Armenian Genocide Coverage in the International Press

A screen capture of the home page of the New York Times on Thursday featuring a piece about the Armenian Genocide

On the eve of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, the international press is opening its archives or reporting on the Genocide. From articles in the New York Times, to editorials urging President Obama to recognize the Genocide in USA Today and commentary in the Los Angeles Times and a timeline in the London-based The Guardian, the international press is advancing the history and the current discourse on the Armenian Genocide.

Below is a sampling of headlines linked to the original source material.

The New York Times: “Turkey’s Century of Denial About an Armenian Genocide”

NYT Cartoon: “Armenians and Ottoman Turks”

NYT Book Review: ‘Operation Nemesis,’ by Eric Bogosian

USA Today Op-Ed: “Obama, Make Good on Armenia” By Gregory J. Wallance

Los Angeles Times Editorial: “U.S. Should Call ‪A‎rmenian Genocide‬ by its Name”

LA Times Op-Ed: “On Armenian Genocide, Go Ahead and Offend Turkey” by Peter Balakian

Washington Post Commentary: Why the Armenian Genocide Holds a Lesson for Jews By By Jeffrey Salkin

Boston Globe Op-Ed: “Armenian Genocide was Also a Jihad” by Jeff Jacoby

The Guradian: “The ‪Armenian Genocide‬– The Guardian Briefing”

Jerusalem Post Editorial: “Israel Should Recognize the Armenian Genocide”


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  1. Vahagn said:

    Yeah.. Me is the Genocide and the Genocide is me and I and my children are gonna carry the Genocide throughout whole our lives. So let it be: My “DAT”, my “PAHANJATIRUTYUN” and especially my “POKHATUTSUM”.

  2. Satenik said:

    We must be thankful to Pope Francis because most newspapers started to write about the Armenian Genocide after he said that it was the first genocide of the last century. Don.t forget that even The New York Times was having a bit of amnesia not long ago with the Armenian genocide(forgetting that they had covered about in in the 1915’s, they were starting to question whether it was even a genocide)…I am glad that tbeir memory has returned back to srmi normal… for The Guardian newspaper, you will be surprised how pro Turkish they are and as a keen observer of many newspapers I can tell you , they are the worst in removing any comments that may be slightly hurtful to Turkish “sensitivities”, but the Turks are free to comment that the Armenian Genocide is a lie and that we were the traitors etc etc…theirs is never removed. The Independent newspaper regularly covers about the Armenian Genocide and we must thank Robert Fisk for that. He has done more in bringing awareness to the AG than all the British newspapers put togethet. These are important facts to be aware of and to remember. Even The Economist, had published an article only ladt week, stating tbat tbe AG is an “Armenian Interpretation”….Asbatez I am surr is aware of these double standards and hypocracy in some of the Intetnational newspapers and media and when mentioning any of them should also note these very important facts so that your readers are aware of the different and anti Armenian agendas some so called “reputable” newspapers have. Thank you.

  3. Satenik said:

    The Independent gets my vote over and over again. Robert Fisk has written more about the Armenian Genocide than all these newspapers put together. Give credit where and when is due.

  4. vart adjemian said:

    This year, the international media coverage was certainly remarkable compared to prior years. In ‘Google”, practically every day there was an article published, even from a newspaper in India, the “Hindu”.
    One of the most detailed, factual and scorching Turkey, articles was published by the Daily Mail on April 18th, 2015, under the Heading ” Genocide of the Christians :the blood soaked depravity exceeded even today’s atrocities by Islamic State- now, 100 years on Turkey faces global disgust at its refusal to admit butchering over a Million Armenians”, by Tony Rennell.
    The article was poignant, had numerous graphic pictures, images and a video confirming beyond any doubt the undeniable fact that a crime was committed by the Ottoman Turks against the Armenian population.
    There are sadly some media outlets that are pro-Turkey. They are all bought by dirty Turkish money.
    But this year they were outnumbered by editors and writers who had the courage and the integrity not to be succumbed to the Turkish gag rule.
    Vart Adjemian

    • Satenik said:

      Vart adjemian,

      Agree with you. I think the Daily Mail did an excellent job , covering the Armenian Genocide. We should be vigilant and name and shame the newspapers that in a very subtle way toe the lines of their Turkish masters!