She Said ‘Yes’: Marriage Proposal on Top of Mount Ararat

Aaron Cummings proposes to Perchuhi Kazhoyan on top of Mount Ararat

Aaron Cummings proposes to Perchuhi Kazhoyan on top of Mount Ararat

Perchuhi Kazhoyan got the surprise of her life, when her partner Aaron Cummings proposed to her. The unique aspect of this common ritual was that it took place on top of Mount Ararat on Thursday.

Kazhoyan posted a picture of the proposal on social media, saying “yes” to a life journey with her future spouse, which probably be filled with adventure.


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  1. Norin said:

    As a newlywed myself, i wish this new couple a prosperous future. However, sadly such unions between Armenians and Odars ultimately are bittersweet. Despite all the grandiose explanations and rationalization, historically, no ethnic group has ever survived genotypically, phenotypically, or culturally through inter-marriage with other ethnicities. Those in the Armenian Diaspora that believe their culture will at least “pass on” through intermarriage if the kids are “raised Armenian” are diluding themselves sadly. The true solution for the sake of our identity is not to believe this nonsense but instead to come to terms with the reality that Armenia is the ultimate destination. Our identity will not survive in the cafes and night clubs of France, USA, Germany, it will only survive in Armenia when two Armenians form an Armenian family. Merely 30 years ago Armenian churches did not recognize hye-odar marriages, now Tashnagutyoon is promoting it has if it’s a healthy thing through such Asbarez articles. Because if this degenerate approach and the refusal to populate the homeland, the Diasopra has begun the last chapter of its existence. Interestingly enough, statistically, Armenian women have increasingly become more and more the culprits of Hye-Odar marriages only to divorce a few years later with a full belly due to cultural incompatibilities. The grass is not greener on the other side ladies, I suggest you start valuing your own identity a bit more, after all, you came into being because of your Armenian father and mothers forming an Armenian nucleus through the formation of an Armenian family.

  2. Ripsime said:

    I am compelled to address Norin about the post. Every tourist will confirm we are nice and hospitable to odarner in Armenia, xenophobia is odar to Armenians and not a measure to counter intermarriages. There are vastly more failed, and/or unhappy and miserable Armenian to Armenian marriages. Thankfully nowadays the Armenian women live globally, and love, as is their right, odarner, because odarner fill a deep void in them to be recognized, valued and respected. For once these women think of themselves first and don’t care about ‘saving Armenia’. No amount of shaming them would make them ‘noble and obedient’, thank God. Therefore this saving of Armenia should be the mission of Armenian men, who now have to counter the odar charm by respecting their future wives. Have you ever wondered why the only true respect women get in Armenia is from their grown up sons, when they are old and bitter beyond repair.