US Minsk Group Co-Chair Says ‘Occupied Territories Must Be Returned to Azerbaijan’

US Minsk Group Co-Chair James Warlick (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)
US Minsk Group Co-Chair James Warlick (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)

US Minsk Group Co-Chair James Warlick (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)

YEREVAN (ARKA)—In an interview with Russian daily Vedomosti, the US Co-Chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group James Warlick said that the “occupied” territories of Azerbaijan must be returned to Azeri control as part of a comprehensive settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Warlick said that conflicting sides should not focus on just one element or principle of the settlement. Territories must be returned, but there are other factors involved, which is why the co-chairs advocate a comprehensive settlement, said Warlick.

“We need to consider a peaceful settlement in its entirety,” he said.

Warlick said security guarantees are an element of the settlement, which would include the deployment of international peacekeeping forces—either UN or OSCE. Who would provide the peacekeeping troops should be negotiated and decided by the parties “to ensure the security of Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Warlick said that Washington does not back a specific settlement option, and that if the parties agree to the deployment and the format of a peacekeeping contingent, the US is ready to support that option.

“But we are not discussing this issue now. We are talking about different versions of security guarantees, as they can be, but so far we have not reached the point where we can talk about the formation of the peacekeeping forces,” Warlick said.

He said that the OSCE has a group responsible for high-level planning in order to develop options for peacekeeping operations.

“This group of military experts already has a number of pre-defined options that are regularly updated. Their work may serve as a starting point for the engagement of the international peacekeeping force,” said Warlick.

According to Warlick 2014 turned out to be a very dangerous year, claming both military and civilian lives on both sides, while January of this year proved to be one of the most dangerous months in the last 20 years with a large number of casualties.

“So there is every reason to fear that the conflict could expand. This can also occur as a result of miscalculation, and also because of an armed clash. Therefore, it is important to work together to find a negotiated solution to the conflict and ensure compliance with the cease-fire,” said Warlick.

Warlick also stressed that the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement is not an area where Washington sees problems in relations with Russia.

“On the contrary, this is an area where we work through diplomatic channels to reach an amicable settlement. And we will continue to do so,” said Warlick.


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  1. MK said:

    Not a single centimetre must be given back as they are all liberated areas of Artsakh won by Armenian blood. Any Armenian leader who signs such a treacherous document must be put on trial for treason.No land can ever be given back when its was won by our blood,they need to come and win with their blood if they dare.

    • Malaga said:

      I will also add that Mr. Worlick is not neutral.
      He seems to be on the Azeri payroll for gaining more Oil contracts as we see his voice gets louder & louder. It is difficult to resist Petro-dollars.
      If he was that smart, he should have resolved Iraq conflict. And, what good did he do in Bulgaria? He is a cautious politician, producing worthless papers and looking for photo ops. He needs to learn negotiation from John Kerry. It is a good 9 to 5 job for him before his retirement.
      Another job for him before his retirement: lets negotiate on returning Nakhchivan, so called Azeri enclave & totally unrelated to Azerbaijan to its original owner, Armenia.

  2. PK said:


  3. GB said:

    Mr. Warlick, please shut your big moth, and ask Obama to reassign, for another none boring job, in order to keep your adventurer and wonderful brain busy !

  4. Mkhitar Yepremyan said:

    Yes Sir! How high do you wish for us to jump? There is a limit to everything and Mr. Warlick you proved exactly to be what everyone thought you were to be. You proved to be a fake comedian with Carter’s smile. No way Hozeh, you pack and go home. Stalin gave Artsakh to this fake Azerbaijani government and now that Artsakh is liberated and part of Armenia, likes of you dream of again giving it back on a silver platter to the Genocidal Turks. You are a BOZZZZ and enough is enough.

  5. Zohrab Balian said:

    Our Stupid and irresponsible Leaders brought us here today. They should all thrown to the Crocodiles these
    bastards. And to you Mr Warlick, your name says it all. You are not an advisor
    Mr Warlick. You are a war Mongeror. Look what happened to iraq. That is the way you advised mr Brenner and where is Iraq. There will no land to be given to Azerbajan
    Do you understand Mr Warlick.

  6. Edward Demian said:

    A fresh new page, out of an old book. Times have changed. Azerbaijan is a dictatorship. We need to suspend all discussions and await regime change. We hold all the cards. By our grace we allow the oil to flow. Let’s change that tune. For every shot fired at our soldiers, we fire one back at the pipeline.

  7. vartan said:


  8. Raffi said:

    Whenever Turkey returns Woodraw Willson arbitrated western Armenia to Armenia, than Artsakh (former Nagorno-Karabakh)can be returned to Azerbaijan

    • Vindicated Man said:

      I fully agree about the lands under the Woodrow Wilson Arbitral Award.
      However, under no circumstances should Artsakh be given away. It’s not their land, and has never been. Even in the times of the USSR, it was called ‘Autonomous’, because it was officially an Armenian-populated autonomy. Likewise, Nakhijevan must be taken back from that artificial and illegitimate Turko-Soviet creation.

      • Malaga said:

        Well said brother. When you look at Artsakh, it is like an walking outdoor museum of ancient Armenian history,art & culture, every corner of it.
        I don’t see one bit of leftover Azeri historical culture in that land!!
        Mr. Warlick is blind. He must have flunked history classes badly. Maybe he thinks Azeris built these ancient churches, khachkars and fortresses. I wouldn’t be surprised form his low IQ.
        It is pity who is sitting on this negotiation table!!

  9. Ararat said:

    James Warlick, and the US for that matter, should avoid making such an absurd statement because and we all know too well the real reasons behind making such an irresponsible statement and one of them being the protection of US and European oil interests in the artificial state of Azerbaijan. Having said that, I will believe in Warlick’s sincerity in uttering such nonsense if and when:

    1. He and his ancestors got back on the Mayflower ship and left the United States for Europe and wherever else they came from and restored the sovereignty of the lands they occupy back to the Native Americans.

    2. His statement also applied to NATO’s only Muslim Terrorist Turkey that they should not only give up Northern Cyprus but also return the six occupied Armenian provinces in Western Armenia, falsely known as eastern Turkey, back to the Armenian nation.

    Until then I suggest the US keeps its nose out of where it does not belong and work on correcting its own hypocrisies around the world in order to acquire the moral right to dictate what people in other corners of the world should or should not do. Despite the fact that these territories are Armenian historically, and otherwise due to the fact that neither Soviet Union nor the artificial Azerbaijan-SSR exists today, what happened to the people’s will and the right to self-determination?

    • Raffi said:

      with It’s oil ang gas reserves falling and with the high expenditures on weapons and army, It’s question of time that Azerbaijan goes bankrupt,

  10. gabe korajian said:

    Dear Mr. Warlick, Do you know the meaning of self determination of people. You as an American, should know that people have the right to decide their future. The people of Nagorno-Karabakh have made that decision and want to live on their land and govern themselves according to international democratic standards. It would help if you go and visit this small but independent and functional nation that abides by the rules of democracy and fairness. Perhaps, the Azeris have a few lessons to learn from the people of Artsak in the art of governance.

  11. Robert Karl said:

    This man (Warlick) is so blind as to defy description (i.e., “legally”, etc.). If it be true that, as he says, Washington sees no problems with Russia concerning the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement, what does he then think of the report of Vladimir Putin’s offer to recognize said entity as a member of the Eurasian Economic Union? Furthermore, what business is it of his or of Washington generally to deny the right of self-determination to the prople thereof, especially when the powers in Washington so blatantly trashed international law to create the already-failed narco-mafia state of Kosovo? Take his chair from him and give it to another!

  12. Krikor Bachirian said:

    I see that Mr warlick is confused between
    Realty and fiction ,
    You need a therapist to cure you
    To give land back is fiction to acheav peace
    In artsakh is realty , get your priorities set properly , may be we can do business .
    Remember one thing there will 10000000
    armenian signature and that document

  13. Bedros Zerdelian said:

    Mr. Warlick, you are wasting your time in vain, what happened in Artsakh was nobody’s will, that was and still is, only the will of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because, during the fighting our heroes came down on their knees and asked our Lord Jesus Christ for help.
    If God is with us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31