Prosecutor General Vows Fight against Corruption

Armenia's Prosecutor General, Gevorg Kostanian
Armenia's Prosecutor General, Gevorg Kostanian

Armenia’s Prosecutor General, Gevorg Kostanian

YEREVAN—Armenia’s prosecutor general on Wednesday introduced his agency’s 2014 report to the National Assembly, promising strong efforts towards fighting corruption and impunity.

Gevorg Kostanian said he hopes for a professional debate ruling out political bias. He added that the document reflects the key priority trends incorporated in his pre-election program back in 2013.

Kostanian said that an unyielding struggle against corruption and unprofessionalism and efforts towards eliminating permissiveness and ensuring neutrality have been and remain his key areas of concern in the sector.

“Large-scale work is being carried out in this period; more than half of the corps has been replaced and replenished with young human resources,” he added.

Speaking of the priorities, the prosecutor general said that they basically include three key criteria: literacy, honesty and diligence.

Kostanian reaffirmed that corruption and non-professionalism have absolutely no place in the system. “Never ever has a prosecutor declaring himself or herself above the law remained unpunished,” he noted.

He promised to ensure unbiased and adequate punishment for any transgression regardless of political or party affiliation. “All that is enforced absolutely on legal grounds,” he added.


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  1. GB said:

    This is what Armenia needs the most, fight against corruption. Corruption is the enemy of development in Armenia.

  2. Hagop in Toronto said:

    Why is it that Asbarez provides ample space to the Oligarchic and Corrupt government of Armenia, whenever they throw a smoke screen to the Armenians in the diaspora, pretending that they are guiding the country towards true democracy. The reality is that these ex-communist leaders who are abusing their power and plundering Armenia from its wealth, are forcing the people to emigrate from our homeland.

    Civic movements in Armenia, who are trying to voice their concern about these issues, are incarcerated with fictitious charges, interrogated and tortured with impunity, yet the media remains silent. The Armenian media is fully aware of these facts yet prefers to ignore it.

    If we love our fatherland and want to see it survive and prosper we must reveal the truth about the Oligarchic system and the rampant corruption that is prevalent in Armenia before it is too late. We have to support the ordinary people, so that they put an end to the corruption in Armenia and not the Kostanians of this world.

    • Raffi said:

      Corruption is a worlwide desease, even in Europe most countries are as corrupt as in Armenia, however I wouldn’t mind if the stolen money stays in Armenia and for their own greed are used making projects, at least that gives jobs and bread to the people, the evil here is if they take the money out of the country, keeping them frozen in foreign Banks, maybe what the goverment should do is to put control on the monies that leaves the country