Erdogan Threatens to Deport Armenians from Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned the pope

ANKARA (Today’s Zaman)—Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to deport the roughly 100,000 citizens of the Republic of Armenia who live and work in Turkey, as a response to the European Parliament’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide and what Erdogan sees as an increasing tendency, particularly in Europe, to recognize the 1915 mass killings of Armenians during World War I under Ottoman rule as genocide.

Speaking to reporters before his departure to Kazakhstan for an official visit, Erdogan also criticized the European Parliament, which was set to vote to recognize the Armenian Genocide on Wednesday in its plenary session.

Downplaying the importance of the EP’s vote, Erdoğan said that regardless of the outcome, Turkey will not take it seriously and that the European Parliament’s decision will go “in one ear and out the other” for Turkey and that it is not possible for Turkey to accept responsibility for such a crime. Erdogan added that the roughly 100,000 Armenian nationals working in Turkey are not Turkish citizens and that the country can deport them if it wants to. “We can deport them, even if we haven’t yet,” he said.

This is not the first time that Erdogan has threatened deportation for Armenians. He expressed the same idea back in 2010, when he used it as a threat against the Armenian diaspora to persuade them to stop their pursuit of genocide recognition.


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  1. Սեյրան said:

    That’s right, it is about time also to deport 3 million of Turks from Germany back to homeland – Mongolia!

    • Satenik said:

      I was going to write exactly what you have written.
      But maybe Erdog thinks they are “contributing” to German culture…ha ha…

      • masis chalabian said:

        I also live in germany impossible to kick them ım sure they re around 6 million here like as a arabs in france and pakistanis in uk cologne city is calling kleine istanbul mean little istanbul end of europe near

  2. State-Of-Emergency said:

    Let him, that will really show the world who we are dealing with. Maybe it will ignite the final blasting cap.

  3. zt said:

    It seems this pschopath has nothing to do except threatning to deport Armenian nationalists from Turkey or recall his ambassador from any country which recognizes the Genocide. I hope his days are numbered. He should go.

  4. Norin said:

    The Armenian migrant workers in Turkey should be prepared for such an outcome. As difficult as it may be for some if these workers, their presence in Turkey cannot be allowed to be used as a bargaining tool by Turkey’s despot Erdogan.

  5. Satenik said:

    He should deport himself to Mongloia and live in a cave and never return!

  6. Areg said:

    Why does not Erdogan deport himself from Turkish politics. Where did this political clown come from?

  7. harry beurklian said:

    if erdogan kiks armenians out of turkey the whole word should kick turks out of their countries.eastern turkey is arminian land we were there before turks dont forget 2015 is not 1915.

  8. mgl said:

    What an angry “Mongol”. It will actually great for Armenians to go back to Armenia.

  9. Aram said:

    I think that is a great idea. This way they don’t have to fear for the next “Genocide”. Oh by the way Mr. Erdogan, no matter where they are deported, they will flourish not vanish as they did one hundred years ago.

  10. Vindicated Man said:

    100K Armenians working there? I’m really skeptical about the number.

  11. GeorgeMardig said:

    Turkey’s history repeats itself, Erdogan Threatens to Deport Armenians from Turkey, where to? To Deir ez-Zor desert?

  12. Marshall said:

    This guy is a megalomaniac as a American I don’t want my tax money to go to Turkey!
    Armenians are the native people of this land called Turkey ! Who are the Turks anyway have they forgotten here they came from and who their ancestors where ? Angry and racist nazi’s !

  13. Jove said:

    First of all, Erdogan is demented. Second, no Armenian should be working or living ( willingly) in that genocidal turkey. Third, demented Erdogan as he might be ,has every right to deport Armenians. Fourth, we Armenians don’t seem to get it the Turks final aim is to annihilate us and wiped us out of the Caucasian landscape. Who does remember the name of that young Turk deputy delivering a blood thirsty speech in what was then the ottoman parliament ? This deputy blasted in the chamber ” there is no room in the empire for Turks and Armenians “. And we keep salivating and genuflecting, pandering to the Turks to open the borders and engaged in a neo colonial trade with us. Better starve and die of hunger then eat from the Turk fiendish hands. Remember the catastrophe. In the space of months the Turks wiped out a 3000 year old race from its own homeland, uprooted and cast to the wilderness. The only way Armenian will resurrect in the western part is when turkey gets smashed up and dismembered. In the meanwhile thank God for what we have and keep to preserve the land and the race.

  14. Sokimag said:

    Erdogan has really lost his mind. To be honest with you guys, Armenians in Turkey are a burden for us Armenians. They are not really helping us with anything beside being at the mercy of Turks. That does not help us at all. They should expect the worst from the Turks. My advice to those Armenians in Turkey: get out of Turkey.

  15. GB said:

    Does Erdoghan know that millions of Turks are scattered in Europe?? Two million Turks living in Germany, where most of them are at the mercy of German welfare system!Does Germany really needs them???

    Gallipoli BS drove this new Ottoman man crazy! Politically nobody bothers these unfortunate Armenians, who are living in their ancestral land.

  16. Vahagn said:

    Armenians are everywhere!!! Just because there is no Armenia a all. What we have is just a drying puddle full of cannibal frogs under the Sun.

  17. Sako said:

    աման էրտողան էֆենտիմ եափմա եաու՜, մեզի կը վախցնեսկոր

  18. zarkim said:

    Once Upon A Time in Turkey: Postcards Tell Story of Turkey’s Lost Armenians
    Shock claim: Turkey provided 10,000 passports to ISIS
    ISIS fighters sneak over the border from Syria to Turkey to get their Burger King fix and stock up on Oreos, Pringles and MOJITOS
    Seeking Internet access, ISIS turn to Turkey’s wireless network
    TAQUN HAYER, Թաքուն հայեր

  19. VAHAKEN said:

    – I think if they are ever deported, Armenian Government should resettle them in Gharapagh, or other liberated Armenian Territories.

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