Ankara Forced to Cancel Gallipoli Event due to Lack of International Interest

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted Azeri President Ilham Aliyev on Jan. 15, in the presence of 16 soldiers dressed in ceremonial costumes representing various Turkic people in history. (Photo: Official website of the President of Turkey)

ANKARA—Turkish President’s scheme to mark the Battle of Gallipoli on April 24 has failed, forcing Ankara to cancel the planned event, with Sunday’s Zaman reporting that the cancellation was due to the low number of heads of states to attend the ceremonies.

The newspaper quoted a government official, who wished to remain anonymous, as saying, “The Gallipoli celebrations have been canceled. All preparations have been suspended as the number of RSVPs to the invitation is not positive. Only five countries have accepted the invitation and they will not be represented by high-level officials.”

“The spectacle of Turkey’s failure to stage this April 24th Gallipoli farce speaks to the success of our longterm strategy of internationally isolating Ankara’s policy of genocide denial,” said Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

Leading up to the Gallipoli event, Erdogan had sent official invitations to more than 100 world leaders, including Armenian President Serge Sarkisian, to partake in the ceremonies. The date designated for these commemoration events—April 24—created uproar among Armenians worldwide, while Turkish human rights groups urged world leaders to boycott the Gallipoli events.

On Jan. 16, Sarkisian responded to Erdogan’s invitation to Turkey on April 24, in a strongly worded letter. “Turkey continues its conventional denial policy and is perfecting its instrumentation for distorting history. This time, Turkey is marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli on April 24, even though the battle began on March 18, 1915 and lasted until late January 1916, while the Allies’ operation started on April 25,” he wrote, adding, “What is the purpose [of this] if not to distract the world’s attention from the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide?”


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  1. Asbet said:

    Finally Turkey’s plans to distort history and take away from the real APRIL 24 failed. Sultan Erdogan suffers from megalomania, check his “PALACE” and the ironic celebrations that he does when foreign dignitaries visit by displaying soldiers of the marauding Turkish tribes and clans in their warrior uniforms. What a shame, Gallipoli will not be celebrated on April 24th. Oh my God, what will Prince Charles and his sons do on April 24th. May be the best thing for them would be attend the ceremonies at Dzidzernagapert and pray there and ask God for forgiveness for all the ills that the British Empire has done to the Armenians throughout history.

  2. ara said:

    as idiots they did the right thing-tried to do something that was obvious-show how stupid they are-and of course they got no where-they could have invited the n korean regime there to celebrate with them- they may have gone-but they were too stupid not to invite the few that may have gone-oh well- they occupy our land

  3. Vindicated Man said:

    Can somebody publish the list of the 5 countries that wanted to attend?

    • GreatfulLiving said:

      Don’t have a clue, but probably azerbaijan, chechnya, kabardino balkaria, daghestan and probably some other terrorist breeding dens like ISIS.

  4. Hratch said:

    There is a God after all. Finally it intervened on behalf of righteousness and justice!

  5. zarkim said:

    Gallipoli war between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916 was between England and Turkey (Backed by Germans).
    English Officers used Australian soldiers and went to Gallipoli to fight.
    Incompetent English Officers manage to get many Australian soldiers killed.
    English officers later reported that “They may have landed on the wrong beach”!!
    This war had nothing to do with Armenia/Turkish relation.
    During the same period, Turkish military was massacring innocent Armenian civilians elsewhere.
    Gallipoli memorial is between Turkey and Australia/New Zealand. It has nothing to do with Armenia.
    Silly, Erdogan should know this fact.
    Australian Treasurer, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP | Member for North Sydney has acknowledged the Armenia’s genocide claims.
    No one accepted Erdogan’s invitation because they all know how GRIMY TURKISH HISTORY IS. Especially, during the above period…. No one wants to associate with these Mongols. However, they are there to be used….
    The name Turk was first employed by the Chinese to designate the NOMADIC people who controlled the vast area from Mongolia to the Black Sea until 924 AD.
    Turks are today found in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Chinese Turkestan (Xinjiang). Their cultures and racial makeup vary considerably due to ethnic admixture. The only similarities among them are religious and linguistic.
    After the Mongol wave receded, Osmanli Turks completed the overthrow of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, establishing the Ottoman Empire in its stead. The Ottoman Empire was finally dissolved in 1918, following the end of World War I.

  6. jonorose said:

    The reason for the date is due to ANZAC day. Its an important date in Australian and New Zealand history and there is a ceremony at Gallipoli every year at dawn on the 25th April. I suspect the Turks wanted to take advantage of the people that were already going to be in Turkey for that ceremony, not a deliberate attempt to distract, although no doubt they would if they could.

  7. Malcolm Catchatoorian said:

    Great News. We as Armenians need to keep flooding social media. Let non Armenians about the terrible events of 2915. EE Demand Zjustice NOW!!!!

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      The Media and Word of mouth are our strongest weapons, let’s keep the good work going.

  8. Malcolm Catchatoorian said:

    Great News. We as Armenians need to keep flooding social media. Let non Armenians about the terrible events of 2915. We Demand Justice NOW!!!!

  9. Varouj Mavlian said:

    Cancellation of the Gallipoli events by Ankara is one side of the story. But what about those nations which sent confirmations that they were going to attend? Are these nations have no sense of dignity, self respect ? Apparently, not. These nations, trampled upon justice by scurrying to the door steps to Turkey to appease them. I say Shame upon Turkey and double shame to those who signed-up to attend Gallipoli event.

    • GreatfulLiving said:

      Countries confirming attendance are ‘cut from the same cloth’ for sure, like azerbaijan which is ruled by sultan aliyev who owns castles in Arabian gulf just in case things do not work to his favor at home…

  10. salpy stepanian said:

    the Turkish government is desperate to make the world forget about the Armenian genocide !! but the facts are present and true and we Armenians can never forget about the genocide the survivors of which are our grandparents .!!! as long as we are demanding justice and compensation for our lands turkey can do nothing to change that fact . can only f..k itself ,or the western world will !!! bon apetit

  11. Hagopian hagopian said:

    You are living on occupied lands that are cursed every second by your victims,(Armenians, Assyrians,Greeks,Syriaics). The sooner you repent and secede these lands, the sooner you will rest but, you will always be cursed by our martyrs.

  12. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:


    At least some acted as humans after all…
    Giving a lesson to the new savage Ottomans
    Our genocides’ painful memory…
    More important than Gallipoli …

    Gallipoli was War … Ours was Genocide …
    Children were killed…girls raped
    Pregnant women’s abdomen were slashed by their scimitars
    to guess the unknown, unborn sex

    Men beheaded…and photographed by many like today’s ISIS.
    We lost our homes… gardens…fruits…gold…antiques…
    We lost Ani, Kars, Van, Mush, Sasun
    And our Biblical Mount Ararat …
    Our Churches, Cathedrals, Vanks (Monasteries),
    Schools, Collages, were invaded…destroyed…

    Millions of Armenian were orphans…
    Some are now grandmothers…of Arabs
    And they are proud to say…
    That they were kind, beautiful grannies …
    As I hear ever now and then.

    And today million of Armenian are Turkified …
    (I don’t like to use word Islamatized…
    Because the real muslims were never act this way…)
    Turks forcefully destroyed armenians’ identity…
    (Name, surname, ethnicity, culture, religion, faith…)
    What else you want to say…and whom to complain…)

    You should … feel and blame your self…
    Why you respect a race that are against every race …
    Even against their honest populace …
    Journalist, authors, like Orhan Pamuk and more…!

    Oh unfairness of so-called human race remain countless…unjustified…
    You showed -at last- recently some respect…
    To our artful genes, which are respected and loved everywhere
    And in all Arab-islamic lands…who saved us from barbers…butchers…

    Who can hate us… tell us…?
    I want to hear… from any lip …
    To say… “we hate Armenians” other than savage Turks…
    Who can hate an honest dedicated, artful. creative race..
    Who gives more than takes…?

    February 22, 2015
    Written Instantly

    • GreatfulLiving said:

      Sylva jan, thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem, keep up the creativity ingrained in your Armenian genes…

  13. GeorgeMardig said:

    Turkey’s aboriginals Armenians, Kurds, Arabs, should kick out the Mongol Turks and recover their lands, Spaniards kicked out the Moors after 800 years of occupation, Turkey did not arrive to 600 yet, it can be done