Pilibos Students Harassed When Delivering Letter to Turkish Consulate

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Pilibos students are confronted by security personnel at the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles as they try to deliver letters addressed to the Consul.


LOS ANGELES—With the centennial of the Armenian Genocide approaching, the entire Armenian nation is doing their part to bring attention to the cause. At Rose and Alex Pilibos, students of the Hye Tahd classroom penned letters of demands to deliver to the Turkish Consulate. These letters outlined the concerns of the Armenian community in Los Angeles, and urged the government of Turkey to take action and come to terms with their genocidal past.

On Monday, April 13, an assembly of nine high school juniors and seniors delivered these letters to the Turkish Consulate. Upon our arrival at 6300 Wilshire Blvd, about a few seconds after entering the building, we were greeted by security. A middle age man, who claimed he “owned the building,” halted the group’s entrance to the upper levels. My classmates and I never actually made it to have a meeting with the Consul General, or even quickly drop off the letters we spent time composing. Instead we were greeted with hostility, intolerance, and anger. Building security repeatedly tried to show dominance over us, and rudely answered any questions we respectfully posed. He hammered into us that “nothing Armenian is allowed in the building.” He was given orders that no Armenian letters, no Armenian protestors, no Armenian students, nothing Armenian should be allowed inside the entire building. When one of the students pointed out how discriminatory his statements were, and as our teacher began to record his speech, he altered his approach and said he meant, “no one is allowed without a scheduled meeting.” As the discussion went on, the security guard’s arguments became flawed, and as the students continued to point those gaps out, his speech became more vitriolic, more insensitive, and more threatening. He told the students that their protests are useless, and the only thing that happens on April 24th is the inconveniencing of the tenants of the building; that their work is almost useless. He tried convincing us that we are wasting our time because the Consul General’s only job is to grant passports and that she does not represent the government of Turkey in Los Angeles, her actual job as a diplomat. When students pointed out these callously incorrect statements, he threatened the students by saying that there are “10 armed guards upstairs to prevent entry.” He continued by trying to guilt the students about protesting on April 24th, by stating the entire building has to take off work on that day “just so you can scream and shout about something that happened 100 years ago.”

The Turkish government fears the truth, the Turkish government fears opposition, and most of all they fear nine Rose and Alex Pilibos high school students. The letters were not delivered; our trip however was not a waste. It is proof of the fear and cowardice of the Turkish government, of the prejudice of Turkey’s pawns in America, and of the power of the youth to anger their government.


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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    Was the person claiming to be the owner of the building Turkish. Did he speak or look Turkish in nature? It simply sounds like a nobody who is trying to protect his investment. He is most likely getting hassled by his tenants over the yearly protest. We should not make much about this individuals response, probably just another schmo shooting off his mouth.

  2. Natalie said:

    Bravo students! I’m glad they are inconvenienced every year and are forced to take the day off to ponder this matter. We will never forget!

  3. Celina said:

    They reacted this way because they are cowards. I applaud these young men and women and hope they are not discouraged by the behavior of the the people they encountered. I hope that they were able to record most of the conversation and post it online to further embarrass these folks. “…Nothing Armenian should be allowed inside the entire building.” Please! They are so pathetic.

  4. Lori said:

    If the Turkish Consul general’s only job is to grant passports, why did she show up to speak at Carson’s City council meeting about the Ataturk statue? Was she interesting in granting it a passport?

  5. Arto said:

    I admire the spunk of these kids but the elders should have explained to them that these stunts for attention-getting reasons make our cause seem less serious. We are way beyond this.

  6. Edward Demian said:


  7. Edward Demian said:


  8. Ed Barseghian said:

    You did scared them, that’s why they want to close on 24th of April.

  9. Alex Postallian said:

    It proves the jerky turks are COWARDS,they cant even face a school kid. These bums are our allyies,NOT MINE obummer….

  10. Vahe Sarkisyan said:

    I applaud the students and staff members who took the courage to deliver the letter to the Consul. But for the Punk ass bitch who thinks hes the big boss i wish him eternity in the pits of hell.

  11. SoaringEagle said:

    Good job ‘hye badaniner’, the future of our struggle for justice is in good hands…

  12. Norin said:

    Next time this cretin should be reminded that he better watch his mouth when making threats against our youth. He may have “10 armed guards upstairs, but there are more than 1 MILLION Armenians living in the US OF A. 500,000 live in CA and if one of our youth is harmed delivering a letter by these Neanderthals the. us Armenians will make the Watts riots and the LA Riots look like a walk in the park by the time we are done with the Consulate building and these “Armed guards”.

    The days of making idle threats against Armenians is over, if one of our youth is harmed in a discriminatory manner the perps will pay in blood 100 fold. You remember that “Mr Building Owner” next time you open your mouth little man.

  13. Arman said:

    Saying “NOTHING ARMENIAN IS ALLOWED IN THIS BUILDING” is a vile racial hate speech, and this guy should have been told that to his face and then charges should have been filed against him for hate speech. The students’ teacher should have had the guts to call the police. There’s a security officer in the photograph, but he can’t arrest someone for hate speech…….that’s why the teacher should’ve called the police. Let this man answer to the students in the presence of the police.