Liza Boubari Wants To Help You Heal from Within

Leaders and participants of Heal Within with founder Liza Boubari (Second from right above)
Leaders and participants of Heal Within with founder Liza Boubari (Second from right above)

Leaders and participants of Heal Within with founder Liza Boubari (Second from right above)

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Ask how you can heal within, and she will tell you the approach is simple: evoke, embrace and evolve.

“You have to incorporate all aspects of yourself to truly experience what it means to heal and transcend into a strong place of growth and recovery, no matter how large or small your experience,” says Liza Boubari, founder of Heal Within, a healing center of mind-body therapy located in Glendale, California.

However, Liza’s path to her own strong place wasn’t a straight line. Her story is a familiar one: a bright energetic young woman, who got up every morning and went to work in a monotonous, high-stress job, serving the people that serve others all day before going home exhausted, and then rinsing and repeating the same routine the following morning. It’s hard to feel fulfilled when you aren’t doing something you love—Liza knew this. However, when her body sent her a giant wake-up call letting her know that the choices she was making could lead to even more serious problems, Liza Boubari woke up. She saw the toll the multiple surgeries and doctors appointments were taking on her emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and she realized, “This is happening for a reason.”

Participants of Liza Boubari's  Heal from Within seminar

Participants of Liza Boubari’s Heal from Within seminar

Diving into the core of what her body was trying to convey, Liza knew she needed to take on a new approach to heal. That’s when she discovered the power of hypnotherapy.

Through continuing to connect with her body and her inner self, Liza discovered the one thing she had been missing all along: Purpose.

As she continued the hypnotherapy, her health changed course. She healed within. Suddenly, Liza’s purpose became clearer; she felt more connected to herself and those around her, and she truly experienced the power of feeling whole. Seeing how her singular world had been impacted, she dove into her education as hypnotherapist and became determined to learn how to incorporate mind and body work. Liza also became certified as a Stress Management Consultant and Massage Therapist to offer an all-encompassing approach to healing. Heal Within, her private practice and center for healing, opened its doors in 1997.

I met Liza for the first time when I was invited to attend her 3rd annual 3E Event: A Day Celebrating Womanhood. Greeting me with a warm smile, kind eyes, and positive energy, she introduced herself, introduced her mother, and immediately welcomed me with the genuine hospitality you feel when you visit someone you’ve known for years. She explained that her goal with this event was to help women, “look in a mirror and see beyond the surface.”

“I want [women] to accept the beautiful qualities they were born with and see within them the beauty others may not see,” said Liza. “I want them to let go of unrealistic expectations and false perceptions and really connect to all aspects of who they are and what purpose they want to achieve in life. I want them to realize that they matter.”

To Liza Boubari, the 3 Es—evoke, embrace, and evolve—have a very special, profound meaning. They are the essential components for individual growth and a fuller life.

And her event conveyed just that. Bringing together a group of accomplished and inspiring individuals is no easy task, but the 3E Event included a diverse range of speakers who addressed health, love and relationships, food, motherhood, and creativity. Unlike traditional events, Liza interviewed each of her guests on stage for an hour and created an honest dialogue that enabled the 60 women present to participate and join in the conversation.

A Day Celebrating Womanhood opened with life coach, PR director, and mistress of ceremonies for the third year in a row, Anush Gagua, who shared how inspired she had been to meet and collaborate with Liza and how whole-heartedly she believed in her vision. Dr. Claire O’Neil, Doctor of Chiropractic and Thermologist, specializing in Health & Wellness for the whole family of all ages, shared her experiences as a Board Certified Clinical Diagnostic Infrared Thermographer and how rewarded she felt in empowering patients to take control of their health. Food Network star, Chef Penny Davidi was a true delight as she spoke openly about her love of food and how she considers food to be a love language. My personal favorite was when Emmy Award nominee and author of The 30 Day Love Detox, Dr. Wendy Walsh, relationship specialist, took the stage and spoke about the high hook-up dating culture we live in and how to approach dating and relationships in a healthier way given the challenges we face. Walsh was followed by Tiamo DeVettori, who emphasized the importance of creativity, art, and expression for those who needed a different way to heal, and, finally, Summer Lall, who combined the art of music therapy and childbirth, shared her experiences about motherhood, connection, and bonding.

True to her mantra of healing within, Liza incorporated two healing exercises and a drum circle to give audience members a taste of what to expect when working with her in hypnotherapy. She had the entire audience hold hands in two circles and participate in a healing exercise that helped each person become mindful of who they are and who they are surrounded by. You could tell by the tears in the room that Liza’s work brings forth positive energy and greater life impact.

“I want people to learn to embrace themselves as a whole with all their facets and realize that evolution comes from recognizing that all parts of you matter and deserve attention,” she explained.

Looking at Liza Boubari today, it’s perhaps difficult to imagine a time when she was unsure of her life’s purpose. Now, with a mind, body, and spirit approach, Liza has certainly found powerful meaning and fulfillment. And her clients as well as the greater community around her are all the better for it.


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