ARF Western US Central Committee Chair Comments of Armenia Developments

ARF Western US Central Committee Chairman Dr. Viken Hovsepian
ARF Western US Central Committee Chairman Dr. Viken Hovsepian

ARF Western US Central Committee Chairman Dr. Viken Hovsepian

GLENDALE—The dramatic movement against the raising of electricity rates in Armenia that is engulfing the streets of Yerevan during the past 48 hours has had its reverberations in the Diaspora, especially within the Greater Los Angeles Armenian community.

The fast-paced events, which included a violent dispersion of protesters early Tuesday morning by Armenia’s police force, which used water cannons and brute force, has also earned the condemnation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, which issued an announcement Tuesday calling those tactics unacceptable.

Asbarez contacted the chairman of the ARF Western US Central Committee, Dr. Viken Hovsepian, who explained what the party and community must do in the face of the growing movement in Armenia.

“We are impressed by the maturity and the leadership of the initiators of this civic movement. The mode of operation that they have adopted and their approaches instill confidence that their future steps and decisions will be guided by the notion of protecting the interests of the people and the homeland,” said Hovsepian.

“We condemn and deem unacceptable the use of brute force against demonstrators on Tuesday morning by the police. We join those voices who are demanding that the police officers and their commanders who initiated the violence against journalists and protesters be held accountable for their actions,” added ARF leader.

“The Armenian community of Los Angeles is connected to the people of Armenia and cannot be indifferent toward the injustices being forced against the people of our homeland and is prepared to take concrete steps to buttress its solidarity. We have the moral obligation to be in front lines of that solidarity effort,” emphasized Hovsepian.


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  1. Mkhitar Yepremyan said:

    Serz Sarkissian is the initiator of the violence! Serz Sarkissian is the one who commanded his secret police force, the fat cat plain clothes-on Serzh Sarkissian’s payroll and the commanders including Yerevan’s police chief Gasparyan. Let us not fool ourselves and be the nice guys and close our eyes on who is directly involved with blood in his hand.
    Serzh Sarkissian and his fellow past presidents Robert Kocharian and Levon Ter Petrossian have brough shame on the office of presidency of our beloved nation.
    It is the time for A.R.F. and all of our traditional political parties not to go around the bushes and call and name things in the right address and name. If any traditional Armenian political party or any active civil activist group wants a positive change in our homeland, they have to throw away the ROMANTIC approaches to the solution. Serzh Sarkissian must pack and go, there is no ifs and buts and he must go now. Tomorrow is too late. Let us stop leaving in our wishful-dream world. The Diaspora herself is guilty of this mess that we have in Armenia. If any political party wishes to have a direct say and direct involvement in saving our nation from this mess then PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR KNEES, STAND UP AND START WALKING. The time is now, tomorrow is too late!

  2. gabe korajian said:

    Yes Mr. Hovsepian. It is no longer acceptable for the Sargessyan’s government to treat our compatriots in Armenia in such an inhumane manner. However, it is not enough to raise our displeasure, but the diaspora organizations must firmly stand behind these young Armenians who cannot continue to live under tyranny. It is the obligation of all Armenians, in and outside of Armenia, to no longer stand by and see the current corrupt THUG-OCRATIC government continue to abuse and rob its citizens. In short, time has come for our diaspora organizations, including ARF, to stand behind the people who seek justice and good governance for Armenia. The corrupt THUGS have to go. Armenia deserves better.