Davutoglu Warns Countries Who May Recognize Genocide

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

Refers to Native Americans as ‘Redskins’

ANKARA—Warning that decisions like the European Parliament’s motion recognizing the Armenian Genocide will lead to enmity and prejudice against Turkey and Muslims, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in an attempt to point the finger away from the Turkish government, asked about the fate of the Aborigines in Australia and Native Americans in the United States.

“If a contribution is to be made to peace, if European culture is to preserve its multicultural and multi-religious structure, it must not make decisions that will cause enmity against any religious or national group on the basis of history. This is a situation which will provoke anti-Islam and anti-Turkish [sentiments], which have been on the rise recently in Europe. From now on, the ‘Turkey-Armenia’ [issue] has moved beyond the ‘Turkish-Armenian’ issue. It is a reflection of racism in Europe,” Davutoğlu said on Friday, responding to reporters.

The European Parliament’s motion came on April 15, a few days after Pope Francis also reaffirmed the Armenian Genocide with a Holy Mass at the Vatican.

The prime minister argued that both the European Parliament’s resolution and the pope’s statement were “a new reflection of racism.”

Davutoglu turned the discussion away from Turkey as he mentioned past injustices committed by European countries. “I told [European Parliament President Martin] Schulz yesterday. If we are to open the history of Europe, what was done in Africa during colonialism? What was done in Asia? What was done in Australia and where have those authentic tribes disappeared to? Where are the Aborigines, where are the Redskins?” he said, using the derogatory term for Native Americans.

Davutoglu then pointed the finger at the Catholic Church, criticizing the Church’s actions five hundred years ago during the Spanish Inquisition. “We could open files of Catholic history and bring up an issue by talking about those who fled the Inquisition, came to our country and how they have lived in peace here for centuries.”


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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    The west in general and Europe in particular have painted themselves into a corner. The bleeding liberals of Europe have invited these third world types to colonize in their countries and now are being blackmailed and held hostage. At this rate there is no need for ISIL or any other terror group, they will simply breed themselves to dominance over the continent.

  2. zarkim said:

    As of 2014, the governments of twenty-two countries, including Russia, France, as well as forty-three states of the United States of America, have recognized the events as ‘GENOCIDE’. The governments of Turkey and Azerbaijan deny the Armenian genocide.
    Turkey is not in any position to dictate terms to Russia, France, etc..
    The only way TURKISH CRIMINALS are going to hurt anyone is by LOOTING and back-stabbing as always.
    68 Percent of Berlin’s Criminals are Immigrants and the majority of immigrants to Germany come from Turkey. These are troubling numbers that remind us of the real cost of Muslim immigration. And it’s not just Germany that’s reeling under the assault of Turkish Muslim immigration. In the UK, Turks have become the new mafia.
    The history of Christian persecution BY Turks 1955.

  3. tuyn said:


  4. ohannes boghossian said:

    Davutogluu i have a feeling you thing you are in a blood drinking cocktail party and you are
    trying to tell the world who have drink more blood past 8 hundred years you will be surprise
    you are going to fine up Turkey will come number one you will wine the prize keep
    your arrogant month close so you don’t insult the world and don’t embarrass your self more

  5. Norin said:

    Ohhhh man, where to begin with this wily cretin? Davutgyottlu, you are a sneaky little weasel. First off, it’s amazing that this sniveling reptile is actually criticizing Europe for racism while in the next breath he calls Natuve Americans “Redskins”, the gaul on this coward is astounding!

    Second, colonial killings were brutal yes, but they were not aimed at mass extermination not Genocidal aspirations. Imperialists marched into native lands and subjugated the populace, this was equally wrong but once they won over the local populace they did not set up death marches and mass killings solely for the purpose of exterminating a culture or ethnic group. This is the clear distinction between Ottoman crimes of Genocide and Davutgyottlu’s claims of Europe’s similar past transgressions. They are both equally cruel but one was a consequence of resistance and conquest while the other was blatant attempt at eradicating a people for the sake of eradicating a people, nothing else.

    Thirdly, Europe has never been “multi cultural”, it’s a multi group entity of different district cultures. Only in the past 30-40 years have influx of Islamic groups created a stew of dung in the once beautiful cities of Europe. Europeans need to wake up and take charge of their towns and lives again, recall your Christian roots and only afford as much decency and tolerance to Islamic immigrants as they do to christians in their countries. This type of ine sided guilt tripping has gone on long enough.

    Lastly Mr. Davutgyottlu, don’t forget that you Turks were just as imperialistic and ravenous when you aligned yourselves with Germany in WW 1. Shut your mouth little man.

  6. gabe Korajian said:

    Mr. Davutoglu, using the “RACE CARD“ against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a cheap shot. Think about something more realistic and believable. You are the Prime Minister of Turkey. You should not lower yourself to such despicable position. Accept the truth and let history take its natural course. Do the same as other civilized nations have done by facing reality and crating peace with their adversaries. This way, we can start the process of reconciliation.

  7. Hamik Gregory said:

    Nonsense! Western Powers have always acknowledged what has happened in their countries and in their colonies. They have never hidden the facts or scandalously argued about them. So has the Catholic Church. Turkey has not!
    Westerners in general, have compensated the descendants of their victims. As much as they have been able to. Turkey has not!
    Turks politicians should avoid compulsively giving speeches. They should also stop lecturing the West. Because, once their economy goes belly up, they are automatically going to beg the West for help. It has happened before, and it’s going to happen again.
    Turkish politicians should assume a scholarly reticence and work for the well being of Turkish people in the background instead of focusing on obsessively and compulsively lecturing our planet.
    They have become a nuisance by constantly talking!

  8. tuyn said:

    Who, after all, speaks to-day of the annihilation of the Armenians? and this are the words of well every one should know by now – Adolf Hitler

    and of course the turks have to realize that their bus came to the last stop and every one must get off the bus just like erdogan said democracy ends where the bus makes the last stop and in his case he wouldnt know the real meaning of democracy.

  9. Vindicated Man said:

    Someone has to tell him and his government that Islam doesn’t have much to do with the issue. In fact, Turkey is probably the most heretical country in the Muslim world, as it is the only one that has translated the Koran from Arabic, thus moving away from the language of Profet Mohammad.

  10. Jacque said:

    Can please someone advise this ignorant and idiot excuse for a human being ,that the aboriginies and the native Americans live on their land reservations and the Catholic Church has akgnoledged the wrong doings.
    But can he tell us where did the Native Armenians disappeared from western Armenia AKA Eastern turkey today? Or where Christians are disappearing in the Middle East with the help of Turkey’s ISIS brothers?
    So let him just SHUT up be a man and ADMIT to he’s predecessor’s barbaric act and not open a can of worm that he can’t control.

  11. SoaringEagle said:

    Another warped Turkish logic from Mr. Davutoglu. So Turkey should be excused for committing the Armenian Genocide because Australia has allegedly mistreated Aborigines, America has mistreated its natives and so on and so forth. Most nations mentioned in the article above have owned up their misdeeds, except for Turkey. No Davutoglu, you will not get a free pass, no present or future generation of Armenians will rest until justice is served and reparations are made to start the healing process.

  12. vartan said:

    the old fox in mad and in the panic , and playing the religion as self defense tools.

  13. Sam said:

    Islam? Why you are calling as against Islam most of the Muslims don’t like you because you did and yet killing them . Most of the Muslims are the ones who saved the Armenians in Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and Egypt. The Armenians are not against the Muslims they are against the butchers like your grand parents mr daouuuud oglu . The funny part is now all of a sudden you feel Muslim and trying to instigate a religious problem . But the Arab muslms know the Turks very well and so the Armenians

  14. setrak kassabian said:

    I can not understand the logic of Davutoglu Here in Australia The government accepted its past genocide of the Aboriginal A prime minister stood up in Parliament and with his head bowed begged for forgiveness of this crime. The Australian government spends millions of dollars in preserving the aboriginal culture. In all municipalities the former aboriginal tribe that used to live in that area are mentioned by the tribal name before any and all municipal meetings. The history of Aborigines and what occurred is drummed in the history classes of all schools (private or government) The antidiscrimatory act charges people that denigrade the Aborigines.

    Now looking at Turkey the history is changed to show that ALL Armenians were an evil group that needed to be cut off like a cancer. The word Armenian is an insult that a person can be charged for defamation (and win the court case!!) No preservation of culture, NO APOLOGY of past evil deeds of forefathers etc.etc.

    Setrak Kassabian

    Now coming back

  15. GeorgeMardig said:

    Idiots: they didn’t get it, to be exact he means they can repeat it, during the history too many injustices has occured, the difference is none of them were state planned and organized with the aim of exterminating a race from the map, they should remember the phrase saying ”I Will Leave One Armenian For The Museum” there are NO country on earth ever thought of something like this ”Leaving only one for the Museum” exept Turkey

  16. Masis said:

    The greatest venom of the wounded serpent oozes out of it before it succumbs. Calling the Pope racist is a new one. Bravo Europe. May the US disregard empty threats and recognize the truth.

  17. Arn.Sweden. said:

    There can be no peace without Rightousness because,
    Peace is founded upon Rightousness.

    To admit to the Truth is a very first step in that direction.

    But you chose the path of Lie and it will lead to War.
    The Mongo l-Turkish way.


  18. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    David -Oglu
    What your grandfathers did to Armenians …
    No race has done …Not written in any history …
    I went through all types of rapes…reported before…
    In Kosovo… Bangladesh …
    They raped and left the girls to live one in 9 got pregnant…!

    Can you tell us from where you arrived …
    To have so long tongue …
    Others were slayed
    But they stayed in their lands…
    You threw Armenians out …And now you are repeating
    same phrase after 100 years without any fear from any god …

    You Turkidfied all Armenians after raping their girls and calling
    your grandmothers “Turks”… and they were Armenians…!!!
    You not only genocided them …
    but Genocided their Language, Culture, Identity, Name, Surname, Religion, Faith….
    Countless types of Genocides…never reported yet…!

    Did you watch Aurora Mardiganian Film of 1919
    Showing “Vaginal Crucification”* till death…
    for Armenian virgin girls after raping them…???

    Is this written in any history …
    If you call yourself Sunni Muslim ..,
    In Saudi Arabia anyone rapes a girl… he will be hanged …
    Do you know this …???

    Count how many Armenian girls your grandfathers raped and slayed by
    VAGINAL CRUCIFICATION*…They bleed till death… slow death…
    By using your well known Kazookhs…shaped like a cross …
    Which is your stamped flag
    This word used by Arabs every day …
    They learned from you…
    The only Turkish word remained in Arabian culture and history …
    And you are still proud to say …that there was no genocide …

    April 18, 2015

    Vaginal Crucification …Should enter Oxford Dictionary …
    Like word “Armenian Genocide” entered just recently
    defined by me, the physician, Sylva…
    From the poetic soul of the genocide…

  19. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    This is what Arab muslims wrote about Turks …
    Don’t enter word Religion Inside
    to attract Muslim Arabs
    who suffered from you and your Kazookhs …

    Arab Poets During Ottoman Era
    Poeted Sharply on the Savage Populace

    When the Arab poet, Assad Rustom, who lived in Washington, USA, heard that his friends were hanged in May 6, 1916, he wrote the famous poem, sharply criticizing, insulting Jamal the butcher:

    “The Sons of Turks You are Never Muslims”

    Your name means beauty
    But you’re awfully ugly
    Your tongue and palms are fully dirty.
    You are senseless, criminals full of sins
    You have no spirit, no clean soul, Deficient of manhood humanity.”
    The Syrian poet, Nasseb Areedah (1888-1940)
    living in America wrote his untitled poem:

    “Coffin his body
    Bury his soul
    In the deepest grave
    Don’t feel sorry
    Don’t lament
    Who is disloyal
    Remain soulless dead
    Can never wake up to feel
    Yet to regret.”
    The poet, Khayr-eldeen Al-Zarkali, wrote his titled poem:

    “The Arabs and the Turks”

    “Those Turks the grandsons of Genghis Khan.
    Took young Arabs pushed them to a slave bazaar.
    Promised statements changed abruptly,
    Acting exactly the opposite for those held in custody
    Torturing, humiliating, insulting the braves.
    Yet on what they swore, pretending agreed.
    They are dishonest, soulless, enjoy greed.”

    The Lebanese poet, Fuad Al-Khateeb (1880-1957),
    wrote his untitled poem, blaming the Turks,

    “You Turks harmed our people
    in their joints so hard
    Till swords blade awoke
    to vengeance sharply shard.”

    The Armenians helped Jamal the so-called al saffah (the butcher) to reach high rank in the Ottoman Empire-Astana. Later he betrayed not only the Armenians but also the entire nationalists of the Middle East. He started killing them from the Anatolian Mountains (Armenian Highland) reaching Yemen including the holy land of Muslims, the Arabia.

    Ref: from the two poetry collection by the author:

    A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides (2008) and,
    My Son-My Sun, Chants Ann, Obama’s Mother (2011)

    The above poems translated from Arabic to English by Dr. Sylva Portoian and Daniel Janoyan from the poetry book published in Syria written by famous Arab poets during five hundred years of Seljuk-Ottoman invasion.

    The Image of Turks by Recent Arabic Poetry (1870-1920)
    By Naeem Al-Yaffi & Maher Al-Munjid

  20. Sarkis said:

    Mr. Davut Oglu

    It is the continual denial of the Armenian Genocide that lead to enmity and prejudice against Turkey.

  21. Marshall said:

    This has nothing to do with Muslims Syria,Lebanon have already
    Recognized the Armenian genocide this is about Turks and there Barbarian savages way to getting what they want and not respecting human life!

  22. Jove said:

    This Turk lives in a cloud of his own. He is not to be blamed. The nations that listen and tolerate his piped tunes are equally in disgrace. The senseless pretext of not wanting to offend the Turks, that is why the USA withholds recognition is not worth a dime to a beggar. No criminal acknowledges his crime. The criminal gets a lawyer in his defense and the charade of finding loopholes in the charges commences. a way needs to be found, in legal terms, to proceed with reparations and restitution without having to wait for recognition. Recognition can only come with the dismemberment of what is called today turkey.

  23. Marie said:

    I am frightened…….what would you like to do to Armenians that you have not already done?
    Guess what? WE ARE STILL HERE……………………..WE ARE STILL HERE.

  24. Vahagn Avedian said:

    Then, I guess, based on the same argumentation Mr. Davutoglu, entire Europe must hate Germans. However, the last time I looked it up, the Holocaust had a prominent place in the European identity and is one of the memories which is strongly safeguarded by the European Community and the EU as institution. Thus, I can assure you that recognizing a historical fact and past crimes will definitely not cause any animosity towards Turkey, but the genocide denial certainly can.

  25. Areg said:

    This is the end of Davutoglu and Erdogan dynasty. Both genocide deniers.