reparations to Armenia and Armenians. This is your second answer Mr. Davoutoglu.

    Keep your borders closed Mr. Davotoglu.

  14. ED said:

    Turkey and Turkish politicians are rude as usual. Official Armenia should finally act and deliver a clear massage to Turkey and remind Turkey of some indisputable facts:
    Given the fact that Turkey after commuting Armenian Genocide sill occupying seven regions of historic homeland of Armenian people, Turkey would be the last country in the world to put any demand on Armenian or speak of Armenia as an “occupier”- Turkey to the hell with your all preconditions, demands and so called historian commission and so on

  15. Papken Hartunian said:

    Closed boarder with Armenia means closed Turkey. Turkey by keeping the boarder close has helped to create radical Armenian.

  16. Azad Thomas said:

    If we ‘withdrew and return’ from two regions they will acknowledge the genocide.

    I have a better proposal though, Azerbaijan stops useless claims from Stalins made up borders and we won’t show them the true meaning of ‘land of fire’

    But all (based on truth) jokes aside, I do wish we can have normal relations with the neigbours but this should be done VERY CAREFULLY

  17. eastofwest said:

    Armenia will open the border with Turkey on condition that Turkey leaves northern Cyprus.

    • Sarkis said:

      Ha! That’s actually a clever response. Also, Turkey has accused several major countries of genocide, including the Americans in Iraq, the Chinese against the Uighurs, and the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people (this last one is actually a valid example of genocide. Perhaps Armenia should demand that Turkey form historical commissions to examine these disputed facts with those nations.

  18. Urardatsy said:

    This is a good opportunity to ask that clown to get back all of occupied Western Armenia instead of asking back any land from liberated Artsakh which is and will always be an integral part of Armenia.

  19. Ari said:

    Mr. Davutoglu, here’s Armenia’s pre-conditions:

    1. Withdraw from Western Armenia’s occupied lands (as per signed international agreement by the Ottoman Empire)
    2. Issue an official apology for the crime of Genocide committed against the Armenians by both the Ottoman Empire & the Nationalist Turkish Republic
    3. Pay reparations to surviving Armenians for stolen properties, businesses and all goods that has benefited the Turkish Republic
    4. Tell the truth to your citizens about your governments’ past history

  20. Lusik said:

    Who in modern world does not know that withdraw of any value is a beginning of a complete withdraw?!

    Mr.D disrespects Armenians to the degree that does not care saying absolutely stupid thing.
    He and his boss are assured that major powers “don’t-care” as well. This is the main absurdity.

    May be right now some new knot is plotted to expose this reality once more.

  21. Taner said:

    A very good and self-sacrifying gesture from Turkey. Armenia should use this opportunity.