Armenian Family in Tujunga Receives Threatening Letter for Hanging Armenian Flag


Hasmik Chatalyan

TUJUNGA (KABC) –A threatening note was left for a family in Tujunga because they hung an Armenian flag from their home, according to detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Hasmik Chatalyan contacted police at about 12:30 p.m. on Thursday after the threatening note was discovered in her family’s mailbox.

The married mother of two said she hung the flag on her house in the 10000 block of Pinyon Avenue in honor of her fallen heroes in Armenia. At one point, the note reads, “You will be hurt.”

“Being threatened in my own home, it was shocking,” Chatalyan said.

Detectives took the note into evidence and said they would test it for fingerprints. Officials said the act was being investigating as a “hate incident” and that hate crime charges could potentially be brought in the future.

“My kids are home and I don’t know who is going to come up to my house and try to put the flags down or break-in and hurt me, because in the letter it says, ‘You’re going to get hurt,'” Chatalyan said.

Neighbors on the same block said their car was egged last year after they put an Armenian flag on their vehicle. “Violated, angry and frustrated,” Tujunga resident Adelaida Yian said. “Why do people have so much hate in their hearts?”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) released a statement after reports of the threatening note:

“An act of hatred like that we saw in Tujunga this week has no place in our community, and I am deeply disturbed that someone would be threatened over their Armenian heritage, or for displaying an Armenian flag outside of their home. Coming so soon after the violence that claimed Armenian lives in Nagorno Karabahk and so close to the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in just a few weeks, this act of hatred is all the more reprehensible. I’m glad that the LAPD is investigating it as a hate crime.”

In response to the suspect’s threats, the Chatalyan family kept the Armenian flag up and hung a second flag as well. They also called on other Armenian families to place flags on their homes.

“I grew up here, but I’m also from Armenia and I’m proud of my country and I will not let anybody put that down,” Chatalyan said. “I will not let anybody tell me how to love my country.”

Chatalyan family found this hate note for hanging Armenian flag from their home.

Chatalyan family found this hate note for hanging Armenian flag from their home.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Who cares. It’s probably some mindless neighborhood bully. Giving them so much airtime is absolutely pointless.

  2. GB said:

    Armenians are the most political barriers, for Muslim Turkic herds in the land of Obama!

  3. zarkim said:

    This is not astonishing! People only follow examples set by Government members.
    What has American Administration demonstrated during the past six years?
    Create Terrorists, fund them, encourage them to loot and kill innocent people.
    What do you expect from an incompetent, TERRORIST MINDED American Government?
    Dear Armenians please be prepared – Worst is yet to come in USA. America is out of control.
    Americans funded, armed and encouraged Turkey to allow these terrorists to get stronger, enter Syria/Iraq and kill/kidnap innocent civilians. Most of these terrorists’ weapons were supplies by US Administration and allies. Aiding and abetting (Accessory): Americans have helped (And still do) Turkey Loot Iraq/Syira including stealing oil.
    Turkish terrorists that attacked Kessab were encouraged by Americans/allies and NATO including ISRAEL. ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    All those responsible, including the American Administration for encouraging these terrorists destroy Armenian churches, should take responsibility, COMPENSATE and REPAIR Armenian HOLY CHURCHES destroyed by these terrorists led by TURKEY, organized by American Administration. UNESCO should make sure this happens…
    For ISIS to survive, it needs support from allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US

  4. Հենրի Վարդերեսյան said:

    America is not country for hait and racise crime

  5. Vars Injijian said:

    My suggestion is to honor both Armenia and America by flying both flags similtamously to show soliditary to both our motherland and the country that has given us the right to fly the Armenian flag and express our views openly.

  6. Robert Yoder said:

    To the writer of this note: Just what is it that so troubles your soul? You are concerned for your 24-year-old women soldiers who are “dying for you to be here”; yet you think ill of an Armenian-American’s equally legitimate concern for the fate of her ethnic brethren? Have you any knowledge of the history of Armenians’ sufferings over the past 150 years, or of their betrayal at the hands of Western “leadership” in favor of, frankly, the Turks? Read Henry Morgenthau’s “The Ambassador’s Story” and start asking why this has so successfully covered up for so long and by whom.

  7. Diaspora said:

    What kind of 2 legged humanoid primate managed to smear its waste into a hate message?
    Americans dont act like that irish mexican russian brazillian german japanese italian british israeli…. flags are all around america along with festivals celebrations parades holidays and so on, this looks more like the work of a turkic mongoloid cretin under the false pretense of being an American Ultra Nationalist, its a fact those kinda people are more focused on being anti jewish/anti muslim than they are anti christian.
    Maybe it was some dumb nutty brandon roof like kid although those type generally would not be able to identify the armenian flag let alone point it out on map and then proceed to tell you why they dont like armenians since europeans and armenians have thousands of years of trade good relations and even allied against common enemies through out history overall armenians build up areas and create wealth besides armenian is an indo euro language and a christian culture predating the euro christians. If you actually read what the american white supremacy crowd puts out about armenians you will see right away they blame the jews for the genocide and everything else so why would some followers of that ideology that are clearly incapable of independent thought target armenians?

  8. Armen said:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t fly the Armenian flag alone. I am a flag enthusiast, so I would have a pole for both my American and Armenian flag. But if I only had one pole, I would, of course, put the American flag first since that is where I live. If I were living in Armenia I would have that flag up highest and America’s second. You must show respect for the country you reside in.

    That being said, that guy who wrote the note is clearly a room-temperature-IQ’d individual and should be left to his autism.