Tsarukyan Foundation Donates $500,000 for Syria Relief and Cilician Catholicosate

Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan and His Holiness Aram I (center) during the former's visit to the Catholicosate Friday

Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan and His Holiness Aram I (center) during the former’s visit to the Catholicosate Friday

ANTELIAS—Armenian Businessman and chairman of the Armenia’s Olympics committee Gagik Tsarukyan announced a donation of $500,000 to Syrian-Armenian relief efforts and to the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia, the Beirut-based Aztag Daily reported.

Tstarukyan, who accepted an invitation by His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, arrived in Lebanon on his way to Europe and visited the Catholicosate headquarters. He also met with the Catholicos and was guided on a tour of the Catholicosate grounds, the Bikfaya Armenian Martyrs Monument and other significant institutions in the region.

Following a one hour meeting with Catholicos, during which the pontiff said that the Great House of Cilicia has had an instrumental role in the pursuit of the just aspirations of the Armenian people, as well as our nation’s demands for justice and equal rights.

Arcbishop Shahan Sarkisian, Prelate of Peria (Syria) provided Tsarukyan with an in-depth report on the situation of the Armenian community in Syria, emphasizing the humanitarian toll the crisis has taken on the Armenian community.

In thanking the Catholicos, Tsarukyan announced his foundation’s donation and presented a silver cross to the pontiff, who in turn presented Tsaukyan with mementos from the Great House of Cilicia.


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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    Now is that any way to dress to an official meeting with the Catholicos? This is not a mafia staff meeting you know!

  2. Mkhitar Yepremyan said:

    Good for Tsarukian and thank you for this wonderful gesture. Tsarukian has realized that he can not take his money with him when the time comes for him to depart this earth. And how much is Levon Ter Petrosian, Robert Kocharian and our good old Talanchi Serzh Sarkissian can donate from their billions of dollars stacked somewhere on our heavenly earth? These three can rebuilt the entire Armenian economy with their Gokhakan Money. And Serzh Sarkissian must stop going to S. Korea for stem cell theraphy to extend his life by spending over $ 140,000 each time in his trip. With $ 140,000.00 we can build 7 homes in each village in Armenia and or Artsakh.

    • Raffi said:

      To build Armenia you need more than these three, go learn mathematics.

    • Robert Davidian said:

      Mkhitar is absolutely right when he says “These three can rebuilt the entire Armenian economy with their Gokhakan Money”. But, I would say those BILLION$ they have, are actually STOLEN from the people who are the rightful owners of those BILLION$. Same goes for Dodi Gago. All of them belong in jail and will be as soon as the citizens reach their final “tipping point”. Soon…

  3. zarkim said:

    Ո՛վ հայ ժողովուրդ, քո միակ փրկությունը քո հավաքական ուժի մեջ է.
    God Bless Gagik.

  4. Robert Davidian said:

    This guy, Tsarukyan, is a criminal enemy of the good citizens of Armenia. Just ONE MONTH AGO, Asbarez editor, Ara Khachatourian, wrote a wonderful editorial promising: “the Diaspora stands in solidarity with this movement and those who are advancing the cause of justice and democracy in the homeland.” ( http://asbarez.com/…/water-us-and-we-will-sprout-and-grow ) And then, today, THIS: an article glorifying one of the very criminal thieves ALL Armenians worldwide are fighting against – as he gets an award!?!?! Are you kidding!! It makes us sick! You have to stop hurting the people of Armenia with this ridiculous counter-productive complicit legitimation of CRIMINALS WHO STEAL FROM ARMENIAN CITIZENS – WITH IMPUNITY! Today’s article is a disgusting legitimization of a thief receiving a pontifical award for his “donation”. This is money he stole from the government through illegal unpunished encouraged tax avoidance and by illegally owning businesses while he was a “public servant” member of parliament. That’s all illegal but Asbarez chose to leave those facts out of the article. WHY??!! IS Asbarez somehow a “slave” to the criminals who they were so vocally against just one month ago when water canons were illegally used against citizens who are struggling for some sense of justice? Asbarez’s shameful practice of legitimizing thieving criminals who stole the people’s votes and money is horrifically COUNTER-productive for the struggling citizens and all diasporans fighting AGAINST these criminals! Everyone can now see Asbarez as the corrupt regime-complicit propaganda rag that it seems to be happy to promote itself as.

  5. Vahagn said:

    Yes, “evil” Tsarukyan once again brings “trouble”. Lets government agencies investigate this “terrible crime” committed by “dodi gago”.