Obama Not To Recognize Armenian Genocide

President Obama chums with Turkish President Erdogan, who, once again, has managed to gag US policy

White House Briefs Armenian American Leaders about the President’s Decision to Exclude “Armenian Genocide” from his April 24th Centennial Statement

WASHINGTON—President Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes confirmed to Armenian American leaders, during a White House meeting this afternoon, that the President has chosen against recognizing the Armenian Genocide in his April 24th statement marking the worldwide centennial of this crime.

“President Obama’s surrender to Turkey represents a national disgrace. It is, very simply, a betrayal of truth, a betrayal of trust,” said ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian.

“With the world’s attention drawn this April 24th to worldwide Armenian Genocide Centennial commemorations, President Obama will, tragically, use the moral standing of our nation not to defend the truth, but rather to enforce of a foreign power’s gag-rule. He has effectively outsourced America’s policy on the Armenian Genocide to Recep Erdogan,” said Hachikian.

“As Americans of Armenian heritage – despite the repeated surrender of President Obama to foreign pressure – we will, with our allies, continue to work, with increased vigor and determination, to build American support for a truthful and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide,” he added.

Prior to his election to the oval office, President Obama was clear and unequivocal in promising to properly characterize Ottoman Turkey’s murder of over 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children between 1915 and 1923 as genocide. In a January 19, 2008, statement he wrote: “The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy. As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

The U.S. first recognized the Armenian Genocide in 1951 through a filing which was included in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Report titled: “Reservations to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.” The specific reference to the Armenian Genocide appears on page 25 of the ICJ Report: “The Genocide Convention resulted from the inhuman and barbarous practices which prevailed in certain countries prior to and during World War II, when entire religious, racial and national minority groups were threatened with and subjected to deliberate extermination. The practice of genocide has occurred throughout human history. The Roman persecution of the Christians, the Turkish massacres of Armenians, the extermination of millions of Jews and Poles by the Nazis are outstanding examples of the crime of genocide.”

President Ronald Reagan reaffirmed the Armenian Genocide in 1981. The U.S. House of Representatives adopted legislation on the Armenian Genocide in 1975, 1984 and 1996.


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  1. Norin said:

    Meanwhile the great Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is heading a personal visit to Armenia to commemorate the AG 100th despite the fact that Russia has 10 million Chechens with Turkish ties living in Russia. Whatever his reasons, geopolitical or otherwise. Thank you Mr Putin for having the courage worthy of your office.

    In Russia, the President governs the oligarchs and special interests. In the USA, sadly we have become a country where special interests and the privileged class govern the President. Obambi, you are worthless, the leader of the free world should have more of a spine. FDR is rolling over in his grave.

  2. hiedi said:

    *** What a surprise…, not.!!! did you really expect anything from Hussein Obama.?, he B.S. during his candidacy to get the Armenian vote, and the gullible Armenian democrat’s fell for it, a sad day for Armenian Americans, but we will march on with the truth and justice in our side, who needs Mobarak.***





  5. Hrayr said:

    Obama supports Turkey in turn supporting ISIS. Politics is a dirty business. Someone has to do it, I guess they got a puppet that is trained to follow not a true leader.



    At least the Pope has guts.

  6. craig said:

    this was expected.
    Isn’t Obama invited to the May service at the National Cathedral?
    Maybe he should be banned from attending…or uninvited.

  7. shahe said:

    Tis is NOT NEWS , but this proves to me that USA foreign policy in the middle east is to support ISIS through Turkey . a world leader with NO guts , as American I thought this is the land of the free the home of the brave to speak up freely the truth .. please DO NOT get up Friday April 24 morning to tell us that we need to reconcile .. NO ONE is saying NOT to reconcile but reconciliation comes with recognition first , their is a little lesson on negotiating for you Mr. President

  8. Asbet said:

    Mentioning all the above, who needs the declaration of a double talking and lying man who happens to occupy the White House. He has great respect for Sultan Erdogan, his master and lord. He gets his marching orders from Ankara and Ryadh (Saudi Arabia). Both “great democracies” with perfect “human rights” records. Our reliable and great Turkish allies did not allow us on many occasions to use “our bases” in Turkey, specially during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and most recently to fight ISIS (who by the way gets the best support from Turkey). I do not want the occupier of White House to desecrate the sacred memory of 1.5 million martyrs of the Armenian Genocide by using double talk and calling it anything but what it was GENOCIDE. The whole world knows what it was, including many Turks. Who needs the BS of a lying lawyer in the White House.

  9. Armen said:

    What a coward. When will American men be men again? Your word is all you have; be a man and recognize the Armen Genocide like you said you would. The United States had a chance to show the world how to be maintain leadership. Stop being worried America! The world has your back and you’re scared of Turkey? On the other hand, Germany, another super power, recognized the truth with more to lose than the U.S. Germany has the greatest Turkish Diaspora with 3.5million Turks living there today. If Germany can do it, ALL COUNTIRES should be able to do it!

  10. Berj Chobanian said:

    President BARAK OBAMA
    I am extremely disappointed by your decision not to recognize what the Ottoman Turkish government did to the Armenian minority in historic Armenia now called Turkey, as the Armenian GENOCIDE.
    I voted for you twice and defended your plans for which those who knew me well accused me for having become a Socialist when they admitted my being a Conservative and an Anti Communist always.
    You are a kind person, but kindness is not enough to lead the most powerful nation on earth. Not being strong, countries that are our enemy will consider it a weakness on your part.
    Berj Chobanian

  11. Varouj said:

    Don’t bother sending anyone to Yerevan for April 24th obama. Cowardly genocide deniers are not welcomed on our holy land. The democratic party and its showboat of genocide deniers can go fly a kite. I’ve decided from now, as far as I’m concerned hilary isn’t even running for office.

  12. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    You…Obama you choose killers to be your friends
    And not honest people, like the Armenians…
    Congrats for your chose …
    I am sure…you are scared from their scimitars,
    They can slay your neck…
    You know Armenian have arts
    Can’t slay anyone buy their pen… their brush …
    But can write in their Hearts
    That you betrayed them on every ground …
    Congrats …Having PhD certificate from Harvard
    For lying on ancient race
    Who lost 1.5 X2 millions creative hands.


  13. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    You…Obama you choose killers to be your friends
    And not honest people, like the Armenians…
    Congrats for your chose …
    I am sure…you are scared from their scimitars,
    They can slay your neck…
    You know Armenian have arts
    Can’t slay anyone by their pen… their brush …
    But can write in their Hearts
    That you betrayed them on every ground …
    Congrats …Having PhD certificate from Harvard
    For lying on ancient race
    Who lost 1.5 X2 millions creative hands.

    April 22, 2015

  14. Peter Musurlian said:

    LOOK FOR Ken Hachikian tonight on KLCS…!!! If you are in Los Angeles tonight from 8 PM to 10 PM, there will be two Armenian-themed documentaries: HISTORIC ARMENIA and THE 100-YEAR-OLD SURVIVOR on KLCS, the only PBS station headquartered in Los Angeles. In the second film will see survivor Ghazaros Kademian join forces with the ANC, AYF, Homenetmen, and many other groups…to fight for RECOGNITION. You will recognized many of the faces behind the soundbites, like: Geragos, Schumer, Khatchatourian, Palone, Sassounsian, Krekorian, Hamparian, Zanku Armenian, and a smattering of Turks in front of their EMBASSY in D.C.

    http://www.klcs.org…to find the channel on your satellite or cable system.

  15. Jacque said:

    I think it’s better if he doesent say anything .
    We don’t need he’s approval, acceptance nor hes empty promisees.
    What a disappointment of a man he turned out to be, pure politician with no spine.

  16. Koharig Hasessian said:

    My grandmother and baby aunt were burned in a church. My father and his older sister were survived according to my father who told us many many years ago that the reason he survived that a turk neighbour saved him and his older sister at the time was 12. My father was taken to orphanage after a long time his sister found him. There were sent to France. After many years, my aunt learned that her baby sister was not burned buy was taken by turks. She went to Turkey in 1955 looking for her sister, but unfortunately couldn’t find her, came back disappointed. My husband’s mother was a child walking with her mom and uncle, her mom died on the way to Syria. Her uncle had to leave his sister and take the child with him. Yet Obama is not recognizing Genocide. What do you call this then?

  17. Ruth Kemalyan Weis said:

    Shameful! There is no excuse for this sort of personal weakness nor this abysmal lack of leadership. He should refrain from saying anything at all on the 24th. Whatever support I have had for our president is now gone.

  18. Jerry Sabounjian said:

    Those Armenian leaders should have told the White House that we don’t need any more statements from this President, short of characterizing the 1915 massacres of the indigenous Armenian population of Anatolia as Genocide.

  19. Serop Mardirossian said:

    Did you notice that President Obama did not even stop by to greet the Armenian visitors, as he does whenever the White House receives American community leaders ? For the last few years he ( as well as former Secretary Hilary Clinton) have avoided (refused?) meeting the Armenian American leadership either because the president does not care,or to show his irritation at Armenian intransigence (!!!???) not to accept “Medz Yeghern” as substitute for “genocide”. I think our leadership has to think hard and deep to figure out how our lobbying could be as successful as those of others involved in the political and democratic process. Obviously we still do not have the necessary weight and influence to be listened to.I have a few solutions to offer, but would wait to see first if my observation makes sense to others.

  20. vartan said:

    HE capitulated to isis supporting turkey, what a shame . remember what POP said few days ago,

  21. Joe Sifatsouz said:

    If Reagan acknowledged it, why do we keep fighting for recognition by each succeeding president.
    Spinning our wheels will never get us to the next step, assuming somebody knows what that is.

  22. Andy said:

    President Obama is a liar and a coward. He does not deserve to be the president of this great nation. I would not want to be in his place today – feeling miserable and small, unable to stand by my words and looking for excuses not to honor a promise so strongly and forcefully made. What a shame, what a waste of human being.

  23. GeorgeMardig said:

    Armenians will wait if necessary another 100 years, meanwhile the US will have to live with his conscious as collaborator of the biggest crime in history. MR. Obama can bury JUSTICE, but he can’t bury the TRUTH

  24. Dr. Hermon Mihranian said:

    It is a disgrace. After all Obama comes from a muslime origin.

    • SoaringEagle said:

      President Reagan was the real thing, where is he when we need him.

  25. Antranik said:

    I don’t know why we go through this every year.We all know the answer in advance.The man is a compilsive L – -R.Considering the people standing behind him,he could not say the word GENOCIDE even if he wanted to.
    If my memory serves me right there is an event taking place in the US early may regarding the Armenian Genicide and that Obama will take part (Please correct me if i am wrong). If I were American I would turn my back on him,because he does not deserve my respect.Most of all Armenians should not invite him and trust him.

  26. JON said:

    Mr. Obama. History was made when you became the first African American President of America. Today the world is waiting to hear you make history again, by referring to the mass killings of Armenians as Genocide. Please don’t stop the change you promised, and take humanity back to 1915 turkey.

  27. Amelia Kavazanjian said:

    Until now I have supported Pres. Obama but this has made me doubt wether I will ever support him again. He is a coward and cannot be trusted.

  28. Amelia Kavazanjian said:

    I cannot support Pres. Obama anymore. He is not to be trusted and is a coward submitting to pressures from dishonest persons.

  29. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Is it okay to tell Obama don’t bother with speech at all. With this commemoration Armenians found real friends in this world. What you except his one of them . Great leaders are commemorating with us , we should pray for their health , wisdow , and success their future works about genocide.

  30. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Can you image suppose to be great nation president above shaking hands with our enemy , which Armenian can support this liar and coward president . Maybe none of us listen his speech about not using “Genocide” word. Great presidents came and gone , he is not one of president. I wonder how is going to sleep that he didn’t do the right thing. GOD bless presidents of the REAL great countries , not USA.

  31. armenag manoukian said:

    who is obama that we are up in arms?who cares one way or another my fellow HYES lets stay united if we have to do this for another hundred years,it is not only we get an apology from the,turk but the god damn rest of the world that stood by and watched,like when the turks were hanging my grand father the english stood by and took pictures.

  32. Diran Papazian said:

    I am sorry Mr. President we didn’t expect you will recognize the Armenian Genocide as long as you have murderer Friends as Erdogan and the group ISIS that is continuing to kill Christians, sometimes I think you are still Muslim not Christian and all this 8 years you proofed that, I hope the next president and the American people will understand and think before voting a new president.

  33. henrik zargarian said:

    Oboma its liying coward .forget the pramis you did 2008 sham on you

  34. Areg said:

    No statements from President Obama on April 24’th. We Armenians do not need his fake sympathy anymore .And H. Clinton must not be welcomed in Armenia on April 24’th. H. Clinton is another fake and double faced politician.

  35. SoaringEagle said:

    But Obama will attend the opening ceremony of a Turkish mosque and ‘hamam’ (Turkish bath) with Erdogan in Maryland…Shame on you Mr. President, you disappointed us and shattered our high hopes.

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  37. gerard said:

    behind those white purly teeth comes the greatest lies on earth.
    america does not need turkey, it is the other way around. turks are cowards and murderers, they just talk loud but can only kill and anahilate defenceless people. u.s. bases in turkey are on Armenian lands, it’s a well known fact.
    the good news is we are getting there, more and more countries are acknowledging the Genocide.
    it is just a matter of time. china would be better if they said yes to the genocide, would that not shame and force obama to finally say the ‘yes’ word.

  38. Ruben Khalafyan said:

    I think we should thank Obama for not going to Gallipoli on April 24..