Blaming Baku, Yerevan Declares Karabakh Ceasefire All But Dead

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovannesyan
Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovannesyan

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovannesyan

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Citing heightened military skirmishes in the Karabakh conflict zone, Armenia’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday declared that the ceasefire, which was reached in May 1994, is all but dead, due to Azerbaijan’s continuous violations.

“This is a war, and I would ask you to use the term ‘war’ and not to use the phrase ‘ceasefire violation’ because, in effect, we don’t have a ceasefire anymore,” the Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hovannesyan told reporters on Tuesday. “We don’t have a peace there. What we have is relative calm.”

In recent weeks, Azerbaijan has stepped up its aggression on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan line, using heavier artillery than usual, even deploying a tank for the first time since the ceasefire agreement was signed. Last week alone, four Karabakh soldiers were killed and other wounded.

Hovanessyan told reporters that according to Armenian sources, some 210 Azerbaijani soldiers have been killed in combat during 2015, asserting that Azerbaijan conceals the figures of its casualties

Hovannesyan called Azerbaijan’s strategy a “desperate step,” adding that Azerbaijan has failed to secure a strategic advantage over Armenian forces.

“Why have they switched to tank and howitzer fire?” he said. “Because during previous incidents they killed one or two Armenian soldiers but got a tougher response. We didn’t let them do more. They failed to reach their overall objective.”

Fighting also intensified on the eve of a summit between the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents in Bern, Switzerland on Saturday, making this one of the most violent years since the ceasefire.

On Monday, after assuming the chairmanship of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, President Serzh Sarkisian admonished his fellow CSTO member states for abandoning Karabakh, which he called a failure of the security organization’s mission.

“Every time the Azerbaijani Armed Forces use automatic guns, mortars and artillery against the Republic of Armenia, they shoot in the direction of Astana, Dushanbe and Bishkek, Moscow and Minsk,” said Sarkisian referring to the capitals of the CSTO member states.

“The enemy has used different means, but has never succeeded. Therefore, we can say Azerbaijan is moving along the path of exhausting its important forces–exhausting its ‘golden fund,’” Hovannesyan said.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    It’s impossible for Transcaucasian Turks (or the Stalin-nicknamed ‘Azerbaijanis’) to gain control of Artsakh. The latter has most of the important heights. And, most importantly, it has people who are committed to win.

    • Mike said:

      Small nation , big ambition and as inevitably big failures ..and this is related to Azerbaijan and Armenia .
      They need to wake up and see that. As Russia is holding Armenia by “we know what” thee never going to be a peace talks between these nations so sad so sad …it’s a beautiful place and these 3 nations (incl Georgia) could play very strategic role in trade between Asia and Europe and prosper so merry mass to you all and hopefully pragmatism will win over heated debates.

  2. Arn.Sweden. said:

    I Quote the Armenian President –

    “Taking into consideration the recent tense atmosphere in the region, we should not rule out that Azerbaijan has been guided or supported by outside forces,” said Sarkisian.
    From –
    Members of CSTO during session (Source: Armenpress)

    Commemt –
    I think it is wery obvious that Turkey was trying to start a war berween Nato and Russia with the dopning of the Russian Jet lately.
    It didnt work so they try with Azerbadjans provokation of Artsak instead.

    Armenia should confer with Russia about it and then strike the Azeris on their Scull and crush it.

    As putin did put it –
    ” If a fight is ineviteble – go and fight(strike) first ” !.
    And an Old truth says –
    ” Action always beat reaction ” !.

    Armenia forever and ever !.


  3. MalS said:

    Armenians need to lob a few shells or missiles at the Western-owned BTC and BTE pipelines coming out of Baku and going just north of Artsakh.