Baku Alerts Hospitals to Prepare for War

Azeri soldiers participating in a dress rehearsal for a military parade in Baku in June, 2008 (Source: OSMAN KARIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)
Azeri soldiers participating in a dress rehearsal for a military parade in Baku in June, 2008 (Source: OSMAN KARIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Azeri soldiers participating in a dress rehearsal for a military parade in Baku in June, 2008 (Source: OSMAN KARIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)

BAKU (Bloomberg)—Azerbaijan told hospitals to be ready for war and started what it called “intense” military exercises, raising concerns of an escalation in its conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh.

All medical institutions and personnel received “specific instructions” from the Azeri Defense Ministry to “take the necessary measures to prepare for possible military action that can take place at any moment,” the Defense Ministry said on its website on Thursday.

The Defense Ministry said earlier in the day that its armed forces began drills involving tanks, armored infantry carriers, and aircraft.

An escalation in violence would pose risks to the energy infrastructure around Azerbaijan. The Caspian Sea nation is the third-largest oil producer in the former Soviet Union, and also provides the only westward route for central Asian crude that bypasses Russia.

The State Department is aware of the Azeri military measures and is watching the situation closely, spokesman John Kirby said in Washington on Thursday.


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  1. Mkhitar Yepremyan said:

    Why does our State Department need to watch the situation closely? If there is a war then the Armenians will reach the oil fields in the Caspian Sea and claim all the oil fields which their great great fathers had built and was theirs. Then maybe this oil can be sold to the filthy reach oil companies in the West, cheaper than what this fake Azerbaijani government does, and there is more profit for the fat companies. Actually Armenians do not need to sell this oil to anyone, they can use it for their local needs and development of their PROMISED LAND.
    Both Russian and American governments are so stupid to understand that they both are better off without Genocidal Turkey and Azerbaijan in their stupid competition with each other in this part of the world. Armenians will fight to the end to keep this Ottoman threat away from their nation and we will not give any inch of our liberated HOLY LAND to Azerbaijan just because the Western world wishes to appease the Genocidal Azerbaijan at the expense of the Armenian nation. And the same goes for Russia. Russia must not appease Turkey or Azerbaijan at the expense of Armenia.
    No way Hoze, No Way James Warlick, No Way Goble, No way to all those who are threat to the existence of Armenia and Artsakh. Artsakh is our liberated Marz of Armenia and everybody keep your bloody hands away from us. We have given enough blood to your Genocidal Barbarian Blood Thirsty Turkey. Go and suck your thirst of blood from someone else. The Armenian blood is not tasty anymore and we are not selling or giving it to anybody. We will not buy or even interested in your garbage plans, keep it for yourselves.

  2. Edward Demian said:

    Fine, let it come. The border is too close to our populated area. We need a land-route to Russia, Russia needs a land-route to Armenia. Iran needs an outlet north to Russia, and Azerbaijan needs its teeth kicked in. Let’s liberate Azerbaijan and share its oil wealth with everyone in the Caucasus. You think we’ll have friends then?

  3. Vartan hrandian said:

    Azerbaijan Armenia Georgia ,have golden opportunity to be light of nearest ,but all three countries are ruled with unpopular leaders,the worst one is Azerbiijan,which has this corrupt densty,dear leader has to have external enemy to keep down its internal enemeys, if he risks the war he might lose,and this will be end of corrupt rule.

  4. serop said:

    Let them start another war, within 2 hours every azeri oil & gas pipe line will be bombed, there goes their economy
    We will see how aliyev will be buying his properties in Dubai & Europe by the blood of his people

  5. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    If they are going to start war why making this kind of announcement by Defense Minister , don’t you should come from President , may be I am thinking wrong. Armenia should response saying the care takers be ready to work over time.

  6. ara said:

    they are no match for us- we will decimate the turks-russia will be certain to hold dirty turkey away

  7. GB said:

    “Azerbaijan told hospitals to be ready”, it mean they will have numerous casualties, for their demoralized army! Oil revenue is down and people live below their expectancy level, so the Sultan may start stupid things, before he become a fugitive in Russia, or Turkey, for protection, like his defeated predecessors!

  8. Մարինե said:

    Թող ԳԵՐԵԶՄԱՆՆԵՐԸ ՓՈՐԵՆ , քանի ոտքի վրա են

  9. Mkhitar Yepremyan said:

    Can someone shove this so called Madridian plan in James Warlic’s DERRIER-VOR?Then we will see how much he will like it!

  10. Armen said:

    Translation: “we were screwing around with some new guns and something horrible happened.”

    • Raffi said:

      Aliyev dosn’t f….n know what to do with all the weapons he bought, idiot at the most high level.

  11. Marshsll said:

    Go after there oil fields this sob’s have it coming and make sure all the bullets are soaked in pig fat that way they won’t get there 70 virgins!

  12. armenian christian said:

    Well now is as good a time as ever to finally get to see Armenia

  13. Professor Marjorie Nanian said:

    My International Relations students had to do a research paper on this scenario. If a war does break out, who will be the allies?
    Israel, Turkey and the U.S.A. would side with Azerbaijan; Russia and Iran would side with Armenia. Now, who will win?